Dogs can also get pregnant unexpectedly, how can the owner discover the signs and prevent the dog’s accidental pregnancy

Dogs are not a kind of rational creature. If the owner does not interfere with them, they will obey their nature when they are in estrus, and then release their nature to achieve the great harmony of life.If the owner does not manage his own dog well during this time, then the dog is likely to get pregnant unexpectedly, and then return with a big belly.If you encounter a careless master, you can even find that the dog will be born until the dog gives birth to the child. It turns out that his own dog has accidentally pregnant.In order to avoid such an oolong, we will talk about the problem of the dog accidental pregnancy.

The symptoms of dog pregnancy are not particularly obvious. Only when the dog baby in the belly grows to a certain degree, the owner can find the symptoms of pregnancy. However, at this time, the arrow had to be released on the string.What the owner should pay attention to is that if the dog has just ended his estrus period and these symptoms have appeared, it is time to take the dog for a pregnancy test.

Abdominal inflation


Decreased appetite



These symptoms are actually common symptoms when dogs are uncomfortable.How to judge whether these symptoms are related to the dog’s pregnancy. The only way can only be judged through the date of the dogs and whether the dog’s estrus period is similar.If you are not sure, let the pet doctor come to a simple test and determine.

Give dog sterilization surgery

If the owner does not have a plan to give birth to the dog, then the good way is to take the dog to the pet hospital, and then let the dog undergo sterilization surgery.This approach not only completely cuts off the possibility of the dog’s accidental pregnancy, but also makes the dogs and many reproductive systems miss.

Forbidden dogs from going out

Dogs are an animal that follows nature. If the owner wants to make the dog breed, but does not want the dog to get pregnant unexpectedly, the best way is to prohibit the dog from going out without the owner.If the dog is a smart dog who learns to open the door, the owner can even choose to raise the dog until they spend their estrus in peace.

Put a physiological pants or diapers for dogs

Dogs’ estrus periods can last for three weeks. During this period, dogs are likely to have secretion overflow and to mark their own situation by spraying urine.The diaper and physiological lesson can avoid this problem well, can maintain hygiene to the greatest extent, and at the same time avoid the dog’s accidental pregnancy.The only trouble is to cost extra money and train dogs to get used to physiological pants and diapers.

At this time, there are only two choices in the owner. Otherwise, they choose to let the dog give birth to a nest of puppies, or they just give the dog an abortion.Before people’s stereotypes, the situation of dog abortion is actually very common. Pet doctor has a complete system to deal with the situation of dogs that need abortion.Dogs need to be pregnant only after 25 days to discover the characteristics of the fetus. Generally, in pregnancy

Within 45 days, the owner can stop the dog’s pregnancy process.Within 25 to 30 days of pregnancy, dogs can use drugs for abortion. If time is later, it can only induce labor manually.But no matter what kind of way, it is a harm for dogs.Dogs’ emotions will change.

As for the estrus period of the dog’s estrus through medication or other methods, although most of these methods are said to be safe, they will have a little or less side effects, and it costs a lot of money.Dogs received a sterilization surgery, and after a hundred, why make the dog suffer more pain?

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