Dogs have a great impact on puppies, and shovel officers need to always pay attention to the situation of newborns

Everyone knows that women are pregnant and have a child like a ghost gate, which is not only unbearable, but also very risky, and dogs produce in people’s eyes seem to be much simpler.They can be produced alone, and the time is short, but the process seems not complicated. Is it really so easy?

Dogs also have the risk of premature birth and difficulty, and they are not friendly to puppies.Dog production seems simple, but hidden in danger, and puppies’ premature survival rate is even more worrying.Today, the veterinarian Xiaoming came to talk to you about some popular science knowledge about puppies, hoping to help some shit officers with pregnant bites at home.

Generally speaking, the pregnant female dogs will be produced in about 63 days, and if puppies born within 58 days, they are generally premature.Compared with those puppies born normally, they will be smaller, and their physical fitness will be weaker.Because of premature birth, their survival rate is lower than ordinary puppies.

Hed dogs are generally affected by genetic factors, virus infections, ovarian cysts, and pressure. Due to the low survival rate of puppies, the puppies need to take care of them.They have a greater chance of survival.Because premature births make them insufficient nutrition, the shovel officer must ensure that their nutrition can keep up.

There are also problems that their resistance will be weaker, the ability to regulate the body’s body temperature will be lower, and it is prone to lung infection.Therefore, shovel officers should always notice their health, because if they are not careful, the life of puppies will end.

In general, the survival rate of premature dog cubs is very low. If some diseases are infected, it is basically a lack of technique. The care of shovel officers is very important at this time.

First of all, it is recommended that the shovel officer take the puppies to the hospital for a period of time. When it is slightly stable, they can take them back to take care of themselves. At this time, the owner may have to work hard, and it is best to pay attention to them at all times.

The premature cubs are inseparable from the care of the owner and the female dog. If the female dog is around, the normal nutritional intake of the puppies is guaranteed, but if the female dog dies or is not with the puppy, it will cause it to not be possible.If you feed puppies, at this time, the owner is the hope of the puppies alive.

The shoveling officer needs to feed puppies every few hours. Since puppies do not eat, the shoveling officer can use some appliances to assist feeding, such as a syringe or feeding pipe.Hahahaha, the veterinarian Xiaoming once feed the little milk cat with a syringe, which requires a certain degree of patience.

The shoveling officer can buy some goat milk powder to come back to feed, adjust the water temperature before feeding them. If you do n’t know the amount, you can consult veterinarians how much it is appropriate to feed.

It is also said that the regulation of new puppies to body temperature is relatively weak, so their body temperature is generally low. The shoveling officer needs to prepare a warm environment for them to ensure their temperature.However, it should be noted that the temperature should not be too high, otherwise it will cause them to dewater, which is also unfavorable to them.

Dogs are like human premature birth, and they have an impact on the fetus. This requires the shovel officer to take care of them during the pregnancy.Too much nutrition for them, otherwise it will cause dystocia due to excessive fetal.

In addition, the veterinarian Xiaoming wants to say that the female dogs may be relatively stressful after production. The shoveling officer also needs to pay attention to their psychological conditions. Do not contact too much puppies to avoid the female dogs from making dangers because of the cub protector.Act, and if puppies are contaminated with too much human smell, they may be abandoned by the female dogs, so the shoveling officer only needs to take care of the daily and pay attention to the physical condition of the puppies.

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