Don’t blame me, I didn’t tell you, it’s 9 months pregnant, you must pay attention to these things!

At 9 months of pregnancy, pregnant mothers should prepare sufficient substances and psychological preparations for childbirth.Because it is not too far from the due date, but this month, pregnant mothers must focus on controlling their nutritional intake to ensure their health and baby’s development.

What should expectant mothers pay attention to?

1. Increase the intake of calcium

More than half of the calcium in the fetus is stored in the last two months of the pregnancy. If the calcium intake at this time is insufficient, the fetus will use the calcium in the mother’s bones, which will easily lead to cartilage disease in the mothers.Eat more shrimp skin, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, fish pine, milk, etc.

2. Lipid intake should be 60 grams

At this time, some parts of the fetus’s brain have not yet matured, and expectant mothers need to supplement lipids in an appropriate amount, especially vegetable oil.The total ingredients per day should be about 60 grams.

Properly increase the intake of iron

At this time, the fetal liver stores iron at a rate of 5 mg per day until the storage volume reaches 540 mg.If the iron intake is insufficient, it will affect the storage of iron in the fetus.After birth, it is susceptible to iron deficiency anemia.Some animal liver, sesame and other foods should be eaten appropriately.

3. Control salt and moisture

Expectant mothers should continue to control the amount of salt to reduce edema.In addition, because the stomach of expectant mothers has not much room for food, do not drink a lot of water at a time to avoid affecting eating.

4. Dietary fiber cannot be missing

In the second trimester, the fetus is getting bigger and bigger, which will have a burden on expectant mothers. Specific mothers are prone to constipation, so the possibility of suffering from internal and external hemorrhoids is relatively high.If pregnant mothers want to change this pain, they should take enough dietary fiber to promote intestinal motility.All kinds of fresh vegetables and fruits such as all -wheat bread, celery, carrots, sweet potatoes, potatoes, bean sprouts, cauliflowers are rich in dietary fiber.At the same time, proper outdoor sports must be performed to develop the habit of timing defecation.

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