Don’t peel the ginger, eat the wrong life?Eating ginger at night will become "hurting ginger"?The answer is here

Ginger is a stand -up product of family kitchen. It can not only remove fishy flavor, but also make ginger, green onion chicken, ginger bump milk, pork feet vinegar ginger and other foods.

At the same time, ginger is still a practical good medicine, which can dispel wind and cold.

However, there are many benefits, and there are many "right and wrong", such as: eating ginger without peeling, eating the wrong life illness; eating ginger cream at night; rotten ginger does not taste bad …

Today, we will come and talk about it–

Eat ginger, do you want to peel it?

Eating ginger to not peels, it is indeed a certain particular about it.

There is a saying: "Ginger skin is cold, and the ginger skin is hot."

In fact, the sexual taste of ginger meat and ginger skin is not the same. Ginger meat is warm, and it can publish stomach, relieve vomiting, and detoxify; ginger skin is cold, which can water and swell.

Therefore, when you make cold dishes, use ginger to reconcile the cold, and you need to peel it.

If you use it to treat the cold and cold, it is best to peel it.Because ginger skin is cold and can stop sweating, it is not conducive to sweating.

If vomiting and stomach pain caused by the treatment of spleen and stomach deficiency, ginger skin should also be removed.

When do I use ginger skin?

Ginger peel "Li Shui" is used to treat edema with skin ginger.

If there is heat in patients with edema, such as oral ulcers, bad breath, constipation and other symptoms, it is best to use only ginger skin and no ginger meat, so as not to heat up heat and water on the fire.

In addition, in general, it is best to leave skin when cooking, which can avoid getting angry. This is especially important in the hot summer.

In short, eating ginger or not depends on what dishes you make, but also depending on the physical condition of the editors.

Eating ginger at night will become "hurting ginger"?

There are rumors that "eating ginger at night, poisonous like frost", which scares many people.

In fact, this is a misunderstanding.

Since ancient times, the medical homes have used ginger in the past and evening.As long as the condition is needed, it is used at any time, and even more emphasized to take it at night.

People like people who are cold, that is, often feel that there are all kinds of cold or cold in the body, drinking a bowl of ginger soup at night can help sleep.

Besides, there are many dishes for dinner that are fried with ginger. If it is really "poisonous like a frost", wouldn’t people be poisoned deep?

Some people may ask, if I ate ginger at night, there will be symptoms such as dry mouth, dry throat, upset, and sleeping. What is going on?

When you fall asleep at night, the human body must be hidden into the body, so that people can get good sleep.The ginger is warm and delicious, and the main scattering will stimulate the operation of qi and blood, which will affect sleep.

However, dinner only uses ginger as seasonings, which has little effect on the general human body and sleep, and may have some impact on people with hot and yin deficiency.

In other words, whether you can eat ginger at night, you have to look at your physique and not be comprehensive.

Ginger is a bit rotten, can I continue to eat it?

It is often said that "rotten ginger does not taste bad."

Many people are used to cut off the rotten part of ginger, and continue to use them.

If you do this too, you will change from today.

Once ginger starts to rot, there will be a camphor.This substance not only has toxic and kidney injury, but also may induce liver cancer, esophageal cancer and other diseases.

Even if the rotten part is cut off, it is not available.This is because the toxins of ecklons have long penetrated into ginger, and continuing to eat will have the risk of poisoning.

Therefore, ginger rotes away, do not set up his own health in order to save a little money.

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