Dream cow

“My parent -child travel records”I slept very late every day, rarely dreamed, and dreams of a long dream. I often dreamed of cattle.

When I was sleeping, I dreamed that I went back to my hometown.Bring two children, my dad said I am a guest.This is not allowed to do, that’s not allowed.I am bored.The epidemic is not easy to go to the door.Thinking about it, it is better to find your childhood memories and step on the mushroom handles up the mountain.

I left and walked, I couldn’t move, I haven’t climbed up for a long time. I didn’t go fast before. I finally got to my own woods. I found that the sky was almost dark.Bring together.

Watching it dark, you can’t go home empty -handed!Let’s see if there are mushrooms, say that there are mushrooms to rain, it just rains, but the rain does not get me.I just want to find an intersection to find it deep. When I walked, I saw a lot of little mushrooms. When I bowed my head to step on, wow, many big shiitake mushrooms (the shiitake mushrooms here are the name of the hometown, the written is called milk mushrooms)I stepped on one and I was so big that I was so happy.Wow!It’s so comfortable, this time I have to be satisfied, this is the first to see.When I turned in and stepped on the second blossom, I took it out, as big as the dustpan.Duck is so big, how do I get home?I just want to go to the woods to get a wooden stick and put it back.Where can I find the mushrooms and find the intersection directly.

God is completely different from before. The land under the tree is dark and the tree is very large.There was still a cow falling asleep inside and cool.When I was walking inside, many people were engaged in development, and the ground was flat and clean.They also felt surprised, when I did not go in.I looked left and said to the right, saying, what are you doing, you do n’t say hello to us, you have never heard of it.They did not speak either, but they were greedy behind and were discovered.I saw that my woods were not very bad. I thought it was convenient for developing it.I didn’t say it, and then I deliberately said that everywhere is blind (the blind here means bullying) us.Just leave, I am still thinking about mushrooms, and I want to go back and tell my dad quickly.Hurry up, go downhill, and be too anxious.Wake up too fast.It turned out to be a dream. Both babies asked me to cook.[Cover your face] [Cover your face] [Cover your face]

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