Dreaming about the dead family, is it a blessing or a disaster?After reading these three points, you will find it

People are alive, and dreaming of dead loved ones is always inevitable.

One day, you dreamed that your loved ones died, and you were very sad inside, and after a long time, you woke up from your dreams.

You will find that you are very happy, and you can also understand why you feel this.

Some people will say that it is not good to dream of those who dreamed of the death of loved ones.

What about reality?

In fact, this is a very common phenomenon.

There are many such things in real life.

Some people even have problems and even cause depression, schizophrenia and other problems.

In fact, doing a dream is not a bad thing. It is a very important thing in our life experience.

And why do we say that?

1. Introduction

What does it mean to have a dream?

Being a dream is to dream when we sleep.

We all know that people will dream in their lives.

In dreams, we can do a lot of things.

For example, watch a movie, such as meeting with friends.

What about a dream?

It is the scene formed by our memories of some things in real life.

This includes the death of loved ones, of course, there are other things.

And this process is actually a process of emotional transformation and a psychotherapy process.

Therefore, making a dream has a great help and improvement of mental health.Intersection

Sometimes there are deaths in dreams, and it will even make people feel fearful and sad … [omit 100 words here] [omit 1 word here] (excluding any emotional colors).

In fact, there is not a bad thing to die in the dream, and this situation is very common in real life … [covering your face] (actually don’t describe it as much as me).

2. Will you dream of your death? Will you affect your fortune?

We often think that dreaming of dead relatives is a bad thing, but this is not actually the case.

What we need to know is that dreaming of dead loved ones only means that we may have some bad things during this period of time, and those who have not happened or have not affected do not mean that they can avoid or not happen without happeningEssence

In other words, we need to understand that when you dreamed of your loved ones died, it was just because they had left during this time.

For this, not everyone needs to consider clearly.

In dreams, we always see some beautiful and strange things or things.

You can try to recall where you have been or in the last year or two, what are you going to and what you have done.

And in these things you may also encounter something you have never experienced.

Third, often dreaming of death in life, is it a blessing or a disaster?

Because each of us has experienced the death of loved ones, and we may dream of the death of some loved ones.

Of course, these dreams are also normal and are normal psychological performance.

Because many of us know that people have many lives and deaths in their lives.

If you are the most vulnerable and helpless,

The loved ones suddenly leave, then you will definitely feel that this life is over.

But if you have experienced something, you will find that many things in life are not so complicated.

For example, after the death of loved ones, you can also understand from some dreams.

For example, in real life, we must learn to accept the facts of losing; and in dreams, you will also let you understand what happened in the past, which is also good for the next time.

4. If you have a fate, will you do it?

If you have such an opportunity, will you do it?

Of course, it is also a kind of blessing to dream of the death of loved ones.

Is it a blessing or a disaster to dream about the death of loved ones?

In fact, many people have such experience because they dreamed that they were very sad because they dreamed of the death of their loved ones, but they didn’t know how to deal with such things.

So he secretly ran to the cemetery and even sold the tomb.

Of course, these things are not solved in the end, because these are personal psychological problems.

5. Write at the end

I think this is why dreaming about the death of loved ones, most people are unwilling, and after having a nightmare, it is difficult to wake up from the dream.

But we can help ourselves wake up from their sleep through psychological hints.

So we can try to tell our loved ones about our thoughts and believe that he can understand your inner thoughts.

If you don’t want to, you can also tell your loved ones.

If you don’t want him to see, you can also share this dream with your loved ones so that you can better communicate.

I hope that the above can be helpful to everyone.

6. I am Zimo and like to record life in words.

If one thing has made it difficult for you to accept, how can you solve it?

First, we need to understand our emotional state.

When a person’s emotional state is not good, we can adjust our emotions by diverting attention and venting.

Second, we must understand what the dream is.

Psychologically speaking, dreams are a manifestation of human subconsciousness.

In this way, it is the most direct and most effective way to express our thoughts deep in our hearts or expressing what we think.

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