Dreaming of a lover derailed does it mean that the other party has an affair?Psychological expert: Be careful of your imaginary enemies

Wen Xinran National Secondary Psychological Counselor

Creation is not easy, infringement must be investigated

Have you betrayed in your dreams?

In the face of such a scene, what kind of emotional feeling will you do?

And when you wake up from your dreams, what kind of thoughts do you have?

In a marriage and family discussion, a woman mentioned that she often dreamed that her husband and other women were close.

This made her panic and even affected her husband and wife relationship.

This dream aroused the resonance of many women at the scene, and they said that they had also had similar dreams.

Dreaming of the derailment of lovers means that the other party really derails?

It is certain that there is no necessity between this, because dream cannot speculate on others, it is just self -projected self -conscious self.

It is possible that you are dissatisfied with your current partner, or worry about this relationship.

When we discuss in -depth discussions, we find that not only people with poor husband and wife relationship will have such a dream; even some people with good relationships with good relationships will have similar dreams.

This is why?

Consulting Xiaoyuan mentioned a dream she had done during a consultation.

When I dreamed of going to my husband’s house, my friend was too enthusiastic. I said with a clear attitude to that friend: Don’t do this, my family is very important to me, and I don’t want my husband to misunderstand.

The friend suddenly laughed and said lightly: Do you think your husband is so good?

When recalling this dream, she suddenly thought that the people around her husband had said similar words to her.

Regarding this incident, her husband made a clarification in time, and Xiao Yuan also chose to trust him, but the suspect little flames had been buried in her heart and did not completely eliminate it.

Once the two have disputes, or feel that her husband appreciates her opposite sex, the small flame she doubts is ignited.

And what she said in her dream: "I don’t want my husband to misunderstand, the family is important to me." In fact, it is not just her inner monologue, but she also wants her husband to do it.

When we returned to real life, we found that Xiao Yuan’s husband and wife relationship was very good, and her husband did not have any negligence and ambiguous on men and women from beginning to end.

Where did her suspicion come from?

It was found in the consultation that Xiao Yuan had a marriage before. This marriage maintained for 8 years, and eventually ended because the personality of both parties was inconsistent.

After the divorce, she heard from a friend and heard that her ex -husband had had some betrayal of marriage.

This made her blame herself at the time of being fortunate. Why didn’t she see it at that time?

Because the two had divorced, she couldn’t go to the theory of the other party, but the suspicing small flame was buried in her heart, and it was presented in the second marriage.

Rather than saying that she does not believe in each other, it is better not to let go of herself. She does not want to know the later as before, and she needs to be vigilant at any time.

This is unfair to the current husband and this marriage, because those who are not trusting and suspicion originate from the insecurity and compensation psychology in Xiaoyuan’s upper marriage.

What Xiao Yuan needs to do is to love himself, believe in himself, and be grateful to have this beautiful relationship.

Sometimes, dreams are deceived, and we need to peel off our coats to see the real appearance.

Teacher Wu Zhihong’s "Dream knows the answer" tells a case.

After graduating from college, Xiaoxue met her current boyfriend, and they had been in love for 3 years.

In the past three years, Xiao Xuemeng has been having an affair several times.

On one occasion, she dreamed that her boyfriend made another girl pregnant; another time she was even more bizarre. She dreamed that her boyfriend was entangled with another man, and even she felt incredible.

The recent dream of Xiaoxue is like this:

I dreamed that my boyfriend said to me that a female teacher fell in love with him, and then encountered him pushing a bicycle and shopping with the girl intimately.

I followed them quietly until they entered the toilet of men and women, and I woke up.

Strangely, in real life, Xiaoxue’s boyfriend is very good to her, and there is no signs that he has an external heart.

So why did she have such a dream?

Regarding the relationship between the two people, Xiaoxue said this: He was busy working all day. I was uncomfortable. I always felt that our feelings were unstable and there was no future.

She told her boyfriend more than once: If you find one more, we are not suitable.

But her boyfriend not only did not find another other, but she also proposed to take her to see her parents more than once, and set the marriage period.

Xiaoxue has been pushing away because she is very clear in her heart: her boyfriend is not her ideal marriage object.

The answer is already obvious.

The person who really wanted to break up was Xiaoxue, but she had no courage and became a person who took the initiative to end the relationship; so dreams showed her a variety of breakups, which was her inherent expectation.

Master Hyeln Ge, when mentioning the relationship between husband and wife, said:

Many cases found that the relationship between the two had long been dead, but no one was willing to take the initiative to end because they did not want to bear the crime of "emotional sister -in -law".

Therefore, they can spend a few years just to wait for the other party to break up.

Xiaoxue is such a person.

She knows that her boyfriend is not her ideal partner, but the two have been together for 3 years, and the other party has no fault. She doesn’t know how to break up, so she can only consume it.

And her subconscious will expect the other party to have bad records or be infidelous about emotions, so that she can break up logically without having to face her guilt and anxiety.

Her dream was satisfied again and again, and her realistic needs and desire in her subconscious.

It can be seen from the previous two cases that dreams are a real response of subconscious demand.

Those things we worry about and fear in our lives, such as betrayal derailment, seem to point to each other, and in essence to ourselves.

At the same time, the dream of betrayal is also common.

Generally speaking, the dreamer is a person who is eager for emotions: for lovers or lover, as well as emotion and marriage, they care very much.

Because of care, so sensitive.

Therefore, when the other party is a little neglected to themselves, or the energy of investing in work and preferences is greater than paying attention to themselves, anxiety and panic will appear in their subconscious, which is called "emotional generalization" psychologically in their psychology.Essence

When this generalization of emotions appear in dreams, it will appear in the form of "imaginary enemies". This imaginary enemy is usually the opposite sex. Only in this way can it attract enough attention and vigilance.

Betrayal, in a dream, symbolizes the relationship of alienation.

The alienation and vigilance in this relationship is often related to native families.

For example, when I was a kid, I had betrayal between parents, saw or heard the betrayal of loved ones, or just said something casually, such as::

"Men are not reliable", "men are all this virtue, watching the pot in the bowl", "Men have no good things."

You know, when the child is very young, there is no way to judge the brain logic; those unconscious language, expressions, and emotions will be deeply printed in the subconscious.

Over time, some things have been forgotten, but whenever there are similar scenes, they will activate anxiety and panic, and appear in dreams, becoming a lover with an affair.

If you often do such a dream, you need to sort out, whether you have similar experiences in the early days of your childhood, and they need to be seen and processed.

In addition, the advice to the dreamer is to face up to your own needs and do not take the dream as a result, "catch the wind and catch the shadow" geology to ask each other. As a result, the result of this is often alienated.

What we need to do is to truly express our emotional needs: you love each other deeply, and also hope that the other party can love ourselves wholeheartedly.

What is a dream?

According to Freud’s point of view, dreams are a bridge to connect the subconscious and the desire to be suppressed.

With the help of dreams, "true self" enters consciousness from the subconscious, helps us discover the internal needs, and find the answer hidden deep in the heart.

Many people have done such a dream:

I ca n’t run away when I dreamed of being chased, and I ca n’t finish the test questions; I dreamed that the toilet was so dirty that I could n’t get my feet, and I dreamed that the dead relatives were resurrected;

Dreaming of getting lost, dreamed of throwing Dongxi, dreaming that he couldn’t catch up with the car; dreaming of snake, dreaming tiger, dreaming insect;

Dreaming of flying, dreaming fall, dreaming of teeth falling …

What do these represent?

In my psychological interpretation series of articles, I will explain one by one.

Psychological interpretation of dreams, understanding the script of life, and reconciliation with the true self.

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