Drink milk often during pregnancy, or is soymilk?Smart Baoma chooses like this

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Drink milk often during pregnancy, or is soymilk?Smart Baoma chooses like this

Everyone will not be unfamiliar with milk and soy milk, and they should also drink frequently.Some people may think that milk is better than soy milk.Therefore, pregnant mothers who drink milk during pregnancy are more than pregnant mothers who drink soy milk.In fact, is the nutrition of soy milk really not as high as milk?What are the differences between the baby born to the pregnant mothers and the pregnant mothers who often drink milk and the pregnant mothers who are often born?Let’s take a look together!

Drinking soy milk during pregnancy is the benefits of pregnant mothers and baby.

Supplement estrogen

After pregnancy, the estrogen and progesterone levels in pregnant mothers will rise, so as to promote the healthy development of the fetus. Soy milk contains natural estrogen, which can improve the estrogen level of the pregnant mother and improve the endocrine system of the pregnant mother. ThisIt is good for pregnant mothers and fetuses.

Promote brain development

Plant proteins and lecithin in soy milk are important nutrients for brain development. Therefore, during pregnancy, pregnant mothers often drink soy milk to help promote the development of fetal brain, so that the baby is smarter.

The benefits of pregnant mothers drink milk for pregnant mothers and baby.

Milk is rich in nutrition, which is recognized.Among them, the content of calcium in milk is also particularly high, and the development of fetal bones and teeth is inseparable from calcium, and the demand for calcium is very large. Therefore, many pregnant mothers may be during pregnancy.There is a problem of calcium deficiency.Therefore, pregnant mothers often drink milk for milk, can supplement calcium well to meet the baby’s needs for calcium, thereby promoting fetal development and avoiding calcium deficiency in pregnant mothers.

improve sleeping

During pregnancy, the pregnant mother sleeps is a painful period, especially in the late pregnancy, the fetus is getting bigger and bigger, and the pregnant mother sleeps, and it is more and more difficult. If the pregnant mother can’t sleep well, then the physical fitness and mental state will decrease., Also affect the healthy development of fetal fetuses.And milk happens to improve sleep. Pregnant mothers can drink a glass of milk half an hour before bedtime, so as to better help pregnant mothers sleep and improve the quality of sleep. Only when the pregnant mother sleeps well can the fetus develop better.Pregnant women’s pillow side sleep pillow, abdominal U -shaped pillow pillow, gestational waist -care side bed pillow, pregnant pillow sleeping artifact supplies ¥ 39.9 Purchase

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