Drinking milk during pregnancy is more beneficial to the fetus, but these types of pregnant mothers can’t drink, and the fetus hurts themselves.

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Girls pay attention to eating, drinking, living, and traveling after pregnancy. They are afraid of a little discomfort, and they will adversely affect the baby in the belly.In order to give birth to a healthy and smart baby, the family will also prepare a variety of high -nutrition foods for pregnant mothers, and milk is listed by many families as the first choice.

Milk is not only rich in vitamins, protein, minerals, etc., but also cheap and is favored by many families.Pregnant mothers generally use milk to supplement milk, and nutrients in milk are also easy to absorb. While ensuring the health of pregnant mothers, it can also promote fetal bones and brain development.Drinking a cup of hot milk before going to bed can help emotional stability and enter the dreamland as soon as possible.

A study has shown that pregnant mothers drink an extra glass of milk a day. When the baby is born, the weight will generally increase by 41g, and the weight is one of the standards for measuring whether the newborn is healthy.

Xiaoyu was four months pregnant, and it was relatively late among her classmates.Once a classmate party, Xiaoyu went to dinner with a big belly, and everyone’s topic changed from the past gossip to how to bring a baby.Suddenly everyone talked about the benefits of drinking milk, and Xiaoyu raised doubts: Why is it uncomfortable when drinking milk?Although I don’t like milk, in order to allow the baby to absorb more nutrition, I forced myself to drink.

After listening to the description of Xiaoyu, everyone asked her to go to the hospital for inspection of the stomach and intestines. After Xiao Yu checked, she learned that she had gastric ulcers and was not suitable for drinking milk.

1. Pregnant women with poor stomach

Although the nutritional value of milk is high, it is easy to absorb, but this is not the case for everyone.Drinking milk with fragile stomachs will increase the burden on the body and affect the baby’s development.

2. Pregnant women with lactose intolerance

Milk is a high -protein food that requires sufficient lactose to be absorbed. On the contrary, the polymer substances in milk are not easy to digest, so some pregnant women will have flatulence and diarrhea after drinking milk.These pregnant mothers can eat some fermented dairy products instead of milk, such as cheese, yogurt, etc.

3. Pregnant women with anemia

Anemia needs to supplement iron. The iron in the food needs to be transformed in the intestine before being digested and absorbed by the human body. However, the combination of some nutrients and daily food in milk will form insoluble compounds, which affects the absorption of iron, so drink as little as possible.

4. Pregnant women with poor gallbladder

To fully absorb the nutrition of milk, you need to digest the fat in it. However, the process of decomposing fat will increase the burden on gallbladder.For such patients, you should also pay attention to diet. Do not eat a lot of foods such as egg yolk and broth in order to supplement the fetus with nutrients.

Although the value of milk is good, it should not be excessively dependent.If you can’t even guarantee your own health, how can you ensure the safety of your baby?Now there are pregnant women’s milk powder specifically produced by such people in the market, which can be used instead of milk.

Don’t care about other pregnant women, usually drink milk and pay attention to these points

① Avoid drinking milk on an empty stomach, not only is it not conducive to absorption, but also has bloating and diarrhea;

② Milk can not drink it as water, just a bag a day;

③ Buy milk to buy fresh and short shelf life;

Milk is good, but it is not suitable for everyone. Do n’t copy it. Everyone ’s physique is different. I hope everyone can dialectically treat everything around them and do n’t follow the trend.

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