Drug flow?The flow of people?Maybe infertility?Young people, the consequences of accidental pregnancy are not that simple


Every day, a large number of infertility patients come to the third hospital of Beijing Medical, just to conceive a child.Also here, there are some daily jobs in obstetrics and gynecologists, but they have taken out the life that has not yet developed through abortion surgery.

Among the people who are admitted to the people, 20 to 25 years old account for about 20%to 25%, and under 20 years of age account for about 5%to 10%.Some patients have repeatedly did the flow of people, and the smallest flow surgery is only 13 years old.Especially for a period of time after the summer vacation, there will be a peak of people in the hospital, including about 50%of the female college students.The most distressing doctors is that many girls who came to perform abortion surgery turned out to be a freshman.They don’t know that miscarriage is not just a life that passes, but the ignorance is also unpredictable health damage.

The flow of people has great harm to women itself and their families, and women should learn to protect themselves.

Once a patient experience

A girl has been diagnosed, and has been married for half a year. I want a child to do pre -pregnancy examination.The doctor found that the girl’s menstruation was abnormal and had ovarian problems, which was not easy to get pregnant.After questioning, she learned that she has been sexually active since the age of 17. There have been 5 abortion 5 times in pregnancy, two of them, and three times of human flow. The girl knows nothing about the danger of miscarriage or infertility.

There can be more than 1,000 people per day for the reproductive center of the Third Hospital of Beijing Medical Hospital. Many of them have had many miscarriage, and even a considerable part of them can no longer conceive their children.

Harm of multiple flow

Many flowing abortion sometimes causes adhesion of the uterine cavity. It is like the soil that has been plowed. It is scarred everywhere, and no longer grows grass; or it can grow here and not grow there.There is no good "soil" in the implantation of fertilized eggs, but it cannot develop into embryos, which leads to infertility.

Infertility is only one of the harm of women and their future families.Although the flow of people is a small operation, it can also cause complications. Recent risks such as major bleeding, uterine perforation, abortion syndrome (such as hypotension, slow heart rate, sweaty, etc.);Artificial abortion, re -pregnancy can easily occur in miscarriage in the same number of weeks), tubalitis, cervical and uterine cavity adhesion, amenorrhea, etc. These are often related to pelvic infection after abortion, and there is no chance of complications without abortion without abortion.

Even more serious, abortion and cervical cancer may also be closely related.In recent years, cervical cancer has trended younger, and human papilloma virus (HPV) infection is the cause of cervical cancer.Premature sexual life, multiple flow, multi -production, and multi -personal partners are all high -risk factor for cervical cancer.Premature sexual life, the mature reproductive system is more sensitive to carcinogenic factors, and it is easy to infect viruses and bacteria.Multiple abortion is likely to cause cervical damage and increase the risk of cervical cancer.

The trauma of the flow of people to women is more difficult to heal

The flow of people will actually cause harm to both the body and mind of both men and women.If the trauma of the body can be cured, psychological trauma is more difficult to solve.

Most girls who do people do not want family, classmates, and relatives and friends to know about pregnancy.Pregnancy itself makes them nervous, and this concealment will exacerbate their tension and fear.Studies have shown that in the process of receiving artificial abortion surgery, the teenage girls will significantly exceed normal women, and this abnormality generally comes from uneasiness and fear before surgery; and after surgery, they often have nightmares and pay attention to pay attention toIncreased power, affecting learning and life.

The flow of people can also cause psychological pressure on men.Some men are worried about making their girlfriends pregnant again, dare not have sex, and some even have sexual dysfunction.

There are also some couples who have a big relationship after flow, and end up with a breakup.This may be related to the woman’s body worse, the woman’s unwillingness to have sex, complaining between the two sides, and the psychological changes of the two sides after abortion.

Doctors of the Academy of Obstetrics and obstetrics and gynecology have discovered some rules when studying sequelae. 23 % of abortion often often feel the illusion related to abortion. 35 % of the abortion often feel the visit of the abortion child.54 % of abortion often has nightmares related to abortion, 69 % of abortors are affected, and 73 % of abortion often recall the experience of abortion at the moment of abortion.Some abortions have problems in communicating with others.

Drug current

The drug abortion refers to the abortion within 49 days of pregnancy. It is actually an incomplete abortion. The uterine shrinks through the drug and drain the pregnancy of the pregnancy. Because it is not necessary to experience the operation, it has once become a very fashionable abortion method.

In addition to the fetal sac, there are many molten tissues after the abortion of the drug, rely on women’s own uterine contraction to gradually discharge it. In this process, there may be more bleeding, long bleeding time, and poorly discharged by the mincer, which will cause it to be again.The situation of the Qing Dynasty.Some women have no response after taking the medicine, and the fetus continues to grow in the abdomen.In general, the situation of incomplete abortion or the failure of drug abortion accounts for about 5%to 10%of the total drug flow.


Artificial abortion is to terminate pregnancy through surgery. The most popular is "negative pressure attraction". Through surgical operations, the pregnancy tissue in the uterine cavity attracts all the pregnancy tissue and abortion.At present, in order to reduce the pain of surgery, major hospitals have carried out painless abortion.

Because the abortion surgery will have the risk of uterine perforation, bleeding, and abortion syndrome, and the possibility of abortion, leakage, and residue, sometimes facing secondary clearance surgery.In addition, repeated flow of people may cause endometrial damage, affecting menstruation and re -pregnancy.Therefore, there is no abortion method that is neither risks and 100 % effective.

College students should still focus on their studies.Doctors do not oppose young people in love in college to make friends, but remind women to love themselves. If they have sex, they must learn to protect themselves from harm.The harm caused by miscarriage sometimes appears until many years, so do not let yourself experience the pain that should not be experienced.

It is recommended that young women can go to a regular hospital for contraceptive consultation, find a suitable way for themselves, use it correctly, and insist on using it.

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