Dry in autumn, pregnant women’s belly itching must not be scratched

Autumn is the season for hot and cold alternatives.The dry climate in autumn, coupled with insufficient water in her body, is prone to skin problems.As the fetal treasure continues to grow up and the endocrine changes, the skin of the pregnant mother is also "ever -changing", the stomach is itchy, and it is easy to entangle you.

Pregnancy skin disease

The whole body may itch, and it usually occurs at six or seven months of pregnancy.There is no change except for itching on the skin.The cause of disease is generally believed that it is related to the increase in estrogen during pregnancy and has no effect on the fetus.

Copy Tips: Pay attention to hygiene during pregnancy, keep the skin surface clean, and apply some moisturizing dew appropriately after taking a bath.For abdominal stretch marks, you can apply a small amount of olive oil to prevent or reduce local itching.Remember to scratch with your hands to avoid aggravating the symptoms.

Gestal rash

It usually occurs between the 4th and 9th month of pregnancy.Small rashes appear on the skin, most often on the limbs, and look like worms bites.Some pregnant women think that it is caused by lice or fleas on pets, which is actually caused by pregnancy itself and has no effect on the fetus.

To deal with TIPS: To prevent rash during pregnancy, we must first keep the skin clean. Frequent bathing. Do not scratch the rash with your hands. You should seek medical treatment immediately.The best way to prevent rash is to pay attention to personal hygiene during pregnancy and often clean your body.

About 2%of pregnant women with eczema or eczema during pregnancy may suffer from the disease and usually occur between the 4th month to the 9th month of pregnancy.Small rashes appear on the skin, most often on the limbs, and look like worms bites.Nurgery rash is caused by the mother’s body from the genes and chromosomal rejection reactions from the mother’s body. In addition to itching, the thighs and even the upper limbs may appear rash and itching, and some will also appear pigmentation.Eczema is common in pregnant women who love sweating, metabolism, or obese pregnant women.

Copy Tips: Symptoms should be treated in time, and treatment with the help of a doctor.Do not use water with high temperature or use alkaline soap when bathing, so as to aggravate itching.

If the skin itching caused by the above reasons, it is generally more tolerated and does not advocate medication. Unless the symptoms are obvious, in addition, you can also try non -drug methods to prevent or reduce light skin itching: avoid sweating, sweat sweat, sweat, sweat, sweat, sweat, sweat, sweatingDry it as soon as possible; the clothes are loose and comfortable, and try to wear cotton -absorbing sweat -absorbing clothes; some people like to use hot water to burn the affected part. This approach not only does not help, but may also aggravate the condition.Wait for chemicals that stimulate the skin or dry the skin; do not tickle it with nails to avoid scratching the skin and cause infection.

Be wary: abnormal liver function during pregnancy

Pregnant women vomit, bad appetite, fatigue, or yellow urine, even doctors may ignore, thinking that it is normal, it may be a manifestation of abnormal liver function.During pregnancy, due to the increase in metabolism, relatively poor nutrition, and endocrine changes, liver function abnormalities are prone to occur.

Medically, pregnancy during pregnancy is due to a large number of androgens produced by placenta during pregnancy, which causes itching in the third trimester.If you have acute fatty liver and pregnancy -induced hepatitis during pregnancy, maternal mortality rates may reach 80%.

It is a bit difficult to judge during pregnancy during pregnancy, so we must pay attention to pre -marital and pre -pregnancy examinations.It is best to ask the hepatic specialist to conduct a comprehensive evaluation.

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