During pregnancy, eight causes of bleeding during pregnancy!Pregnant mothers need to pay attention!

Bleeding during pregnancy is a phenomenon that the expectant mothers are very panic.Whether it is more or less bleeding, it will directly affect the health of pregnant women and fetuses.Bleeding during pregnancy is a warning of abnormal pregnancy. Pregnant mothers should be vigilant and seek medical treatment as soon as possible.Today, I will take you to see eight causes of bleeding during pregnancy.

1. Modification

Before the placenta is completely formed, the embryo bed is not stable, so many factors can cause abortion.3 months before pregnancy, the vagina has slight bleeding or brown outflows, accompanied by or not with the excretion of pregnancy products of blood condensation, sometimes accompanied by abdominal or back pain, which is often a sign of miscarriage.In this case, go to the hospital for tires immediately.Some pregnant women are worried that there are abnormal vaginal bleeding during early pregnancy, and the baby will be unhealthy after the fetus is successful.Many studies have shown that more than half of the abortion is caused by abnormal embryo itself. This is a natural elimination. If you can continue pregnancy, the fetus is generally normal.

Second, sexual life is not restrained

In the early stages of pregnancy, the adhesion of the placenta in the uterus is still unstable, and the abdomen is squeezed and can easily cause contraction.If pregnant mothers and pregnant dads are not controlled properly, they can easily lead to bleeding during pregnancy.It is recommended to avoid sexual behavior in the early stages of pregnancy. Once there is bleeding, you should go to the hospital for examination in time to see if it will affect the fetus.

Third, sudden emotional changes

The emotions of pregnant women are severely stimulated, excessive sadness, frightening, fear, and excessive emotional excitement, which can cause the environmental disorders of the pregnant woman’s physical body, cause uterine contraction, cause vaginal bleeding, and may cause abortion.It is recommended that pregnant mothers maintain a stable emotions during pregnancy and maintain an optimistic state.There is a bleeding phenomenon, and check the examination in time.

Fourth, ectopic pregnancy

The fertilized eggs are called ectopic pregnancy outside the uterus, and the incidence rate is about 1%.Ectopic pregnancy can also cause bleeding in the early stages of pregnancy, which usually occurs in about 2 months of pregnancy, accompanied by nausea and abdominal pain with varying degrees.Because the fertilized eggs are bed outside the uterus, it is impossible to provide sufficient nutrients in the embryo, resulting in the gradual developed fertilized eggs expand the fallopian tube wall, which will cause the tube wall to rupture.Once the fallopian tube pregnancy is ruptured, major bleeding and severe abdominal pain occur in the abdominal cavity.In the early stages of determining the pregnancy, it must be checked. If the ultrasonic examination does not find signs of embryo in the uterus, it is necessary to diagnose whether there is an possibility of ectopic pregnancy and make appropriate treatment in a timely manner.

5. Port

Portuguese tires are a benign chorionic disease, which is about 1 ‰, and the incidence of Asian countries is higher.Because the placental velvet nourishing cells are abnormal hyperplasia, the end velvet is transformed into blisters, and the blisters are connected into a string, which looks like grapes, so it is called "hydroma".In the early stages of pregnancy, there will be symptoms such as abnormal vaginal bleeding, severe pregnancy, and even palpitations.Usually, ultrasonic and blood drawing can be diagnosed with ultrasonic and blood -drawn gonad hormones, and then the uterine endometrium vacuum is used to remove the hydatate.Women who are younger than 20 or more than 35, women who have a history of abortion, and hydatidal fetuses should pay attention to whether there are hydatidium again.

Six, cervical lesions

Many people often ignore the problem of cervix during bleeding during early pregnancy.The severe inflammation of the cervix causes erosion, or the cervical polyps already already have, and it is easy to cause the surface capillaries to rupture and bleed on the surface of the surface due to changes in hormones after pregnancy.If there is vaginal hemorrhage in the early stages of pregnancy, you should also check whether there is a problem with the cervix.

Seven, front placenta

During normal pregnancy, the placenta is attached to the front wall, back wall or top of the uterine wall.EssenceThe occurrence rate of the front placenta is about 1/200. If there is still a complete or partial pre -placenta after 8 months of pregnancy, the chance of vaginal bleeding is greatly increased.With this problem, pregnant mothers should go to the hospital quickly. Doctors generally use ultrasonic examination to establish diagnosis and then treat them.

Eight, placenta early peeling

Under normal circumstances, the placenta is peeled after the fetal output; before the fetal delivery, the placenta part or is completely separated from the uterine wall, it is called an early placenta stripping.Early peeling placenta can cause pain and bleeding.Early placental stripping is a serious complication in the late pregnancy. It progress is quite fast. If it is not handled in time, it may endanger the life of the mother and the fetus.Therefore, once the placenta is stripped early, the fetus is extremely dangerous, and the pregnancy must be terminated in time to perform cesarean section surgery as soon as possible to save the life of pregnant women and fetuses.

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