During pregnancy, the belly is "big and small"?The pregnant mother’s stomach suddenly became smaller for 5 months, doctor:

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From the time of pregnancy, the pregnant mother will start to be careful no matter what she does, she is really afraid that she will hurt the fetus accidentally.

For the health of the baby, many pregnant mothers have given up their favorite spicy, rice noodles, beer, etc. during pregnancy, and rarely play mobile phones. They always pay attention to their belly.Restless.

Xiaomei is a post -90s pregnant mother. As a novice mother, Xiaomei knows that she has quit her job at home for recuperation after pregnancy. It is also for the health of the baby. In the early daysDreaming.

After finally getting to the second trimester, without those symptoms, Xiaomei started playing selfies every day at the mirror. Watching the baby’s daily changes, suddenly one day, Xiaomei turned to the previous photo after taking the photo and found her own photos and found her own.The belly became smaller, which made Xiaomei very worried and hurried to the hospital.

After arriving at the hospital, Xiaomei said to the doctor: "Doctor, take a look, my stomach is leaking." After listening, the doctor also smiled awkwardly after listening.This has something to do with your diet. If you have an uneven diet, you will cause flatulence, so your stomach will become larger. Now it is better, and the stomach is naturally small. "

After hearing the doctor’s words, Xiaomei smiled embarrassedly, and was relieved. After all, it was a novice mother, and it was normal to not know.

1. Bloating

As the fetus grows day by day, the pregnant mother’s uterus will become larger, which will compress the stomach and intestines. The digestive system will also be affected. It is easy to occur in flatulence.

Also because of the poor diet of pregnant mothers, many people will think that eating big fish and meat will be better during pregnancy, but if the diet is uneven, flatulence will also occur.

2. Pregnant mothers love sweets

After pregnancy, people’s appetite will increase greatly. Many pregnant mothers like to eat sweets, and sweets will lead to the increase in blood sugar of pregnant mothers. At the same time, blood sugar will increase.If you don’t eat sweets, your stomach will naturally become smaller.

3, abnormal fetal position

The fetal position will affect the size of the pregnant mother’s belly. In fact, in general, the fetal position is the best fetal position at the front position of the left pillow. This fetal position will not affect the size of the pregnant mother’s belly, but if the fetal position is not correctIt will be affected.

1. Balanced diet

During pregnancy, diet is very important for pregnant mothers. Many elderly people feel that they are pregnant, and they have to eat big fish and meat to replenish more., Avoid flatulence.

2. Appropriate exercise

Many pregnant mothers are lazy when they are pregnant. After all, a person’s body takes the weight of two people. It will feel tired when you walk, but for your baby’s health, you can do some appropriate exercises, such as: you can take a walk after meals., Do basic yoga, etc.


Women’s pregnancy is to give birth to a new life. Any link in the middle needs to pay attention. If you find physical discomfort, ask the doctor in time, hoping that every baby can be born healthy.

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