During pregnancy, there is acne on the belly with long hair. What is going on?


Guide: "Oh my God, I was pregnant for 27 weeks, and now I am ugly. I don’t know myself anymore!" This is the true sorrow of my friend after pregnancy. Before pregnancy, I heard that some pregnant women will meetUgly, but never expected that person would be himself.I do n’t know if you have such a feeling. I have seen the comparison of photos before and after pregnancy before and after pregnancy.

The skin that was originally white was now dull, and a lot of acne has a lot of acne on the smooth face. It is like a dream back to adolescence. What is even more terrible is that the skin in the belly is also worse.There are also deep pigmentation.Many pregnant mothers will be puzzled. They are so hard during pregnancy, and they have to face the bad problem of acne on the face of long hairs. What is going on?

In addition to the problem of becoming ugly, in addition to the problem of long hair and acne, pregnant mothers may also face the whole body skin problems such as turning the belly of the armpit, increasing the neck fine lines, loose faces, and thick pores.Behind these problems that make us ugly, the main culprit is the impact of estrogen hormone levels. They are in the wind and waves in our body, bringing various skin problems.

1. Excessive secretion of oil and fat brought by hormone growth

Estrogen androgens are a pair of hormones that affect each other. The surge in estrogen during pregnancy can also indirectly lead torogens, and the consequences of the skin are the skin’s fat secretion is too strong.In addition, the skin temperature during pregnancy itself is relatively high. These oils accumulated in the pores will not only make the pores larger, but also bring skin inflammation, resulting in frequent acne problems.

2. Growth hormone growth urges hair development

After pregnancy, the body will secrete a prolactin ingredient, and this will stimulate the rapid germination of hair follicles that are still growing during the growing period, and it will also make the hair grow as "strong" and "strong" than usual.This is why some pregnant women have long hairs or even "beards".

3. Hormone growth leads to melanin calm

With the development of pregnancy, the estrogen in pregnant mothers is constantly secreting, and they not only maintain the stable growth of the fetus, but also have a stimulating effect on the body melanocytes, resulting in a large number of melanin increases.If the melanin produced by the skin cannot be metabolized by the skin in time, it will easily cause the skin to blame, which accumulates in the neck, armpit and belly.

So, how do pregnant mothers do their skin management during pregnancy?

1. Pay attention to your skin cleaning care

During pregnancy, the state of the skin itself is more sensitive and fragile, and the secretion of oil is more vigorous. If you do not pay attention to the cleaning of the skin daily, pores are prone to blockage, causing the acne and pores.In order to safely use skin care products during pregnancy, you can choose a mild facial cleanser for skin cleaning, and clean your face with warm water.

2. Do not easily use acne and whitening products

Facing the problem of acne and turning black, do not gently act on the two things of acne and whitening during pregnancy, because most of the components of acne whitening products on the market are disabled.Just do simple moisturizing care everyday, and the rest can be adjusted slowly after giving birth.

3. Pay attention to sun protection issues everyday

The hormone in itself can easily lead to the production and calmness of melanin. Then when going out daily, you must do a good job of sunscreen. On the one hand, avoiding darkness, on the other hand, it can reduce the stimulation of the sun to the opposite skin, which will help.To relieve acne and inflammation.Worried about the chemical ingredients of sunscreen, you can do a good job of physical sunscreen. You usually go out and bring umbrellas, wearing hats, etc.

Finally, if you find that you have passed through all kinds of efforts to discover your own situation, the key point is to know how to relax your mentality. This is a natural phenomenon during pregnancy.Inferiority and irritability are much better.Because negative emotions also affect the level of body hormone secretion, making your existing problems worse.

Important tips: The problems of various ugliness during pregnancy are due to the impact of the level of estrogen hormone levels in the body, which causes too much oil to secrete the skin, the growth of the hair, and the melanin.Facing skin problems during pregnancy, pay attention to daily cleaning, use acne whitening products, and do daily sunscreen work. More importantly, maintain a good emotional state.

Topic today: During your pregnancy, have you worsening your skin state?How long does it take to return after giving birth?Welcome to leave a message for discussion.

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