During the pregnancy check, it was drawn up to 6 blood blood once. What did you check?

The routine examination during pregnancy is inevitable. Mothers who are pregnant are probably impressed by a blood -drawn check, because there are several tubes at that time. I chatted to her friends yesterday. She said that she was drawn 6 tube and spent it.Nearly a thousand dollars, I lost so much blood, but for the health of the fetus, she still had to check. For her anemia, she also felt very distressed by the 6 tube blood.Xiao Bian was also very impressed by the blood drawing. I remember being pumped 5 tubes and went to other hospitals to do Tang sieve in the afternoon. That day, it added about 6 pipes.Husband is also worried.So, this time the blood drawing is to check, and see that there are more ones that others say, there are not so many.

Sort out the blood drawing project throughout pregnancy.The first is routine blood tests. Targeted blood -red protein, white blood cells, platelet values are mainly determined whether pregnant women are anemia.Mild anemia has little effect on childbirth, but severe anemia can cause adverse consequences such as premature birth and low weight, as well as coagulation function that affects mothers.This examination needs to be done two or three times throughout pregnancy, every quarter of the check."With the growth of the fetus in the middle and late pregnancy, it may lead to changes in the blood conventional value of pregnant women. It is necessary to monitor the whole process and find abnormal treatment in time.

Secondly, syphilis serum test, AIDS serum examination, hepatitis B (HBV) virin chemotherapy, hepatitis C (HCV) virus chemotherapy, these four examinations are performed at the same time, and the entire pregnancy is performed. Moreover, the examination is mostly.For free, it is recommended that pregnant women do.

The third item is the examination of liver and kidney function, mainly to check whether pregnant women have hepatitis and nephritis, because the burden on liver and kidney during pregnancy will increase.If the liver and renal function are abnormal, pregnancy will increase the original disease, and at the same time it will adversely affect the fetus.

The fourth item is the screening of Tang -style syndrome. It is the most economical method for checking whether it is a congenital fool.If the results of the inspection are high risks, you need to review or do non -invasive DNA inspection, etc., which may increase the number of blood draws.

In addition, gestational diabetes screening and trace element testing and inspection also need to be drawn with blood, and pregnant women can selectively conduct."Not all inspection items need to be done. Pregnant women can conduct according to their own conditions and doctors’ suggestions. Therefore, there will be only two or three blood tests for some people during pregnancy, while some people have to take blood every time.","

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