During the Spring Festival, you can get pregnant after 1 week. Can the baby want it?The doctor tells you how to do well

Guide: I drink alcohol during the Spring Festival. Can I get pregnant after 1 week?

Some friends said that during the Spring Festival, I was happy to drink a few more cups. What should I do if I find that I am pregnant after 1 week?Can the baby want it?

In fact, pregnancy is very common after drinking.I was pregnant with two children, and I have drank alcohol without knowing pregnancy.I drank a glass of beer for the first time, and a few sips of liquor for the second time.At the beginning, I was a little worried, but all the way all the way, the children were born healthy.

There are also colleagues who have two children. They have to drink after drinking alcohol. It is always dramatic without drinking.

Some friends saw this question: When I was pregnant with my daughter, I didn’t know. At that time, the New Year, dinner, drinking some wine, all women, liquor, I did not know that I was pregnant after a month without menstruation.

When I went to the delivery inspection, I encountered a person who was going to have a miscarriage, and said that I found that I was pregnant after drinking.. Pregnancy is not easy! "

1. After drinking, I found that I was pregnant a week later.I feel disgusting and other discomfort, and I feel pregnant.If the blood test is detected, the HCG is greater than 50 IU/ml, and then 3 weeks of pregnancy.

2. One week after the wine, the aunt should not come when he came, and found pregnancy with early pregnancy test strips. At this time, 5 weeks of pregnancy.

3. I have been pregnant for more than 5 weeks, I do n’t feel anything, I do n’t realize my pregnancy, drink alcohol without knowing it, and find my pregnancy after a week. At this time, I am more than 6 weeks of pregnancy.

After drinking, I found that the pregnancy time is different, the pregnancy weeks of pregnancy are naturally different, and the measures will be different.

1. 3 weeks and 4 weeks of pregnancy

In the 3 weeks and 4 weeks of pregnancy, the fertilized eggs are not sensitive to alcohol and will not cause malformations in the division and value -added stage.If you drink too much, severe damage to the cells will directly lead to abortion.If the damage is not serious, the embryo will steadily bed.

This is the relationship between "full" and "no" in medicine. Based on the principles of survival of the fittest, good embryos are naturally retained and badly eliminated by self -dyeing.

2. 5-10 weeks of pregnancy

In 5-10 weeks of pregnancy, it is a critical period for organ differentiation. If you drink a lot of alcohol, it is easy to cause fetal malformations. Medically, it is called alcohol syndrome.The problem of the fetus is: slow development, damage to the nervous system, and slow growth after birth.

However, a small amount of alcohol does not affect embryo development.But now that you know you are pregnant, avoid drinking.How much to drink alcohol has an impact on the embryo, and it is necessary to further evaluate it later.Everyone’s condition is not exactly the same, and it cannot be generalized, so be careful to check on time to prevent fetal malformations.

At 7-8 weeks of pregnancy, do the B-ultrasound examination to confirm the development of the gestational sac and fetal heart buds. If the development is good, no abortion is required.

NT examinations were performed on 11-13 weeks+6 days to initially rule out the risk of Tang sieve and structural malformation.

By 16-18 weeks, Donci screening was performed to confirm whether there were problems with Donald syndrome and neurotranscele.

Pay attention to a large row of abnormal examinations on 20-28 weeks to confirm whether there are structural malformations.

Usually stipulate that the B -ultrasound is done to confirm whether the fetal development is normal.

If all the test results are normal, it indicates that the chance of fetal health is very high, and you can give birth to the child with confidence.If the fetal development is slow and deformity, the child is broken.

In short, after drinking during the Spring Festival, I found that I was pregnant after I was pregnant.Advance friends who are pregnant and pregnant, stay away from alcohol during the Spring Festival, so as not to be restless!The new second child Bao Ma, senior childcare teacher, personalized training instructor, Qingyun plan winner, was invited by multiple platforms.Share your childcare experience with thousands of mothers, follow me, and obtain more parenting knowledge.

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