Each delivery during pregnancy is important. What pregnancy test items should be checked throughout pregnancy?

Introduction: Recently, several netizens left a message to consult the number of pregnancy inspections and the time of delivery.Let’s take it together, I hope to help the mothers.

"What is the number of pregnancy tests and comprehensive delivery schedule during pregnancy? Is each pregnant mother’s birth check -up time different?" For the timetable of the pregnancy test during pregnancy, each pregnant woman is the same.Only for some special circumstances for pregnant mothers, the production inspection items will increase or decrease.

Generally speaking, after determining pregnancy, the first formal medical examination was arranged in 12 weeks.Because it was the first official checkup, this time we need to build a health care manual card.Before the birth of the birth, it was necessary to be empty, because it was necessary to check the blood glucose, liver function and renal function, hepatitis B virus surface antigen, syphilis spiral body, HIV screening, electrocardiogram, etc.

The second production inspection is 13-16 weeks, and the main production inspection items are Tang’s screening.If the results of the examination are high risks, doctors will recommend to do non -invasive and amniotic fluid puncture directly; for pregnant women at the age of 35, it is not recommended to do Tang sieves. Doctors generally recommend making non -invasive and amniotic fluid puncture directly.

The third checkup is 17 weeks to 20 weeks, mainly because B -ultrasound checks whether the baby has nervous and limbs.

The fourth birth checkup is 22-26 weeks, which is mainly four -dimensional abnormalities.The production inspection is 30 weeks, and the inspection is edema; the seventh birth examination is in 32 weeks, mainly to evaluate the fetal development status through B -ultrasound, and the estimated weight is estimated;It is 36 weeks, mainly for fetal heart monitoring.

The next week is to have a birth check every week, because the baby is full after 37 weeks, and the pregnant mother must welcome the baby’s arrival at any time.Therefore, the test from 37 weeks to 41 weeks is fetal heart monitoring, pelvic measurement, assessment of childbirth methods, and so on.

Conclusion: Each birth check has its importance and necessity. I hope that pregnant mothers will be checked on time and know the development of the fetus in the palace at any time to provide a scientific basis for eugenics and eugenics.

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