Eastern constipation during pregnancy, these two tips after getting up, help you excrete easily

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The two days ago, my friend called me how to relieve constipation. Now she has been pregnant for 4 months. I finally got too early pregnancy reactions, but I don’t know what happened recently. I always have constipation.Dare to take medicine randomly, you can only use Kaiseru to respond to emergency, but it is not very useful after a long time. The fetus can only be born in a few months. She is worried that she will smoke a bad baby.

Friends are always very interesting to speak, and from the medical perspective, starting from the fourth month of pregnancy, the time of food in the gastrointestinal tract will be extended after the pregnant mother eats.As a result, it is difficult to defecate.Although constipation does not smoke the fetus, constipation can cause mild toxic symptoms, such as mental slump, loss of appetite, no complexion, chloasma, acne and other symptoms.

How should pregnant mothers alleviate constipation and eliminate stools?Today I recommend two good tricks to pregnant mothers.

1. Drink water with skills

Generally, constipation doctors will tell the pregnant mother that drinking plenty of water, but drinking water is particular about skills. If you do n’t drink it, you can only alleviate the phenomenon of water dehydration, which has no effect on alleviating constipation.

First of all, the pregnant mother finds the time. The best time to detoxify the human body is 6 o’clock in the morning. It is recommended that pregnant mothers can get up at this point.Then prepare a cup of about 600 ml of cool white boiling water, drink a large mouth on an empty stomach, and swallow the movement faster, so that the water can reach the colon as soon as possible, make the feces soft and help the stool.And if the pregnant mother just drinks the water in a small mouth, the water flow is slow, and the water will be absorbed by the stomach and will become discharged.

If you want to remove the stool, you can add salt in the cold and white, drink light saline, and the stool is not suitable for removal every day. Therefore, the pregnant mother should not drink light salt water often. It is enough once a month.it’s the same.

2. Yoga exercise

The pregnant mother keeps standing, and then slowly opens her feet to wider the hips of the wall, and then gently support the position of the hand on the upper position.Take a deep breath, then stretch the spine, inhale, stretch the spine, and do it 7 times.

If the constipation is serious and the above actions are not improved, it is best to use some drugs that are beneficial to defecation under the advice of the doctor. Follow the instructions to take the proper medicine. Do not take medicine without authorization.However, it is still recommended that pregnant mothers alleviate constipation from the adjustment of diet and living habits. This is a good way.


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