Eat 1 melon seed = drink 1 spoon of oil?Three precautions about eating melon seeds →

Melon seeds are treasure snacks that many people love to put their princes. Whenever the New Year, melon seeds are a must -have snacks for people to visit. A group of people are surrounded by people.In life, many people will always prepare melon seeds at home. When watching TV, chatting, and dazed, there are always melon seeds, which not only eases the loneliness of the mouth, but also supplements nutrition for the body.

Melon seeds are rich in vitamin E and vitamin B1, with 26.46 mg vitamin E and 0.43 mg vitamin B1 per 100g of melon seeds.

Vitamin E not only has strong antioxidant resistance, but also helps the human body to prevent cardiovascular disease and maintain normal immunity.The lack of vitamin B1 in the human body may slow gastrointestinal motility, constipation, weak limbs, dizziness and pain, forgetfulness and anger, etc. are also lack of vitamin B1 symptoms.

Recently, some fans asked if the disease and control king would gain weight when eating melon seeds, because she saw that many people on the Internet said: 1 melon seeds = 1 spoon of oil, plus the recent cooling.Dare to eat melon seeds … how is this statement reliable?

To this end, the Disease Control Jun found the data about the seeds of the seeds in the "6th Edition of the Chinese Food ingredients Table": the fat per 100g of melon seeds is about 52.8 grams.There are 570 cards, which are also very high.

But we must be clear that the 100g melon seeds here refer to the edible part of the seeds, that is, the peeled fruit part.The weight of a melon seeds we grab is around 10g, and the weight of peeling consequences may only be 5g, and a spoonful of edible oil is almost 10g, so the saying of 1 melon seed = 1 spoon of oil is actually true.It is exaggerated.

Although a melon seed is not terrible, I am afraid that you can’t stop when you eat it, one after another …

Although the seeds are good, they should not be greedy!

If you want to eat seeds healthy, you must read the three precautions below:

1. Control

In the latest version of "Chinese Resident Diet Guidelines", it is recommended that the amount of nuts every week should be controlled at 50-70g. If calculated according to the maximum weight of 70g, you can eat 10g per day.It’s right.

Excessive consumption of nuts can cause excessive nutrients to accumulate in the body and cannot be absorbed. Excessive calorie and fat intake cause obesity, which causes various chronic diseases.At the same time, long -term use of a fixed tooth to teeth to form a "melon seed teeth", which affects the beauty and health of the teeth.

2. Do not eat mildew bitter melon seeds

Due to the small and large number of melon seeds, it is difficult for merchants to pick up a small number of mildew seeds when they are selling. Therefore, when eating melon seeds, we will inevitably eat a few mildew melon seeds, and many people will swallow it directly.But in fact, this approach is not desirable!

Because moldy seeds may exist to contain toxic vascoplasm, long -term consumption will increase the risk of liver disease, which can seriously lead to liver cancer.Therefore, it is recommended that you do n’t swallow it directly when you eat the mildew melon seeds, and you must spit it out in time.

3. It is best to choose the original flavor

There are many tastes of melon seeds. Milk fragrance, spice, caramel, sea salt, etc. are all tastes that people like to eat.However, the Disease Control Jun should remind everyone here that when buying melon seeds, try to choose the original melon seeds.

First, because the melon seeds of other flavors are produced, various seasonings will be added together. It may cover the bitterness of mildew and bitter melon seeds, so that everyone is difficult to distinguish when eating, thereby eating by mistake.

The second is because the salt and sugar ingredients in the flavor melon seeds are higher than the original melon seeds. In addition, the taste is delicious, which may cause a greater consumption, which further increases the risk of cardiovascular disease.

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