Eat more fish during pregnancy. After the baby is born, it is not easy to be allergic?

With the changes in people’s life format, late and less commonly generated very common things, and because they were not easy to conceive their children, they would pay more attention to the growth of the baby’s growth and health after birth.In the matter, allergies are one of the issues that everyone pays attention to!

From before pregnancy, pay attention to diet. After the baby is born, how to eat each stage, the focus of attention in each period is not the same, but whether there is any effect, it is not sure.

I do n’t know if you have heard of it. During my pregnancy, my mother eats more fish. In the future, the child will be smarter and not easy to be allergic, but is this statement credible?Are there any related scientific evidence support?

Study on the retrospective of eating more fish during my mother’s pregnancy

Research authors were published by the databases of various scientific journals and searched before February 2020. All observations and research on the theme were removed, repeated repeated and unrelated documents, and finally screened 31 studies.After a consolidation analysis, it was found that the mother eats more fish during pregnancy, which is related to the low risk of asthma, eczema (Eczema) and food allergies after birth.

How much fish do I have to eat?

After reading the results of the research, you may try to start eating more fish. I hope to reduce the risk of some physical discomfort after the birth of the child’s future birth, but how much is the problem?

If you have eaten fish or other aquatic products every day, or even every day, you should not need to be adjusted; but if you are almost a person who does not eat fish, you can try to join in a weekly diet and join50 ~ 200 grams of fish, or refer to the suggestions of the Mediterranean diet, eat cold water fish with more fats once a week, such as autumn saury, salmon, catfish, soil catfish, etc.Fish, pay attention to the source of fish to ensure that pregnant mothers can eat fresh and peaceful seafood.

It is recommended to eat fish like this

In December last year, the US FDA updated the suggestions they provided to ordinary consumers, mainly to provide mothers who are preparing to be pregnant, during pregnancy, and breastfeeding.

• Based on 2,000 calories per day, eat at least 226 grams (8 ounces) of seafood per week, but young children should be reduced, 28 grams (1 ounce) at 28 grams (1 ounce).Eat 113 grams (4 ounces, the size of the palm of the adult).

• Women can eat 226 to 340 grams (8 ~ 12 ounces) per week during pregnancy or breastfeeding, and various seafood with low mercury content.

According to the FDA, the following seven types of fish and mercury are high. The recommended object should be avoided:

1. Kingmacker

2. Marlin Fish/Fish Fish (Marlin)

3. Bigeyetuna

4. Fangtou Fish (Mexico Bay)

5. Shark

6. Orange

Nutrition of fish

Fish is often a member of a healthy diet, such as the Mediterranean diet or traditional Okinawa diet, which can be provided:

• High -quality protein

• Omega-3 fatty acids, including EPA and DHA

• The content of vitamin B12 and vitamin D is usually higher than other types of food

• The mineral iron contained in infants and young children, or women who are preparing for pregnancy and pregnancy are important.

• It is also a good source of zinc, selenium and iodine

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