Eating habits that should be paid attention to before pregnancy

The preparation of pregnancy is to start breeding preparation before the sperm egg combination, or six months, so the pregnancy time is much longer than in ten months.In the best case, when mating the most healthy, most dynamic semen and eggs, the excellent genes of parents, such as beauty, wisdom, personality, health, etc., are well combined in fertilized eggs.The latest scientific research shows that the survival of sperm requires high -quality protein, calcium, zinc and other minerals and trace elements, as well as arginine and a variety of vitamins.Formation has an adverse effect.

Maybe there will be "inferior" sperm.About six months before pregnancy, the couple should pay attention to the adjustment of diet, and eat more foods containing folic acid, zinc and calcium to improve their internal environment.You can usually eat more lean meat, eggs, fish and shrimp, animal liver, soybean and soy products, seafood, fresh vegetables and seasonal fruits.Men eat more scutellaria, loach, pigeons, oysters, sparrows, green onions, leek.

If you want to produce high -quality semen and eggs, and quickly combine, it is best to eat more food:

Seaweed: It has special radioactivity. Its glue can promote radiation from the stool, so that it can reduce the accumulation of radiation and reduce the risk of dysfunction caused by the body.

Spring leek: Also called "Qiyang Cao", it is rich in nutrients such as essential oils, sulfides, protein, cellulose and other nutrients.Leeks have the effects of warmth and spleen, aphrodisiac and solid essence. Its essence fiber can also help people who smoke and drink to discharge toxins in their bodies.(Pregnant women use chives with caution).

Marine fish: It is rich in unsaturated acid, which can prevent smoking and improve the body’s immune function.Moreover, fish in the ocean also have great benefits to the brain.

Bean sprouts: Whether it is soybeans or mung beans, the bean sprouts can be "germinated". A variety of vitamins contained in them can clear the teratogenic substances in the human body and can also stimulate the production of hormones.

Fresh fruit and vegetable juice: It can eliminate the toxins accumulated in the body, make the blood unobstructed, and discharge the toxins accumulated in the cell through the excretion system.


Reduce ham, sausage, pickled meat, pickled fish, pickled vegetables, and avoid eating smoked food, such as lambs.Eat less canned food and drinks.When washing vegetables, immerse with water to remove pesticide residues.

The harm of smoking and drinking to the fetus

As we all know, cells are the most basic unit of creatures, and there are about 100M cells in the human body.Science shows that genetic things related to genes are nuclear.A deeper color of the chromosome in the nucleus.There are many substances in chromosomes, which constitute a variety of characteristics of the body. These characteristics are called genes in biology.Nicotine, sulfur dioxide and other harmful substances contained in cigarettes enter the sperm through blood, causing sperm chromosomal and genetic changes.The embryo produced after the combination of sperm and egg cells will affect the development of the embryo, leading to abortion, premature birth, and even congenital deformity.

Recent studies have shown that the harm of alcohol to the fetus is mainly manifested in harming brain cells, leading to stagnation and decrease in the growth of brain cells.When you are drunk, you will cause your child’s dysfunction, the decline in IQ, and even cause cerebral palsy.Two or one of them smoke or drink, which will cause great harm to the child.During pregnancy, due to a large number of direct or indirect smoking, it can cause the contraction of the peripheral blood vessels, the insufficient supply and exchange of oxygen, resulting in hypoxia, which leads to abortion, premature birth, and death;The growth of the uterus is slow, leading to low intelligence; in the early stage of pregnancy, it can also cause malformations and dysplasia of the fetus, such as cardiovascular malformations, cleft palate, and brainless.Drinking during pregnancy can lead to various physiological defects of children.

Its symptoms are abortion, premature birth and death, and even if they are lucky enough to survive, they are very prone to various diseases. The birth of the baby is low and delayed.If women drink too much, after pregnancy, children who are easily produced will have the following characteristics: small eyes, short eye hair, corners of the eyes, drooping eyelids, internal cracked internal cracked, and internal cataracts will occur, abnormal retinal pigments;Small joint malformations and heart malformations; women may develop dysplasia of large labia.Therefore, before pregnancy, you must not drink within a month.

According to reports, the semen testing results of men who smoke for more than one year show that the sperm deformed rate is higher.Smoking women who are pregnant will cause greater harm to unborn children.Smoking causes malformations of fetus, it is not common, but as a family, you still have to be cautious.

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