Evaluation | The more expensive the yogurt, the better?

When the Internet is hotly discussed on the Internet, we want to return to the food itself and carefully taste the taste of yogurt.As a result, with the original intention of eating and drinking, we planned the evaluation of new yogurt products.

Since 2010, new brands and new products have continued to emerge, and the Chinese yogurt market can be described as excited.Consumers’ awareness of yogurt has improved, and consumption habits have also been cultivated -drinking yogurt is good for health and deep popularity.On the Internet, "Yogurt Review" has become a keyword for explosive content.

Therefore, in order not to chew the old text, we cut off the classic old products that have been evaluated, and excavated new products launched in 2020 or set off in yogurt categories.See what is really worth buying after being put on a lifestyle filter.

12 yogurt dairy products for this evaluation.

This evaluation product includes yogurt in the narrow sense (no other ingredients are added except raw milk, probiotic) and yogurt in the broad sense (that is, flavored fermented milk, in addition to raw milk, probiotics, but also add white sugar, etc.The content is above 90%).Before the evaluation, we classified it according to the method of making yogurt so as to understand the characteristics of different yogurt.This is also the first step for consumers to choose yogurt -choose the type of yogurt they like.At present, the common yogurt on the market can be divided into 3 types according to the production method-

① stirring

That is, first fermentation, and then divide.After sterilization, raw beef milk adds probiotics, flavoring agents (sugar, jam, etc.) into the fermentation barrel, and then stirred the solid and packed it in the yogurt box.The texture on the market is thin, the taste is refreshing, and the drink -like fermented milk is drinking like a drink, which is basically mixing yogurt.


That is, first packaged and then fermented.Pack the sterilized beef milk into the yogurt box before fermentation.Common old yogurt, original box fermentation yogurt and other are thick texture, thick taste, and poor liquidity. With a spoon, a large piece of product can be used to completely use this method of making.

③ Filter

The yogurt that is about to be filtered by milk.The texture is biased towards fresh cheese, dense and delicate, almost no water.Greek yogurt and Iceland yogurt (Skyr) belong to filtering yogurt.There are more milk required during production, richer nutrition, and higher prices.

After understanding the taste of different types of yogurt, you can choose delicious yogurt based on your own preferences of sweetness and flavor, refer to the nutritional elements such as protein, combined with the price comprehensive consideration.

This is a Greek yoguk. The manufacturer is my island, a brand focusing on Greek yogurt.The island’s popularity is not high. In addition to the official online stores, the sales channels are mainly concentrated in mid -to -high -end supermarkets in first -tier cities.The price of the product is high. The "Greek yogurt" of the family is 68.8 yuan, and the specifications are 720g of one barrel.

The yogurt of my island is heavy. In addition to eating directly, it is also very suitable for cooking.

The texture of this yogurt is extremely heavy, approaching cream cheese, almost no milk.The delicate lines are not exaggerated with ice cream.Because it does not contain sucrose, the entrance is sour, and the aftertaste has a light sweetness."My Island Greek Yogurt" is the most milk flavor in this evaluation.Greek yogurt belongs to filter yogurt. Only 4 cups of milk can concentrate and ferment 1 cup of yogurt, so the milk fragrance is very strong.In terms of nutrition, it is also better than ordinary yogurt. The protein content in every 100g of yogurt is 9g, and the lactose content is 0.In addition to being consumed directly, this thick yogurt can also replace cheese to apply bellies, toast, or mix salad to reduce calorie intake and have unique flavor.

Where should the innovation of yogurt go?When the types of probiotics are increased, the consistency is increased, the protein content is increased, and the rich seasoning is trial, in the domestic market, the oats and yogurt cups have become a new trend."Yimingxiism" is a yogurt with oatmeal crispy slices.Yiming is a dairy brand brand in Wenzhou, Zhejiang. The offline drink store is "Yiming Zhenxian Milk Bar". The products include dairy drinks, fresh milk, yogurt and bread.

Yiming wrapped the milk and oatmeal crisps to ensure the freshness of the food.The "Greekism" series yogurt and oatmeal crispy version to choose from.

This product is based on Greek yogurt, with oatmeal crisp.Taste the yogurt, the tip of the tongue can feel the full milk fragrance, the entrance is smooth and delicate, the moderate acidity, and the sweetness of the sweetness is also the evidence of the good quality of this yogurt.After pouring into the oatmeal crisp, not only the taste of yogurt also increases the sweetness. The aroma of the milky fragrance is a delicious and healthy meal replacement snack.

This is an Icelandic yogurt -using skimmed milk, 4 cups of milk to make 1 cup of yogurt, almost no milk, thick texture, high protein, manufacturer is the French brand Gonno.

In 2015, Yono launched high -end yogurt in the Chinese market.

This yogurt is made of skimmed milk and sacrificed some milk fragrance. Therefore, it has extremely low calories. Each box (120g) is only 65 kcal, which is very suitable for fat -reducing people.The delicate texture is as smooth as fresh milk ice cream.When consumption, it is recommended to add the gifted locust honey bags, neutralizing the extremely high acidity to make the taste more peaceful.

Lechun is the earliest mid -to -high -end yogurt brand, and has launched many hot items.The "Lechun Light Series Greek Yogurt" is different from the previously used fruit to add flavor, and it is presented in the way of the original Greek yogurt with oatmeal crisp.

The "Lechun Light Series Greek Yogurt" is based on the two opposition points of thick and light.

This yogurt is also made of filtering. The thick and thick texture is almost the same as that of one, You Nuo, the taste is delicate, and the milk fragrance is light.Because the yogurt is only 80g, after all the oatmeal crisp slices are poured in, the proportion of the two is unbalanced, and the yogurt has a weak sense of presence.

After testing Yiming and Lechun, two yogurt oats cups, combined with the experience of eating similar products before, we believe that there is a general problem in the current oats and yogurt cup products -high yogurt quality, but oatmeal crisps average.Even some yogurt oats cups of oatmeal crisps, even suppliers are the same, did not make differentiation, and the flavors, sweetness, and taste of oatmeal crispies need to be improved.

This is a pure yogurt without additives, and manufacturers must be the same.As a new consumer dairy brand with Bingbok milk, it will continue to enrich the product line and launch super milk, etc., and the yogurt is its yogurt.

The texture and logistics of the "Better Geng Gengyoncus" need to be improved. The state of the tofu block does not meet the high -end positioning of the product.

This original sour milk milk source is Ulanchabu, Inner Mongolia.Its style is refreshing, the fragrance is elegant, but the texture is slightly worse, not delicate enough, and it looks like tofu residue. It may be that the transportation is bumpy, and the milk is more precipitated.The acidity of the entrance is extremely high, and you need to eat a few more mouthfuls to adapt.1kg transparent small barrel, full of weight, suitable for family consumers or fitness enthusiasts."Better is a yogurt sour milk" suitable for making fruit fish or fruit milkshakes, which is enough sour, with the sweetness of the fruit, and the taste is balanced.Perhaps with Nuts such as Ba Danmu, you can also repeat the hot milkshake of "habits" at home.It is generally cost -effective. Compared with the same taste of "Hema Pure Yogurt" or "Her Run Pure Yogurt", the price is slightly higher.

A cow is a dairy brand brand from Ningxia. It was the earliest supplier of Ruixing thick milk.Nowadays, in addition to thick milk, fresh cow milk and yogurt have also been launched, which uses niche milk sources -Plateau Ranchi Qilian Mountain -for marketing points.

"Putting a bull -flavored sour milk" is difficult to buy offline except the official outlet.

The ingredients of this yogurt are simple, only raw milk, probiotics and white sugar.The texture is slightly thick, the entrance is delicate and smooth, the milk fragrance is strong, and the sweetness is natural.Each 100g of yogurt contains 4.8g of protein and exceeds most of the same price products.About 7 yuan per bottle, the cost performance is very high.If you don’t mind sugar, it is a drinking yogurt worth stocking at home.

He Run is an old -fashioned dairy product producer. He launched various types of yogurt and flavor fermented milk more than ten years ago. "Original pure yogurt" and "Japanese yogurt" are the most classic.The yogurt of this evaluation is a new product launched with Run for nearly two years. It focuses on 0 lactose -add lactase to the fermented milk, and it produces sweetness while decomposing lactose.You can also drink it with confidence.

"He Run Gao Dietary Fiber Fermented Milk" has won the World Dairy Innovation Award in 2020.

Compared to Jian Aihe Kas, this drink -flavored fermented milk fragrance is more rich and the texture is thicker.Although it is not added with sucrose, because of the blessing of lactose decomposition technology, the sweetness is strong, the acidity is weak, the sweetness is good, and the taste is balanced.

Da Vinci is the yogurt brand of the new hope dairy industry. The whole fruit grain series is the flavor of fermented milk seasoned with fruits. There are four flavors: peaches, green ti, strawberries, and oranges. Among them, the orange flavor is recent new products.

"Da Vinci Orange is so satisfied" is the representative of high -fruity yogurt.

If you are like me, the perception of fruit yogurt is still in the "Mengniu True Fruit" stage. It is recommended to try "Da Vinci Orange is so satisfied", which will change your opinion.Choose canned high -quality fruits, and the complete large pieces of fruits can be seen in the bottle. When you eat the first bite, you are shocked by the sweetness of the real fruit, which is very close to the taste of homemade fruits in the home.A can "Orange is so satisfied" with about 6 full orange meat. The fruit aroma is strong and the juice is sufficient.Compared with the fruitful fruit yogurt with a very heavy flavor, the taste has made a breakthrough.It is suitable for consumers who do not mind sugar and are willing to use yogurt as afternoon tea dessert.

This is a mixing yogurt, and the manufacturer is Kas.Caspy is a dairy brand in Shenzhen. It was the earliest production of yogurt and launched fresh milk products.

"Cascula sucrose -flavored fermented milk" claims to add 7 lactic acid bacteria.

This yogurt has a high milk content, thin texture, close to milk texture, and strong liquidity.The highlight is that 7 probiotics are added, but for yogurt, the more probiotics are not as good as possible. Some probiotics are not easily absorbed by the human body.The milk fragrance is lighter, the acidity is easy to accept, and the aftertaste is a little sweet, which is very suitable for the summer drinking drink in summer.

Naked yogurt is not a novel high -grade yogurt. It means that there are no additives such as adhesive agents.Jian Ai is also a dairy brand that focuses on yogurt. In the past two years, many popular products have been launched, such as high -protein series and naked yogurt series.

"Jane Ai 0% sucrose high calcium naked yogurt" is based on its best -selling nude yogurt, instead of chrome for chrome.

The taste and taste of "Jane Ai 0% sucrose high calcium naked yogurt" is almost no different from the previous naked yogurt products.The texture is slightly thicker than milk, and the milk fragrance is lighter, because the chrysanthemum powder is added as a sweetener, the sweet and sour balance is good, and the aftertaste is sweet.

This is a flavor of fermented milk. The manufacturer is the Asahi Vipshop.The Asahi Vipshop has its own sustainable pasture in Shandong. It uses a green production method. The quality of milk sources is high and safe and reliable.

"Asahi Vipshop Determaking" is added with milk to make the yogurt texture sticky.

In addition to yogurt and lactic acid bacteria, this product adds sweet milk powder to increase sweetness and increase the viscosity of yogurt.Milky powder is a by -product of cheese. Depending on the source, it is divided into sweet milk powder and sour milk powder. As a natural product, there is no need to worry about its safety.The milk content of "Asahi Vipshop is thick and ligament" is high, delicate in texture, has a certain liquidity, is very sticky, and can even be brushed.The taste is sweet and soft, slightly sweet, suitable for direct drinking.The ingredients table deliberately indicates that lactose contains lactose, and lactose is not tolerated to drink cautiously.

The lowest -priced yogurt in this evaluation is also the most recommended yogurt.Western Chun is a Xinjiang dairy company, and the original yogurt of large cans has been evaluated and recommended by many people on the Internet.The name of "creamy yogurt" is not true, and the taste and taste have nothing to do with Xinjiang’s characteristic creamy skin, only the name of the product.

The taste and taste of "Western Spring Milk Skin Yogurt" are very old, which is not much different from 2 yuan a bag of yogurt a dozen years ago.

This sour milk texture is slightly thick, smooth and delicate, without milk in the entrance, and the sweetness is too high.Compared to the original yogurt of the previous fire, it is a lot worse, both quality or taste.

In order to facilitate everyone to compare each yogurt more clearly, we have summarized a tasting guide-

After tasting, we provide the following purchase suggestions-

If you like the thick texture of the original yogurt, it is recommended to try "Owa Greek yogurt", "Yiminghitism" and "Younon Iceland Yogurt". Whether it is taste, taste or nutritional value, it is in the middle and upper levels of the same category.And there are various ways of eating. From direct consumption to fruit, even cooking dishes, the disadvantage is that the price is slightly higher.

If you like a light -textured flavorful sour milk, it is recommended to try "plug a beef -flavored sour milk", "and moisturizing high dietary fiber fermented milk" and "Da Vinci Orange is easy to satisfy".The first two are easy to drink like a drink, which can become a good heat -relieving drink. The latter is a great low -calorie dessert. In terms of consumption, it eliminates the trouble of cutting fruits.

The above content is personal consumption experience. "Food & Wine eats good and drink" is not related to various brands.

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