Exclusive interview with Zhang Boli!The core issues of the new crown infection you care about are here

How to treat and take medicine after infection?

Which symptoms are severe preview?

What should the elderly pay attention to?


The core issues of the new crown infection you care about are here

Listen to what Academician Zhang Boli said

How to use the new crown infection?

Academician Zhang Boli:

● The body temperature exceeds 38.5 ° C, you can take a fever in moderation.Moderate fever can effectively activate the human body’s immune function and be more conducive to fighting virus.

● You don’t have to deliberately choose some kind of cold medicine, do not advocate taking Chinese and Western medicines at the same time, reducing the burden on liver and kidney and stimulation of the stomach.

● It is not recommended to use antibiotic anti -virus in the early stage and early.

How to relieve the symptoms of "swallowing blade"?

Academician Zhang Boli:

① Six Shen Wan and Qingyan Drops of Chinese Medicine.

② Drink honey water to improve throat symptoms.

③ The use of atomized device or water vapor is also good for improving nose congestion.

④ Washing the nasal cavity with ice and saline can enhance the immune function of the nasal and oral mucosa.The concentration of ice salt water can be slightly thicker than the physiological salt water, and it can also be used to rinse.

⑤ Massage Yingxiang Point can also play a role in helping improve the symptoms.

What are the symptoms of severe preview?

Academician Zhang Boli:

① High fever is not retired.High fever (above 38 ° C) for more than 3 days, continuing to continue after administration.

② Difficulty breathing.Permanent after the activity, breathe more than 30 times per minute when quiet.

③ Continuous vomiting and diarrhea.

④ The original basic disease has an aggravation trend.

⑤ The spirit is indifferent, unwilling to care, or irritability, anxiety and so on.

● It is recommended that the elderly gather key places, such as closed -loop management for nursing homes, and regular nucleic acid or antigen detection.

● Beware of the elderly silent hypoxia.The elderly have poor tolerance and poor response ability. After hypoxia, they often do not show dyspnea and rapidness. They need to observe the mental state and blood oxygen concentration of the elderly.

● Keep your body temperature too high or too low.

Why Fuyang?

Is the second infection and Fuyang?

Academician Zhang Boli:

Fuyang is mainly because the virus is not excreted smoothly, which may be related to the patient’s sputum, forming sputum embossed, and the virus wrapped in sputum embolism is not discharged temporarily.After that, phlegm embolism was excreted during the lung repair process, and the virus also brought out the virus, so it showed a manifestation of Fuyang.

However, the recovered people cannot cultivate the living virus, usually virus fragments without contagious.

The second infection means that after the infection turns to the yin, it is infected again after 1 to 2 months. This is often because of the infection with different mutant strains, but the probability of secondary infection is not too high.Therefore, after turning the yin, you also need to do personal protection, including wearing masks, washing your hands, working hard, and maintaining social distance.

After Yang Kang, his body still needs recovery

Academician Zhang Boli:

● Feeling cough, sore throat, pain, fatigue, panic sweating, poor sleep, etc., often because organ tissues are attacked by toxins, the body’s immune system is repairing.

● After Yang Kang, you should also pay attention to rest for about two weeks. Do not have violent activities during the period.

● In particular, after Yang Kang, if an inexplicable heart rate accelerates, the heart rate reaches more than 100 or even 110, and the heartbeat is irregular, and there will be stopping in the middle.It may be a precursor to myocarditis, and you need to go to the hospital to check in time.

A little more news

Healthy years, you need to strengthen attention these five points

The Spring Festival holiday is coming. This year’s Spring Festival is the first Spring Festival since the "Class B tube". The peak period of some local epidemics in the country is partially partially partially with the Spring Festival and the Spring Festival holiday.What should I pay attention to in healthy years?

In this regard, Chang Zhaorui, a researcher at the Defense Office of the China Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said at a press conference held by the State Council ’s joint prevention and control mechanism on January 8 that during the epidemic period of epidemic, healthy years are issues that are concerned about the public.Interesting attention:

The first is to continue to do a good job of personal protection, insist on having hand -washing, wearing masks, constant ventilation, public chopsticks, maintaining social distance, cough etiquette, cleaning and disinfection, etc., even after infection with rehabilitation, personal protection should be done.

The second is to maintain a healthy way of living, reasonable diet, appropriate exercise, and good mentality to improve self -resistance.

The third is to try not to hold as much as possible, do not participate in large -scale family gathering activities, reduce the number of family members and family dinner, shorten the time of dinner, and can also pass blessings through videos and telephone, especially to avoid passing the risk of infection to the elderly at home.

The fourth is those who meet the conditions of vaccination to complete the whole process of vaccination and strengthening immunity as soon as possible to protect the health of themselves and their families.

The fifth is to strengthen health monitoring and pay close attention to the health status of themselves and their families. If symptoms such as fever, dry cough, fatigue, sore throat, etc., or detecting positive, stay as much as possible in the ventilation and relatively independent rooms as much as possible., Minimize the contact with the same residents, pay close attention to the progress of the disease, and seek medical treatment in a timely manner if the condition is added.

Reporter Bu Ye Wanyuhang

Source: Yangguang.com

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