Extremely comment | Female employees have to leave the employment automatically once they are pregnant. Such a company, check it

Polar News commentator Wu Shuangjian

On August 28, the topic of "the company’s request to leave the employment automatically once" was rushed to the first place in the hot search.This time it attracted attention was a promise of "female employees solemnly promised that once they were automatically resigned and the company’s exemption was exempted from the company."Investigating any economic compensation and relevant legal responsibilities of the unit. "Immediately after the media verified the post of the post, it was confirmed that the situation of this commitment was true.(According to Tianmu News on August 28)

According to the Red Star News report, the female employees of the parties claimed that the promise was true, but refused to tell more details because "it has not left the employment and is not convenient for interviews".

This is regrettable.

However, according to the lawyer, if the promise letter violates the true intention of the workers, it is signed by the workers in order to keep their work and be helpless, "in accordance with the provisions of the Labor Contract Law, that is, that is, that is, it is, that is, that is, it is, that is, that is, it is, that is, that is, it is, that is, that is, it is, that is, that is, it is, that is, that is, it is, that is, that is, it is, that is, that is, it is, that is, that is, it is, that is, that is, it is, that is, that is, it is, that is, that is, it is.A invalid clause. "

"This promise is against the true meaning of the workers", it can not be added without the word "if".Why did the female employees post on the Internet and refused to disclose more details. Isn’t it to keep her job?There is no need to question the choice of female employees.Instead, this incident reflects the employment discrimination of some companies’ employees and needs to be handled in accordance with laws and regulations.

From time to time, there are news that in order to avoid the long vacation of women’s fertility, some companies change their ways to inquire about the marriage and fertility status of female job seekers during the recruitment;The company, just thinking about various ways during pregnancy, forcing employees to "voluntarily leave" …

The promise of "pregnancy is automatically resigned" (picture source: Red Star News), which triggers heated discussion,

However, the promise of the female employee’s naked employee is still quite rude, stabbing the public’s eyeballs.I do n’t know if the company does n’t understand the law, or knows that it is illegal, but do n’t you have to coerce the workers?

At present, young people are not willing to have a strong childbirth, and they always have heated discussions.I have to say that women have encountered various discriminations in the workplace in the workplace, which is also one of the reasons for them to take care of them when giving birth.

But it is emphasized that even if the female employee signed this so -called "commitment", it doesn’t matter if you choose not to leave after pregnancy.According to Article 27 of the Women’s Rights Protection Law, no unit shall reduce the salary of female employees due to marriage, pregnancy, maternity leave, breastfeeding, etc.

In other words, if the company forced female employees to automatically resign according to the "commitment letter", it would be illegal.As long as the female employees insist on not leaving, the promise is a waste paper.If you fail to negotiate with the company or a dispute, you may wish to report to the competent department or take legal measures.

The female employees involved are unwilling to disclose who the company is. Although it is regrettable, it is also necessary to see that this company should not have only one female employee.If other female employees face such dilemma, they can report to the labor supervision department to safeguard their rights and interests.Because there is no job, what are you afraid of losing?

In addition, in response to the concerns of the workers who lost their jobs after the report, the relevant departments should also want to find a way to see how to protect the privacy of the reporters, so as not to expose them to the company’s blow retaliation.In addition, in view of the high attention of public opinion, after seeing this "commitment", the relevant departments may wish to understand the relevant situation in private, resolve the doubts in the heart of the post, and find a way to check the company.

In any case, the whole society should create a loose environment for women’s fertility, so that they can enjoy the relevant welfare benefits provided by laws and regulations, and can choose from their own wishes to choose to give birth.

(Source: Polar News)

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