Extremely outrageous!The British Navy female soldiers were pregnant after being raped by colleagues.

Recently, a female sailor revealed to the Royal Navy and accused the internal high -level bullies, harassment and sexual harassment of female soldiers inside the Navy, which aroused the attention of many people.

The pseudonym Catherine’s female soldier has now retired. She is one of the female soldiers who participated in the Royal Navy and served at sea with the male soldiers in the 1990s.

Catherine said that when she was serving in maritime warships that year, she was raped by her colleagues violently, which caused her physical trauma that needed medical treatment.

After being raped, she found that she was pregnant and had to report to a high -level male navy official.

The warship was forbidden to fall in love. The officer did not ask how Catherine was pregnant, nor did he notice that there was a rape case.

His next move brought further harm to Catherine–

The officer felt that Catherine was pregnant because of her non -inspection point.

The officer said to her, if she was his daughter, he would feel "very shame."

"When you complain to such people, they will say that you are the person who do the wrong thing, you bring a shame to the navy, you are the person who makes us fame."

"How are you embarrassed to open your mouth and say‘ Wait a minute, you have never asked me if I feel okay; I have never asked how this happened after I had a prohibition of contact rules and sailed for a few weeks at sea. "

"No one asked me,‘ Are you okay? ’They all said‘ Oh my God, see what you did, this is the shame you brought by you. ”

Moreover, the officer also hinted that she need

"He gave me an extra vacation for a few days, and let me go home‘ think about my future ’.”

"He did not use the word" abortion ", but clearly told me that you can arrange an appointment for me next week, and you can return to the boat after a few days."

After some weighing, Catherine did not have an abortion, and she decided to give birth to the child.

Before childbirth, she begged her doctor to perform a caesarean section for her, because she couldn’t bear to let the medical staff see the scars left by the rape to the genitals during childbirth.

Catherine said that she had suffered a series of sexual harassment and sexual assault in the army, raped by violence and pregnancy is only the worst one of them.

Once, a chief walked behind her when she typed a report and pretended to see what she was doing, but took the opportunity to put her genitals on her shoulders.

"What can I say, can I make it big?"

"I can only continue to typing, look forward to him hurry up."

In addition, when Catherine said that when she was still a recruit, the physical instructor "hopes that recruits can provide him with sexual services" in exchange for his help in fitness;

She was harassed and assigned;

I also heard that the male soldiers have discussed that they have to get drunk to have a relationship with women they find ugly.

In order to prevent himself from being raped, Catherine even deliberately made herself fat.

"If I make myself fat and ugly, and it is not attractive, I am unlikely to be attacked? So I have been eating."

(Experience diagram)

The terrible experience of the Navy has caused a major blow to Catherine’s body and mind.

The long -term trauma she has experienced in the army has allowed her to suffer complicated post -trauma post -stimulating obstacles, and now she needs to accept psychological counseling.

She acknowledged that many people around me did not know that she had a period of being raped to get pregnant.

Before, she had never reported to the army that rape case.

The reason is that she is worried that her career will be affected, and the other is that she may be regarded by her superior officer as "troublemaker".

"If you want your career, you have to endure and shut up, which makes me very bad."

After reading Catherine’s allegations, netizens expressed their anger.

If half of the content is true, it is terrible.

The officer who gives this proposal should be fired.

Interestingly, when someone proposes to let women and men serve together on the warship, the opponents will use "such things" to talk about things.

The army is a shame.

Netizens replied: Some people in the army are shame.

Some laws may have changed to protect women, but unfortunately, some men’s attitudes will never change.

In fact, this is not the first time that the Royal Navy has been reported,

Just last month, some people reported their internal unfriendly behaviors to female officers and soldiers within the submarine forces.

One of the reporters is that Sophie Brook, 30, is an outstanding female soldier who has created history in her career.

She is the first submarine female officer and is expected to become the first female submarine chief, mainly serving on the avant -garde strategic nuclear submarine.

Even if he became an officer, Sophie said that "there is no place for women in the submarine",

Because this male -led place does not provide a safe environment for women.

(Sophie Brook)

These breaking news also made Catherine’s experience more credible.

Her experience has finally attracted the attention of the navy and the government.

Ben Key, the Minister of Marine and Chief of Staff, said that Catherine’s experience made him feel uneasy, and the Navy had launched an investigation.

"These allegations are angry."

"Sexual assault and sexual harassment will not be tolerated in the Royal Navy."

"I have instructed my senior team to investigate these allegations thoroughly, and find that anyone who is guilty must be responsible for their actions, no matter what their rank or status."

(Ben Kii)

Ben Wallace, the Minister of Defense, also stated: "I’m serious about solving this problem."

He said that the army is establishing a new serious criminal department that allows the bad behavior of the officers to link with their career.

Taking fast administrative measures when needed, replace personnel, and ensure that the Royal Prosecutor’s Office or forces procuratorial organs have more stringent review channels.

(Ben Wallace)

A spokesman for the Ministry of National Defense responded to the Catherine incident, and also said he would treat the complaint seriously.

He said that this summer, the Navy has launched a zero -tolerance policy that can dismiss any person who performs sexual crimes or perform unacceptable sexual behavior.

They will continue to improve the reporting mechanism to make the reporters more secure and take action on allegations.

They will ensure that unrelated personnel have handled complaints about bullying, harassment or discrimination.

"We have confirmed that the independent investigation team led by a senior female officer has begun to thoroughly investigate the recent allegations of the Royal Navy’s internal incidents and will get a report soon."

(Experience diagram)

Catherine has been hurt and ignored many times, and she was disappointed many times.

I hope this time, she will not be disappointed again …

Source: Those things in the UK

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