Eyebrows, the facial features are high.

No pair of good eyebrows,

Don’t take care of it yet, think about how much you are!

A woman is his eyebrow

Because a eyebrow can show her temperament

Is it Xiaoxin or more literary or a goddess.

So if a person has no eyebrows,

Then no matter how beautiful she grows,

Even if it is hot, the heavenly sky puts the bangs cover the death,

Or wear a hat.

However, there are always some young ladies and sisters who have done a few days before the eyebrows.

Do you want to do it? I don’t know if I do it. The teacher doesn’t know if it is professional

But if you really make a decision, then you have to make the following steps:

Understand your own situation



During pregnancy and physiological period

Can’t make eyebrows;

Allergies should learn more about the product details;

Consider the scar constitutional constitution

After all, you have no eligibility for eyebrows after eyebrows.

When there are semi -permanent eyebrows hanging on the streets and alleys

You still have to polish your eyes

View the business qualifications of the organization

Check whether the institution has the qualification certificate of the eyebrow project

Even if you are introduced by a friend, don’t be afraid to offend people

After all, it’s a "face" thing

It’s always right to know more.

The price of eyebrows is usually first considered the following factors

Tattoos quotation in one hour+operation difficulty+product value

The degree of professionalism of tattoo artists is proportional to her quotation

998 All -inclusive and tens of thousands of levels are definitely not a level

It’s not that you pursue the most expensive

But be sure to guarantee

Without ability, as long as the best

First of all

Secondly, pay attention to the collection of the tattoo artist’s work may be publicly available

It’s best to see the eyebrows made by a friend on the tattoo artist first

You can also let the tattoo artist draw a few more eyebrows to see the effect

Focus on eyebrows

TIPS: There is also a criterion for judgment. When you look at the eyebrows made by the tattoo artist, when you bow your head, the eyebrows of the tattoo are rising upwards, and the methods are sparse; the whole eyebrows are still complete, skilled, and trust.

Eyebrows have a great impact on people’s image

You can adjust the eyebrows and eyebrows according to your own face

Especially the end of the eyebrow, be sure to make up

If you don’t know your eyebrows

The standard eyebrow -shaped painting method introduced by the teacher

Come as a reference

After the eyebrows are formed

Do not contact hot water and steam, such as swimming, sauna, and soaking in hot springs

After the skin recovery

The color of the eyebrows will gradually return to the color that starts to choose

Ordinary eyebrow color can be maintained for 2-3 years

Personal metabolism is different, and the length of maintenance time is different

Eyebrows have a great impact on a person’s face value and even temperament.Many people have poor makeup skills because of the "hand disabled party", and they can’t draw a pair of eyebrows that complement each other.

If you have such troubles, you can learn about the School of Aesthetic Education.

Make eyebrows and lips, look for art!

Beauty seekers need to have a certain understanding of the eyebrows. They can communicate with the tattoo artist in a timely manner according to their own situation. In the end, a piece of work that is satisfied with the tattoo artist and the tattoor.College.

I never take the initiative to disturb you

I silently take the beauty to you

I hope you can think of me when you need it.

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