Family Emotional Story "Complete Works".

Mom, I just went to the hospital with your daughter -in -law to check.She can’t get pregnant, I want to divorce her.Don’t worry about your son, you said slowly, making things clear.Xiaoyue and I have been married for 3 years and have been unable to conceive.The original problem is here. What is the problem?You make your words clearly.What does the doctor say?

Today I took Xiaoyue to the hospital for examination, and the results of the inspection came out.The doctor said that Xiaoyue’s uterus was a problem.Son, what is the problem with Xiaoyue’s uterus?is it so serious?Why can’t there be children?

I can’t tell what happened to this disease.But what does the answer given by the doctor: It is more difficult to want a child, what does it mean to be more difficult?You are about to die.It is difficult to mean that the chance of pregnancy is very small, but it is also possible to get pregnant.

At this time, you must not complain about Xiaoyue, you have to comfort him.You have to tell Xiaoyue not to take care of it, don’t take too much attention, adjust your mentality.Didn’t the doctor say too?It’s just that the probability of pregnancy is relatively low, not unable to get pregnant.

Son, you have to listen to your mother, don’t put too much pressure on Xiaoyue.do you know?This kind of thing brings to women very much.If you want a child, you ca n’t rush, and you are kind.What are you afraid of now?Mom, if we can’t be pregnant in the future, then our old Wang family will break the incense.What else can I do if no one can be pregnant?No, children may not be bad.Many families do not have children, do n’t they still live happily?

Mom, if Xiaoyue couldn’t get pregnant, he would divorce him. Finding a hen who did not get eggs would really be unacceptable.

Son, how can you say such a mix?You have been together with Xiaoyue in the past few years, but I can see that Xiaoyue is a true heart to you. Do you know how good he is?You can also say the exit of this kind of ruthless words.

Son, you must not have such an idea. If you do n’t want to be your life, it means that you have no fate with your children. Mom, you and my dad have always been looking forward to holding his grandson. If he ca n’t give birth to the child, how can you hold the grandson?IntersectionSpeaking of my generation, we can’t break our Guo family’s roots.If I break the incense, how can I be worthy of my ancestors?My dad and I want to hold my grandson. This is the idea of every old man, but we have to look at fate, and we can’t be anxious.

My son and mother will tell you today that if Xiaoyue really can’t get pregnant, you can’t do extraordinary things, you can’t have his thoughts, let alone badness to him.Being a person must have conscience, and our family is happy and happy together, healthy and healthy, this is the greatest happiness.You must remember that at this time women are the most vulnerable, and you have to pay more attention to her multi -body stickers.She couldn’t get the child’s biggest blow to her.She wants a child to feel much larger than you. Don’t talk about her about pregnancy, let alone stimulate her.My dad and I are older, and I haven’t experienced anything. You don’t have to consider me and your dad.In this era, we have already wanted to open it. I have no children and your dad.Our old couples can travel through their hearts, and we can jump in the square dance every day.If this really has a grandson, how can we be so leisurely.You have to remember your mother’s words, no matter what Xiao Yue is, you must take care of her more care.

If there are no children, what should we do in the future, I see other people holding the little baby, but I don’t have it myself.The son has to think about each other.Now if you are sick, it will cause Xiaoyue to get pregnant.Your mother -in -law forced Xiaoyue to divorce you.What do you think now, what do you feel like?Xiaoyue is so good to you, she has paid so much for you, you can’t make her chill because of these things.Being a person must have conscience, and you must not be too selfish.Mom, you don’t want children, but I especially want it.Anyway, Xiaoyue must conceive a child.I have always wanted to be a dad.This has been married for more than 3 years, and I don’t know when I can make me realize my wish.

My son I understand your mood.Mom and dad don’t want a grandson, but really need to see fate.You can’t do something well for Xiaoyue because you want a child.If Xiaoyue can be pregnant, then you are happy.If you can’t get a big deal, you will adopt one.I do n’t do the children who adopt someone else. I have to have my own biological and flesh. I do n’t have kindness to raise children for others. Besides, it is very difficult to adopt children. I do n’t want to find that trouble.Now Xiaoyue does not have the opportunity to get pregnant, then you should not give up.What I said is that there is really no way to adopt it. I don’t want to tell you. I have an idea for this matter. Don’t blend it anymore.Three months later, you think you have been looking for more than three months now. Is there any movement in your belly? Do you have any particular wanting to eat?Husband you asked me every day for three months, and every time you make it particularly mysterious, what do you want to do?

Then I tell you now that I have no response now, neither I want to eat, nor any symptoms of pregnancy.If our wife, we will go to the hospital to check it. In case we do not know or let the doctor check again, and see what a good way.

My husband, I told you that I don’t need to go. I know my own body. If I am pregnant, I will definitely know. You will not really get pregnant. Just to make you pregnant, how much effort, how can you do it?Let you be pregnant.My husband, I know that you especially want to be a dad. I want a child of my own, but can I be pregnant, nor is it my decision, nor is you decided.The doctor told us that we can’t smoke or drink, and we cannot eat spicy, so that we can increase the probability of pregnancy.

But you go out to drink every day, and the big fish and meat eats the sea, which reduces the probability of pregnancy.Can you restrain your husband, so that we are possible.You really believe that the doctor said these words, if you don’t smoke or drink, you can conceive your child.There are so many infertility men have gospel long ago. Husband, you must listen to the doctor and say that our situation is different. If you really want to have your own children early, you quickly quit all the bad habits of these smoking and drinking.Why are you talking so well now? You have to figure it out now. It is you instead of me who can’t get pregnant. Don’t want to shirk responsibility.These words you said really made me a little sad, do I don’t want to have my own children earlier?I said these words to let you quit smoking and drinking, not all for your good.What is the significance of your temper for me now?You have to let me quit alcohol and smoking. You know that I don’t have any hobbies. Only these two hobbies. What is your heart? Then I will clearly tell you now and want me to quit the fundamental.Impossible, you are a hen who is not egg.If it weren’t for your problem, I would have been a dad long ago, and you still licked your face now and say that you should be shameless, I understand that you are now disliked me.A few months ago from the hospital, your attitude changed to me 360 degrees to me. If you want to divorce now, then tell me directly, there is no need to treat me like this, and I will live well without you.Now as long as I move it out in a word, you can do it yourself. I don’t mean that. I won’t come back tonight. You can make it clear now. If you don’t say it todayGo out directly.

Jiang Shui’s wife shouted behind, her husband did not go home for a week, and his wife couldn’t find her mother -in -law.Mom, I want to tell you something. You said what happened to Xiaoyue, Guo Tao hasn’t returned home for a week. Did you quarrel?Mom, I can’t go through now, I may be divorced. In the future, you will take care of your body, and I will not be filial to you anymore.Why is the daughter -in -law?Don’t think about it like this, is Guo Tao’s bastard bullying you.If this is the case, I will give you the master, and my mother is angry for you.A week ago, we quarreled, and he left the door and left. Now it hasn’t been going home for 8 days. I don’t want to live in such a day, and we don’t want to drag him.What is the reason for you and mom?The main reason is that he suspects that I can’t have children.The doctor instructed him to not do it at all, and he couldn’t help but condition him. He blamed all his responsibilities on me.He also said that I was a hen who couldn’t get eggs.I admit that my body is problematic, but he must also cooperate with it, so we may have children.I said a few words to let him cooperate with the doctor and let him quit smoking and alcohol, and he was angry.The daughter -in -law is just a little bit like this. You give it to my mother to get angry. You tell me where he is, I go to him, I do n’t know where he is, it ’s okay.I know he was uncomfortable.In recent years, I have always wanted a child, but I have not been angry, and I don’t blame him in my heart.Mom, I am especially thank you.Over the years like my biological daughter, I am very lucky to meet your good mother -in -law like you.This is my blessing.If Guo Tao and I divorce, what I am most reluctant is you. Who can give you Guo Jia Chuanzong to take birth of a child and have a child.I owe you, I just hope that you and my dad will protect your body.The daughter -in -law is not so serious. Don’t think too much. I will solve this matter for you.If you marry our house now, you will always be the old Guo family.No matter what happens, your mother stands on your side, and you live with your life with peace of mind.I can clean up this bastard.Mom, know that this is not blame you, this bastard is really owed, you see how I clean up him.

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