Fan Bingbing clarified that he did not get pregnant, the nature of coconut food did not change, and the mother was delicately dressed like a lady

To say that the various red carpet ceremony has come back and forth recently, watching the scenes of the actresses fighting gorgeous, I always feel that there is no such thing as Fan Bingbing’s red carpet. After all, Fan Bingbing was basically called king when he came out!But recently her news has a lot of news. She is obviously busy working abroad. Unexpectedly, she just returned to her belly again ~

The reason is that this airport is taken. You can see that Fan Bingbing is wearing a black clothes and appears in the inside. It is a white round neck T -shirt. A long hair is scattered with a small yellow hat!However, her raised stomach grabbed the mirror too much. Many netizens said that this round and bulging belly was pregnant?

Then the studio responded, where is this pregnancy, just eat too much abroad!But having said that, Fan Bingbing, the former Fan Bingbing, has always been a representative of the micro -fat world.

It may be that he was in a good mood after clarifying. Fan Bingbing’s picture with his mother’s shopping in the supermarket was photographed by netizens again!You can see Fan Bingbing wearing a long silver down jacket, and the mother next to him is pink clothing. The two seem to stand in front of a cold cabinet. Ms. Fan, do you plan to continue eating?

Later, I saw Fan Bingbing’s true capacity at the checkout. It is not difficult to see that Fan Bingbing’s status was still very good on that day. The fair skin does not require heavy makeup and it is very attractive.Silver down jacket, warm -keeping work is in place ~

Fan Bingbing’s mother who accompanied together, although it is just a back, it is not difficult to see that Mother Fan’s temperament is very good. First of all, the waistboard is very straight. When she is young, she puts a pink printed jacket and tied a light pink color.There is a kind of lady fan, which is difficult to ignore!

Although Fan Bingbing was wearing a simple star temperament, it was still very conspicuous.It’s just a vision. Fan Bingbing’s big white skin with black long straight is completely the goddess. The appearance is gorgeous, and the simple black long straight makes her a little more immortal ~

but!The point is not immortal, but in her movement ~ Mother Fan is still checking out, she holds coconuts and starts to enjoy. She really does not forget her food.Little eyes glanced at the side, and it was full of little girls by my mother ~ I just think about your hot search a few days ago, can you still eat it with peace of mind?

Sure enough, I was anxious to see her eating and eating again. Fans also said that there was no way. The comments said that Sister Bing should not eat anymore.Eat, it is estimated that fans have broken their hearts ~

Although I have been eating, I also got a hot search because of eating fat, but I have to say that Fan Bingbing was a lot thinner than before!This time, there was no positive photo of Fan’s mother, and I also deliberately found a photo of her mother and daughter. Fan Bingbing’s white stitching coat with a booty was a lot of slim. Fan Fan wore a rainbow scarf to maintain very well, just like the sisters spent ~

However, there is one to say that Fan Bingbing feels the value of the face after weight loss. She used to be a slightly fat world. Now look at her activity photos, the skirt is boldly worn, and her calves are thin into a bamboo pole.Eat it!It’s just that as a female star is still thinner, but also self -discipline, but don’t eat it anymore ~

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