Faye Wong appeared at the airport, wearing a loose and small abdomen, was suspected of pregnancy, and her boyfriend Nicholas Tse was not accompanied

On April 19, Faye Wong and the staff appeared at the airport. In the photos of the flowing photos, Faye Wong and the staff had just walked out of the airport ferry car. After getting off the bus, the staff was responsible for looking at the luggage. Faye Wong only carried a messenger bag lightly in the battlefield. The whole person looked likeLoose and casual.

As in the past, Faye Wong’s dresses are loose and comfortable, and she emits a natural temperament that is not deliberately. However, because the clothes are too hypertrophic, she can’t highlight Faye Wong’s figure. She also looks a little blessed.

Because the temperature rose sharply recently, Faye Wong hung the windbreaker on his body and lifted his inside sleeves high, almost exposing his elbow position. Perhaps because the clothes were worn were all Oversize, Faye Wong’s overall dress looked slightly bloated that day, which was slightly bloated.From a certain angle, the goddess’s abdomen seemed to have obvious signs of bulging, which was suspected of being happy in the belly by many netizens.

In addition, many netizens found that as early as a few days ago, Faye Wong also appeared at the airport wearing the same suit.Ten days ago, some netizens met Faye Wong in Paris. On the same day, Wang Fei was also wearing this trench coat. It was the so -called trench coat to go to the world. It can be seen that Faye Wong has low -key diligence and thrift, and does not pay too much attention to his image.

After the research of netizens, I learned that the trench coat worn by the goddess was less than 1,000 yuan. On the day of the encounter by netizens, Faye Wong also took a yellow texture bag worth less than 30 yuan, but the stationery bags that could be seen everywhere were taken by the goddess in their hands., I also feel a bit of a high luxury brand.

In addition, Faye Wong was also picked up by netizens. The shark clip was also extremely cheap, with a minimum price of only 11 yuan, but these seemingly affordable objects did not make Faye Wong look at the price, but made it a little more affinity.

It is reported that a few days ago, Faye Wong and his daughter Li Yan traveled together in Paris. Recently, Faye Wong has ended the journey and returned to China. It was also being encountered by netizens when returning to China. From the dynamics released by netizens, Faye Wong is quite good.It can be described as immortal and beautiful, even if there is no blessing of exquisite makeup and gorgeous dress, I am still particularly eye -catching in the crowd.

I want to come to this time that she is suspected of being pregnant by netizens. It should be an oolong. After all, Faye Wong is 53 years old. It is unlikely that this age will continue to chase three babies. As for the scene of being suspected of bulging in the lower abdomen, it should only be the problem of shooting angle.

Since Faye Wong and Nicholas Tse reunited, the relationship between the two has always attracted much attention from the outside world. Not long ago, the two people who have been quite low -key have been showing sweets for a long time.From the perspective of Faye Wong’s vibrant state, she can also see that she is always immersed in a happy and moisturizing life at present, living a leisurely and comfortable life.

I want to come around for many years, transforming and growing in their respective marriage life, so as to deepen the value and significance of true love. I believe that the two can cherish the loss of this period of time and work together with their lives.

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