Female patients were nausea and vomiting for 4 months, but it turned out to be spleen and stomach?Experts do this, solve a month

Ms. Hu, 42, had been nausea and vomiting for 4 months. She didn’t take it seriously at first. Later, she thought she was pregnant. She did B -ultrasound.

As soon as an examination found that it was chronic cholecystitis, the anti -inflammatory disappeared for more than ten days, but it did not disappear, but it became heavier!

Tell me, this is not something that can be solved by anti -inflammatory!

It’s purely delaying the condition!

Seeing that I couldn’t help it, I immediately threw the hot potato to me!

Throw it to me and throw it to me. This is not a hot potato. This patient is very cured!

She is sore under the right threatening, leaving her right shoulder pain. If she eats too much or eats too much greasy food, she will aggravate the symptoms, snoring, nausea, want to vomit, and dry mouth!

Pulse string, red tongue, thin yellow tongue coating!

This is obviously stagnation of liver and gallbladder, stagnation of hepatic and stomach!

The root of the disease is still on the liver and gallbladder!

Treatment is to spar the liver and stomach, just relieve pain!

Prescription: Xiao Chaihu Decoction!

Groups: Bupleurum, Pinellia, Ginger, Yanhu, Scutellaria Blast, Tulip, Raw Rhubarb, Licorice, Money Cao, Bai Zhi, Salvia!

I took a total of 20 days of medicine, and asked her to review the B -ultrasound.

Looking at Ms. Hu’s symptoms seems to be a stomach problem, but after examination, it is said to be inflammation. This is not the root cause of the disease!

She has a detail that she ignores!

Every time she becomes sick or more serious because she is in a bad mood, she eats a lot when she is in a bad mood. She thinks that the stomach is uncomfortable because of eating too much!

It’s not at all!

The root cause is in this mood!

Lochne is closely linked to the liver, and emotional discomfort will lead to liver stagnation and qi stagnation. The liver qi should have gone up and down. As a result, it suddenly does not leave. It is like a parking on the road illegally. As soon as the liver qi stops, the stomach qi will be unhappy.Either press the horn crazy or hit the car directly!

Therefore, Ms. Hu always feels like vomiting, hiccups, full of chest, upset, bitter mouth, dry mouth!

So why is it cholecystitis?

Because of the liver and gallbladder, something happened to the liver directly affects the boldness!

Therefore, Ms. Hu whether it is uncomfortable in the stomach or cholecystitis to cover the liver!

If you can’t directly cut the root of the disease, of course, this disease will not cure!

Xiao Chaihu Soup is the representative of the liver and stomach.

Fang Zhongchaohu Bidi, entered the liver and gallbladder meridian, can reconcile the surface, sparse liver and yang, diarrhea and stagnant liver qi, and drive the yang of the stomach to the upward, it is a direct cut!

The bitter cold of Huangpi, the effect of clearing her diarrhea can still be significant. Isn’t Ms. Hu commit the stomach of the liver and gallbladder, and the liver fire is inflamed, resulting in dry mouth and bitterness.

Banxia, ginger, and stomach fall back, stop vomiting. In addition, ginger just makes Pinellia’s toxicity. These two compatibility are just right!

The sentiment easily affects the stagnation of the liver qi, indicating that the qi is deficient, so that the external evil can take advantage of the opportunity to use licorice and Danshen to righteousness to eliminate evil, nourish qi and spleen, and prevent evil qi from commit crimes again!

Bai Yan, flat liver pain, at this time, the liver is like a battle, so you must clean up the battlefield and soothe the liver qi to avoid the fire in the backyard;

Money grass, clearing heat and dissolving, evacuating traffic, cooling, and exhausting heat with water and fluids!

Born rhubarb, diarrhea, heat laxative, cooling blood detoxifying; tulips, clearing the heart and relieving depression, boldness; extending Husso, relieving qi and relieving pain!

The medicine is compatible, and the liver and gallbladder and the stomach are considered!

Ms. Hu is naturally good, and does not leave the root cause!

Reminder: I have never been afraid of trouble, I am afraid that there is no effect, so I will add or subtract many times. I can adjust it for everyone, but I will not give the general dose!

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