I ask, some men really do n’t have to be shameful.One problem is about the issue of fertility. I think fertility.What does the fertility of men belong to?That is, how much you can have a child, where to give birth, when, when, and how much time to give birth to a child, this is your fertility.

Women’s fertility means that when a woman is pregnant or does not want to give birth, it is their own problem if they want to have a birth. This is his right, and this is his right.Whether he wants to give birth is his question.If you want a child, you want to have a child and find a girl who is willing to accept and give you a child. If you do n’t want to give birth, you can find someone who can accept the child. It is very simple.But the classification is really dark.

There was a comment that it was the right to tell us to respect women and not be born.Below there are two men who call someone to force you to give birth?Another man said that he was privacy. How could he just slap him directly? Why not?This is legal knowledge, and I can’t get used to this kind of person saying this kind of words below, really the atmosphere on the Internet now.It makes people feel that there is such a person who exists, so I will show you what he says, really.

Anyone who has normal thoughts will not have this idea, and feel that every life is given to a country to be safely assured.And although China used to be a feudal society before, because the feudal society in China is too long, so many men now think that women’s social status is lower than their boys.

Women are a commodity, and they can, even feel that he has nothing to use when the struggle comes. He can be used as a product to buy and sell between men.I don’t understand why others have such thoughts.

Why do you think there are so many girls in China in China?There is a part of the reason that this is very large. Isn’t it the problem that is not your own problem?Because of this society, some boys are really big.From such a simple problem, the right to give birth to a child can be seen.

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