Fetal dream, fetal dream, too accurate, come and verify!

From pregnancy to now, I have dreamed of giving birth to a boy more than once, and every dream is very real, clear, you can remember that the first time you use your fetal heart to listen to the fetal heart and you can see the data displayed on the fetusThe baby’s dynamics, like Siwei, just want to see if a boy or a girl, the baby can’t see it with his legs, I can’t see it. I saw it with something and saw a very obvious chick. The second time I dreamed that I had a doctor and wrapped it outWe asked the boy and girl doctor to touch it. Then I remember that I was going to touch me. Dabao was only two -year -old and more hand stretched in. Then we asked what she said.Taozi refers to the baby’s egg!] This time I dreamed that I dreamed twice a night. The boy was very clear for the first time for the first time. I just forgot that the boy was the first time that the baby was moved by the baby. My husband was observing.When it was transparent, I saw the baby in it again clearly and saw the chick with a beautiful chicken. Then I told my husband that I saw the chicks. My husband said, I pointed to him and then held the lights.According to the stomach, the baby saw the light and real movement, and I gave birth to a very cute and cute baby with a very beautiful eye. The big eyes are very beautiful.EssenceAnother time I dreamed of grapes and my family went to the hospital for a medical examination.What is the strange thing about four dimensions should not be a four -dimensional labyrinth in the hospital that is very remote in the dream. The maze who has been around for a long time has arrived. It is found that it is a small farm and entered a family in the house.Waiting for four dimensions, I see too many people, then go to the yard and wait for her yard to have a grape grown with a lot of grapes, green and purple.My aunt, I took the grapes to eat my own, and I took a big and purple grape that seemed to be two. I ate this one and woke up in the morning.Good proof that the pregnant mother is pregnant with a boy, otherwise it may be a little messy. Hahaha Baoma, do you have a clear dream?

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