Fetal dreams suggest that the baby is "gender"?Especially animals?Listen to what the obstetrician says

After small money, I often dream when I go to bed at night. For example, I often dream of various animals, snakes, turtles, kittens and puppies … all kinds of animals are countless.Every morning, my mother -in -law will ask what Xiao Qian dreams of dreaming at night, because the mother -in -law thinks that the dream animals are inextricably related to the sex of the baby in the belly, but the little money dreams of so many animals, and she is confused, and her mother -in -law is even more.I am in a circle, I don’t know how to analyze it.Is it that every pregnant woman will have a lot of dreams about animals?Does the dream I have done during pregnancy really have to do with the gender of my baby?Let’s take a look at Bao Ma’s sharing.

@:: When I dreamed that when I was passing by the road, there was a garden on the side. There was a white little rabbit in it. The little rabbit was playing there.I think the little rabbit is very cute. It seems that I was calling me to play with her. I passed. I didn’t expect that the daughter was born. It seems that the birth dream is really a sign.Later, when I gave birth to a second child, I had another birth dream. This time I dreamed of a eagle, and it was more fierce. I woke up. Thinking of the birth dream when I was born, I felt this time.It should be a kid.Sure enough, it was a kid when it was produced, and it was very naughty when he grew up.

@: It’s strange to say that I didn’t have a baby dream. My sister helped me make it.She dreamed that I had a cruise with her, but a snake appeared and kept entangled in me.Later, my sister asked me if I was pregnant. At that time, I felt very funny. The pregnancy test stick was really pregnant the next day, and I often dreamed of a black snake during pregnancy.During, many people say that this is a representative of the boy, but the boy who really gave birth to it, did not know whether the whole speculation was really false.

@: Dabao dreams of the little deer, Erbao dreams of a little white goose, all girls. Later, I dreamed that the two big daughters followed me behind, rushed to me, and there was a beautiful white peacock and a beautiful white peacock and a beautiful white peacock and a beautiful white peacock.A little boy, he also talked to me, called my mother directly, I was scared at the time, and would not have a child again. The next day was pregnant … In the end, our family decided to give birth to him.After giving birth, I found that it was a male baby. It seems that the baby dream still has a certain reference.

In this regard, obstetricians said that dreaming is a normal response of everyone. Most of these dreams are a psychological suggestion of pregnant women, a reaction of subconsciousness, or a emotional response of pregnant mothers in recent times.Pregnant mothers should not see how mysterious fetal dreams can be seen, and they can have a certain psychological reference, but there is no scientific basis. After all, there is a 50%chance of giving birth to boys and women. What if they guess?

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