Fetal stop is not a "no sign of signs". The five special performances of pregnant mothers may be that the fetus is asking for help

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The fetal stop pregnancy can be said to be the most terrible nightmare of all pregnant mothers. The little life he has worked hard, and before he had time to meet himself, he was forcibly pushed down his life stop key.Any mother will feel distressed.

However, in fact, the emergence of fetal stopping is not unprecedented. In the process of development, fetal treasures often have some special signals. This signal pregnant mother must know how to distinguish it, and maybe the baby is asking for help.

In short, it is simply the phenomenon of stopping the fetus.It often appears in a form that pregnant mothers have not felt, and even until the hospital’s examination did not realize that the fetal treasure had lost signs of growth.

It is because fetal stopping is often not easy to find that Baoma is often attentive, fearing that she will accidentally cause the baby to danger.But in fact, fetal stopping is not a sign. Generally speaking, if the pregnant mother has the following special phenomena, it is likely that the fetal treasure is asking for help.

Performance 1: The disappearance of pregnancy reactions disappear

In the early pregnancy, many mothers had early pregnancy reactions such as vomiting, nausea, reduced appetite, and breast tenderness. Many mothers thought about these annoying pregnancy reactions to disappear quickly.

In fact, the fetus stops developing in the early stages of pregnancy, and the reaction during pregnancy will completely disappear. Once this situation is encountered, the pregnant mother should not be happy, but it should be highly vigilant.

Performance two: abdominal pain and lower body bleeding

During pregnancy, any abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding must be paid attention to.

When the fetus stops developing, the embryo will fall off from the endometrium. With the stopping of the fetus, the pregnant mother’s lower body will also flow dark red or brown blood, and some people will have abdominal pain reactions.

Performance three: lower body odor

Pregnant mothers should pay attention to their physical condition, and when the odor of the lower body and the discharge of the underwear, it must attract particular attention.Be careful to get a thousand years of boats. These subtle signs are likely to be the help signal from the baby when the baby is struggling on the edge of life and death.

Performance 4: Check the fetal heart without fetal buds

The first B -ultrasound examination should be arranged for more than two months of pregnancy. At this time, the B -ultrasound can detect the baby’s fetal buds and fetal hearts.If you are pregnant for two or even three months, there is still no presence of fetal buds and fetal hearts.

This shows that the baby’s development has a big problem, which is likely to be a terrible fetal stop.

Performance 5: Early pregnancy test strips are negative

If the pregnancy test is negative in the early pregnancy, the pregnant mother must be prepared for psychological preparation. Generally, this is caused by the decline in the HCG value in the body.If a decrease in before, it needs to be checked in time.

● Older women

As we all know, in medicine, once women exceed 35 years old, they will be identified as elderly women. The difficulty of fertility and risk coefficient will rise straight, and their physical fitness and egg quality have also declined significantly.Therefore, in the process of embryonic development, it is more likely to have abnormal phenomena, resulting in tires.

● Pregnant mothers with poor living habits

Nowadays, many young Bao Da Bao Mom, living habits are unhealthy, usually staying up late, do not like sports, over -consumption of spicy stimulating heavy taste food and overeating, which will cause physical fitnessGetting off, which greatly increases the occurrence of tires.

● Pregnant mothers with environmental problems

The environment that expectant mothers are in are also the incentives for fetal stopping.

For example: environmental pollution and long -term contact with toxic and harmful chemicals.They all affect the normal development of the embryo and increase the risk of fetal stopping.

✔ Life must be regular

Except for uncontrollable genetic problems and avoid the fundamental method of stopping fetal stopping, it is to create a healthy living state.

Baoma should pay attention to developing regular work and rest habits, especially during pregnancy and pregnancy, to persist in exercise, change bad living habits, quit smoke and alcohol, and pay attention to comprehensive nutritional intake.

✔ Keep a good mentality

During pregnancy, the health of expectant mothers and fetal treasures has nothing to do with a good mentality.During a special period, expectant mothers should learn to relax moderately, and think in a good direction when they encounter unhappy things. If they are in huge mental pressure for a long time, the risk of fetal stopping will increase.

✔ ✔ fertility

Finally, tell all women to try not to drag the age of fertility to too late. Choose to give birth to age. It is best not to miss the golden fertility period.The older the age, the higher the risk of fertility.If conditions permit, solve the major problems of the next generation as soon as possible.

During pregnancy, the baby’s life and health are directly related to the baby. As a mother, you must pay enough attention in all aspects. Once your own situation occurs, you should go to the hospital for help in time to avoid the occurrence of fetal stopping.I hope that every baby will come to the mother safely and healthy.

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