Fifteen -year -old girl was sexually assaulted by a 60 -year -old neighbor and cried to the doctor: I really don’t want to be a mother

"I want to be a mother, I really don’t want to be a mother."

This is what a 15 -year -old girl was found to say to the doctor after pregnancy.

Everyone was shocked. She didn’t always go to school. How could she be pregnant?

What did this 15 -year -old girl go through?

In 2006, a family of Lanyang Farm, Hainan Province, a family was eating lunch.

After eating, 15 -year -old girls packed the bowl like usual as usual.Pan Dengfeng sitting next to the table was staring at her back and thinking …

Pan Dengfeng looked at her, and suddenly remembered that it seemed that he hadn’t come to menstruation for a long time.

She thought about it carefully, and it should be more than four months.

She hurriedly called a lot and asked her if she hadn’t come for more than four months?Nodded a lot, she has always been silent.

She asked her body if she felt different?Duoduo shook his head.

When she heard this, she was relieved, only when the young law was not stable.After all, in them, no one takes the little illness and pain.

It really made Pan Dengfeng pay more attention to this problem, from a chat.

After lunch, several women gathered together to pull their families, and Pan Dengfeng accidentally mentioned that there was no menstruation for four months.Most people’s thoughts are the same as her, but a neighbor’s words attracted her attention.

The neighbor said that such problems still have to be paid attention to. She had heard that a girl in her family had not come for a few months. The parents did not care and did not take her to see the doctor. As a result, because it was not treated in time, it was infertile.Essence

Pan Dengfeng thought that this was a big deal. He decided to take a lot of hospitals to take a look the next day.

After going to the hospital, the doctor checked Duoduo, and Pan Dengfeng waited nervously.

The results of the inspection came out, but this report made everyone incredible.

A lot of pregnancy.

I heard this result and cried, and said, "I want to be a mother, I really don’t want to be a mother …"

When Pan Dengfeng heard the doctor’s words, he didn’t believe it. He asked the doctor if it was possible to make a mistake. He was only 15 years old. He went home from school every day. How could you get pregnant?

The doctor said angrily after listening to this: "The test results are very clear. They have been pregnant for a few months. How do you have to take her for so long?"

Pan Dengfeng wanted to say: I am not her mother … but I think it is unnecessary for a while.I just sighed and left.

Pan Dengfeng is not a lot of mother, who is she?

Pan Dengfeng is actually a lot of uncle.

Born in Guangdong Province, his parents are ordinary factory workers.After her birth, although her family was not wealthy, her father’s income was enough.

But what is the most afraid of an ordinary family?It’s sick.

Unfortunately, a lot of families also encountered disease attacks.

After her father was checked, she died unfortunately after she insisted on the bed for a few months.

The savings at home were gone, and a lot of foreign debt was owed. A lot of mothers have not worked at home since they gave birth to their children.Economic pressure made a lot of mothers sigh every day at home.

Of course, all this is still unknown in the puppet.

What she can feel is only the feeling of a familiar mother one day, she has been hungry.

It turned out that a lot of mothers had packed things away and walked away, and there were no news again.

In addition to leaving a child, there is also a note, and the phone on the top is Uncle Duo’s phone …

When the neighbors heard the cry of the child next door, they decided to see it.The door was not locked, and there was only one baby and a note in the room. He called.

The uncle Chen Zai and Pan Dengfeng, who received a lot of calls, rushed from Hainan to Guangzhou from Hainan, and brought Xiao Duoduo to his hometown in Hainan.

Since then, he has lived with his uncle and uncle.

Although Chen Zaiyu’s family is poor, he has never treated a lot of money. If they have it, they will have a lot of them.

Duoduo has always felt that his uncle’s kindness was very excited, and he always helped them work silently and repaid their ability to repay them.

Therefore, after Pan Dengfeng heard a lot of pregnancy, he was shocked and blamed.She felt that she had not regulated a lot.

After calming down, she asked a lot, who was the child’s father.

Duoduo just lowered his head and wept, silent.

When I got home, Chen Zaiyu heard of this, but felt that five thunders bombarded.

Under the excitement, he began to question what is going on?Seeing a lot of no answers, the more he got angry, from the question to the rebuke

There was no way, just said, "I don’t know, don’t ask anymore!" I ran out.

When Pan Dengfeng saw this, he began to blame Chen Zaiyu. When his emotions were stabilized, the two of them had a combination.

Duoduo has always had a good relationship with her aunt. Now she is in a bad mood. She will only feel more disturbing when she stays here. Let her live with her aunt for a while, maybe she can ask what.

I spent about a month at my aunt’s house.During this period, my aunt either comforted it, or persuaded softly, or rationally reasonable.

Under the offensive of her aunt, she finally talked about her encounter.

What made her pregnant is Zhang Laohan in the same village, who has always been called an uncle.

It was a usual day, walking on the way home after school.

When she was about to reach the village entrance, she saw a shaking old man in front, and took a closer look, isn’t it the uncle Zhang in the village!

Out of politeness, she stepped forward to say hello.

Zhang Laohan was drunk, and he heard someone shouting himself. He looked back and recognized that it was Chen Zaiyu’s niece.He responded.

Zhang Laohan moved in his heart, and said to Duoduo, "Come, a lot, Grandpa is drunk and walks, and helps me."

She stepped forward to support Zhang Laohan.

Walking and walking, I found that this is not the direction to Zhang Laohan’s house. I thought he was dizzy and walked the wrong way, so he asked, "Uncle Zhang, isn’t this a way back to your home?"

Zhang Laohan said in a row: "No right, you help me go to a place first, and then I go home again."

Duoduo helped Zhang Laohan to go forward, and found that the more and more remote, it was further far away from the village.

Finally, Zhang Laohan took her to the reservoir outside the village. The reeds around the reservoir were lush, and it was difficult for people to find it here.

Seeing Zhang Laohan holding her, she was young and ignorant, and she didn’t know anything, but she felt that such behavior made her uncomfortable.

She didn’t understand that Zhang Laohan violated her.

She didn’t dare to tell this matter. When she returned home to ask her how she came back so late, she only said that she had played for a while.

I thought it was an accident this time, and this kind of thing would not happen to her in the future.

Unexpectedly, she encountered the same thing on the way home several times after school, and the object was Zhang Laohan.

Duoduo didn’t feel the change of physical changes, but she was just sick, and she didn’t dare to tell her uncle, fearing that it would bother them.

At that time, the information was underdeveloped, and the environment in which many were in information was blocked.She doesn’t know how to make people pregnant, and she doesn’t know what changes in their bodies after pregnancy.

Until four months later, she discovered her abnormalities.

The aunt heard a lot of telling, and was angry, and immediately told Chen Zaiyu the real murderer.

Chen Zaiyu couldn’t believe that Zhang Laohan actually did such a thing.Every time he sees Zhang Laohan, he calls a "brother", and he is still drinking.

Chen Zaiyu didn’t understand that Zhang Laohan was so beastly.

He immediately went to Zhang Laohan’s house with his wife. As soon as he entered the door, he immediately shouted at him: Zhang Laohan, he did not expect you to be so disrespectful, and he usually respects you so much!

When Zhang Laohan saw the incident, he hurriedly lost it. He said that he had drinking too much that day, and then he was stupid. After that, he slapped himself.

Chen Zaiyu was even more angry after listening to this: "You drank too much wine that day, how many times? You just wait for the police to catch you!"

After speaking, Chen Zaiyu took the door out and went straight to the police station.

After returning from the police station, as soon as he entered the house, Zhang Laohan’s wife came with a lot of things.

As soon as he entered the door, he knelt down immediately, and apologized with tears, saying that it was all Zhang Laohan’s belonging to lard.

It is also said that Zhang Laohan has now fully realized the mistake and hopes to get the forgiveness of Chen Zaiyu. Everyone has known each other for so many years, and she wants to come and go with each other in the future.

Subsequently, she took 30,000 yuan from her arms, saying that it was a lot of compensation fees, which asked Chen Zaiyu to collect it.

Thirty thousand yuan was not a small number at that time, but can money buy a girl’s innocence, reputation, and future?It can be said that a lot of life was ruined by Zhang Laohan.

Chen Zaiyu didn’t look at it, and asked Zhang Laohan’s wife to bring everything back. Their family did not accept apology and only accepted the law of Zhang Laohan.

The results of this incident were not made public in the end, but we believe that Zhang Laohan has received the punishment he deserves.

Many times, we teach children to be obedient, sensible, tolerant, and retreat, but too much emphasize these quality, often leads to children’s oversupply.

I didn’t dare to tell the family that I couldn’t bear it silently in my heart.This is not good for their mental health, and it will cause the child to tell the parents what harm.

We must tell our children that if there is something, someone will be brave to resist, and to endure it silently, it will only be harmed.

In addition, parents should also provide sexual education in time in time. Many girls have been violated, but they do not understand the seriousness of the matter, and do not know how to safeguard their rights and interests.

Fortunately, education has been further improved now, and the Internet is more developed. I believe that this event will disappear from society in the future.

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