Financial women announced their pregnancy for 3 days, resigned after maternity leave, and netizens’ comments were worried.

The bosses said that one of the words they were most afraid of hearing was "Reporting the boss, the newly -employed female employee is pregnant."

After reading a news before, Mr. Zhang, the person in charge of a company in Zhejiang, encountered a thing that made him very depressed: "The employee announced his pregnancy for three days when he joined the job, and he had little work during pregnancy.","

Ms. Sun saw the information about the recruitment of accounting by Mr. Zhang’s company at the job fair, and then interviewed and passed smoothly.During the interview, Miss Sun emphasized that she had just come to Ningbo from Guangdong and did not get married. She did not plan to get married in the short term, and then signed a labor contract with the company.(At that time, no interviews could not ask the regulations of the marriage and childbirth of female employees)

However, only three days after the employment, Miss Sun told the supervisor that he was pregnant and had to keep his fetus and rest.During pregnancy, for various reasons, you often ask for leave.The company also paid it, paid social security, and sent people to visit after their birth.Unexpectedly, as soon as maternity leave ended, Miss Sun called to resign.

Mr. Zhang said: "There are many female employees in our company, all aspects of the system are standardized, and they also take care of female employees during pregnancy. However, employees of" hidden pregnancy "like this really hurt us. In more than a year, sheThere are almost no labor value for the company, but the unit must pay the salary and hand in the social security. "

"If she doesn’t know that she is pregnant in advance, we can accept it. Later, I learned that she joined the job on the premise of knowing her pregnancy. I hope to get salary during pregnancy and keep social security." ZhangMr. Mr. said depressed that more people who are pregnant will affect fair treatment during employment.

Abigail, who has been engaged in manpower for more than 3 years, said that if similar situations are encountered, the cost that the company needs to pay for her is 10 months of social security, provident fund units and 3 -month sick leave wages.not worth it.

Generally speaking, people feel difficult to work after pregnancy, because pregnancy may affect physical health.If you are pregnant when you are new, your boss may not like you.Employees are best to have children in the company where they have the longest service, so they will be more decent.

Questions related to such women’s workplace have also triggered a fierce discussion among netizens. Nearly a thousand netizens shared their views:

01 The boss can enjoy the rights, but you must also fulfill your obligations

@: I am a small company of a small company. I recruited a finance at the end of the year, with a monthly salary of 8K.I originally felt that this female colleague was quite reliable, 35 years old, and a boy at home was 10 years old. Who knew that she had a second child when she was pregnant in less than half a year.It is inconvenient to say that taking a car, I have to work at home, although I was a little upset, but I still agreed.

During the period, her salary was still 8K.But after giving birth to a child for almost two months, she hasn’t been at work. It is said that no one will bring it. In recent years, she has to work at home and wait for the child to go to kindergarten.I said that this is not possible. I can only find other finances. She said that it is possible to replace people, but I gave her 143 land leave wages.Now every month, I still have to hit her nearly one -fifth of the profits on her card on time.

@54320517: A subordinate has been here for seven or eight months, and suddenly said that he was six months pregnant.As a supervisor, she talked about her, saying that pregnancy is a good thing and should not hide the company.She said straightforwardly that she didn’t tell me that it was my right, and now she can’t do so much jobs.The next day she did not come to work. Instead, her husband and mother came to the company to make trouble.She has never come again, but the salary requires to take a picture. Until a year after giving birth, all the legal interests have been completed, and a text message resign, and even did not even show it.

@1277779822: Before being a department manager, 4 boys, 7 girls.One year, all seven girls suddenly became pregnant, 2 to 7 months.The work cannot be carried out. Seven expectant mothers, today’s A production inspection, tomorrow B vacation, the day after tomorrow C is uncomfortable … Sitting together will talk about childcare and fetal meridians, and the office is full of women’s and infant supplies.You can only pay some money, persuade them to leave, and do not work well after giving birth to the children.

02 Pregnant mother is helpless

Pregnancy becomes an unavoidable hurdle on the road of women: Binding a company without changing jobs? Mr. Baby jumping again? What should I do if I am resigned after changing my job? What should I do if I can’t afford to get pregnant?

@J-scenery: The new house is just renovated, and there are Dabao. The economic pressure is high. I decided not to resign, and I did not tell anyone that I should work overtime at night.Fortunately, I have been wearing more loose, and I ca n’t hide it until five or six months old.The leader is better. Try not to arrange for me to work overtime. I am very moved, but I still consciously work overtime.

@King1538: I told the boss after the probation period that there are various processing tasks. Fortunately, the baby is healthy every time the birth checkup, and often go back to 7 or 8 in the big belly.The maternity leave has been resting for 4 and a half months, and a total of about 20,000 during the period.After returning, I still worked overtime. I would work while carrying milk and did not dare to get out of work at work. Although everyone was polite, they did not mutter the gossip in the back.Fortunately, my direct supervisor is very nice, and often encourages and speaks of some understanding of me.

@74617887: After the trial period of pregnancy, my husband’s salary is average, I really don’t want to resign. After all, I have a salary at work in 10 months, and there are 3 months of maternity leave. I can reimburse maternity.There is no way, it is impossible to get rid of it when you are pregnant. You can always subsidize your family.After a half -month -old maternity leave, I went to work, and resigned before the supervisor recruited people.

In addition to leaders and pregnant mothers, there is also a person who witnessed miracles. In many years of career career, many incredible incidents have been watched.

@Paul: The school has a cadre insurance research quota. He has worked for two years in the government and the Youth League Committee for two years, and then attended a full -time graduate student.I have a female classmate this way. After joining the job, I got married after two months. I became pregnant soon after marriage. When I had a child after giving birth to maternity leave, the two -year contract period was almost over.All of us students admire how efficient the planning of life planning.

@小 61722157: There is only a car at home in the house, and his daughter -in -law’s head tires. He takes leave for each pregnancy examination.This is the case. Later, the daughter -in -law gave birth to a second child, and there was a problem with the liver function. It took a week to go to the hospital for examination twice a week.The annual miscellaneous and mixed together, he almost asked for half a year leave.

@7445869: Our company recruited a female employee as a dataman. On the first day of the coming, I went to the construction site with me. It was not bad. As a result, the physical examination was found on the third day.Blame, I conspired to tell the doctor that the girl was bad and fired her.The most angry thing is that the girl is honest and thinks that she is not good. She is afraid of affecting the fetus. She seek medical examinations everywhere.

03 Maternity leave policy needs to be implemented

According to the Special Regulations for the Protection of Women’s Workers’ Labor: Performing Workers and Employees Enjoy 98 Days of Materia Medica, of which 15 days can be vacated before delivery; those who are difficult to give birth will increase the maternity leave for 15 days;15 days.Employers must not reduce their wages due to pregnancy, fertility, breastfeeding, dismissal, lift their labor or hire contracts.

But for many women, maternity leave policies either do not exist or incomplete.

A online survey of more than 3,000 participants (women accounted for 80%) of the Southern Metropolis Daily showed that 25.6%of the respondents said that the current unit did not perform paid maternity leave, and 32%said thatYou can only get the bottom salary.

According to the data surveyed by Chinese women’s social status in 2011, women in private and individual employment enjoy the possibility of legal maternity leave, which is 49.2%of state -owned units; female migrant workers can enjoy the possibility of maternity leave in accordance with national regulations, only 21.0 of urban women 21.0%; Wests in the western region can enjoy maternity leave, 42.7%of the Beijing -Tianjin and Shanghai region.

In addition, private and individual employment women can be reimbursed 34.7%of state -owned units during delivery; rural women are 18.8%of women’s household registration women; women in the central region are 33.5%of Beijing -Tianjin and Shanghai women.

The International Labor Organization’s "Planning Guarantee Convention" stipulates that women’s maternity leave should not be less than 14 weeks (98 days). It can be seen that China’s maternity leave is only the bottom line of international standards.In Sweden, maternity leave is 16 months (480 days), and two months must be enjoyed by her husband.In the UK, women can apply for a 52 -week leave, and 90%of the wages can be received in the first 6 weeks.

Of course, there are also maternity leaves in some countries shorter than China, such as South Korea’s maternity leave for 90 days.The "Family and Medical Holiday Law" in the United States stipulates that employers with more than 50 employers must provide up to 12 weeks of maternity leave when employees are pregnant.However, many US companies have the benefits of paid maternity leave. For example, Facebook men and women employees enjoy 16 weeks of maternity leave and $ 4,000 in baby care fees; Google’s paid leave is 18 weeks to 22 weeks.

04 Corporate interests and conflicts of employee rights

In fact, the salary of female employees during the statutory maternity leave of the country was issued by the fertility allowance (borne by the social security agency).Individuals who have participated in maternity insurance shall be paid by the maternity insurance fund to pay employee wages in accordance with the average monthly salary of employees in the previous year; individuals who do not participate in maternity insurance need to pay for enterprises in accordance with the standards of female employees before maternity leave.

In the case of Ningbo, according to the "Zhejiang Provincial Population and Family Planning Regulations", the women’s state statutory vacation (98 days) is full, and enjoy a 30 -day reward leave.However, due to the 30 -day reward leave as a statutory maternity leave, the female employees did not enjoy maternity insurance benefits during the reward leave.

Because employees do not enjoy the fertility insurance benefits during the reward leave, the salary of these 30 days is borne by the enterprise.This has led enterprises to bear the pressure of fake salary, retaining positions, and replenishment, causing conflicts between corporate interests and employee rights.

Li Si Pan, the person in charge of the public welfare agency "New Media Women’s Network", said that from a fair perspective, companies should obtain corresponding policy subsidies or tax exemption according to the number of female employees who used maternity insurance in that year -"Punishment" to the company hiring female employees.

At present, from government and institutions to various enterprises, try not to recruit women as much as possible.Gender discrimination has caused malformations in the employment market: even if the quality of the same employment level is far less than women, men are still the targets of priority.

Even in 2016, in order to ensure that teachers’ written test results were not as good as women, men who were not as good as women could be hired, and implemented a system of "interviews before interviews", and bluntly said to control the gender ratio.

If women’s fertility is the root cause of the gender discrimination of the employment market, the solution is simple -let men also assume the responsibility of raising children.

At present, my country’s labor law does not make clear regulations on male accompanying leave.If the male employees are accompanied by the partner, parenting leave for one to two months, and paying the holiday salary from maternity insurance, the cost gap between the cost of hiring different gender employees can be reduced.Government research in Sweden showed that every time the father took a month, his mother’s future annual income increased by nearly 7%.

保 Source: 51 Social Security Network.

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