Find the "clearance secret" of the child’s mental health

Tomorrow is Children’s Day, I wish the children healthy and happy!

Love children, hurt children, cannot ignore the child’s mental and mental health.A survey report on the first child and adolescent psychiatric epidemic disease in my country released in May 2021 shows that the popularity rate of children and adolescents across the country was 17.5%.Do not let children face mental and psychological problems alone, society and every family should do something.

A rational cultivation and education can bring benefits, and losing rationality will bring harm.In this issue, the "Psychological Workshop" invites experts to analyze specific cases to help more parents recognize their children’s mental and psychological problems as soon as possible, and find the "customs clearance" of children’s mental and mental health.


Why does Zhang Xiaoping always "trouble"

Facing his son who turned over and forth alone, Dad Zhang felt very troublesome.Just one month after school, he had been interviewed 4 times by his son’s class teacher, each time a similar situation: the son was mischievous in the classroom.

Zhang Xiaoping was particularly "fun" when he was in kindergarten. He has always been a "troubled noise" in the eyes of teachers and classmates. He often stood up in the classroom and walked around. It seemed that he couldn’t stop for a moment.If the teacher asked him to punish him at the corner, he would make the wallpaper messy.After going to elementary school, Xiaoping often lost his homework, and sometimes he pushed his classmates for no reason, so that the teacher and Zhang Dad had a headache.

"Isn’t your family Pingping a dynamic disease?" A word from the neighbor reminded Dad Zhang.Therefore, he took his son to the hospital for examination, and as a result, he was diagnosed with a dysfunction (ADHD), which was often called multi -dysfunction.

Investigations at home and abroad have found that the prevalence of ADHD in children and adolescents is 3%to 5%, and boys are more common.Mother’s smoking, drinking, taking drugs or being radiated, and family raising methods may have an impact on the child.

ADHD mainly manifests the three major symptoms of attention, motion and impulse, causing children to learn difficulties, social obstacles and emotional problems, leading to low self -esteem, depression, and attacking children in children.If not treated in time, these problems may continue to adulthood and continue to affect life and social.

Children with adhd at home, parents must do the following:

1. Guide children to develop a regular lifestyle, preset time and content for everything, such as three meals a day, where should the clothes be placed, when to pack the schoolbag, etc., so that the child can clearly knowWhat should I do and how to do it.

2. Cultivate children’s hobbies.In this process, use a positive affirmation to strengthen the child’s self -confidence and self -control ability.

3. Parents first need to maintain a positive attitude, create a harmonious growth environment for their children, and learn how to choose appropriate expectations.

4. Please see a doctor in a regular medical institution and choose the right drug treatment according to the doctor’s order.


How does Xiaohui get more and more irritable

Xiaohui has always been a good student in the eyes of teachers and parents. She has a good temper, mild temperament, enthusiastic, polite, and popular.However, since the end of the second semester of the second semester, he seemed to be decadent, as if he had become a person, anxiety, irritability, and irritability.Xiaohui began to indulge in playing online games, and the conflict with her parents also intensified.On the advice of the teacher, Xiaohui’s mother took him to the psychology department.

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