Five staple foods, the more diabetic patients eat, the more blood sugar will rise, many people may still eat often

At present, according to the World Health Organization survey, the number of diabetes patients has increased by 420 million in the world, of which 114 million are in China.It can be seen that my country can be said to be a veritable diabetes country.Type 2 diabetes is the most common type around us. Such diabetes are mostly caused by genetic and bad living habits.However, even with the development of medical care today, diabetes is still an irreparable illness.

However, when many people in life hear that they suffer from diabetes, they feel like they are sentenced to being sentenced to slowly.However, there is no need to panic.This is because diabetic patients can achieve the quality of life like healthy people through scientific treatment and self -management.

And in the daily diagnosis and treatment of diabetes, doctors often say "hold your mouth and open your legs", which mainly means that diabetic patients should start with diet and exercise to control blood sugar.We know that daily staple foods, such as rice, steamed buns, and noodles, are rich in carbohydrates. These carbohydrates will be digested and decomposed into glucose in the body after eating, and then converted into our blood sugar, which will cause blood sugar value to fluctuate fluctuations.It is not conducive to our control of the condition.So, how do we start from our diet to help control the intake of carbohydrates, thereby maintaining blood sugar stable?

1. White porridge

Because the rice porridge is cooked for longer, the water content is higher, and the starch in the rice is more fully passed down, which is more likely to be decomposed by the starch in the small intestine into glucose, and it is absorbed into the blood, which leads to the blood sugarStepping.If we eat some solid foods before drinking porridge, such as staple foods and green vegetables, this can extend the stay of the porridge in the stomach and then slow down the increase of blood sugar.

2, pancake

Patients with high blood sugar should eat low -fat, low -salt and low sugar diet, but for people who like noodles in the north, the pancakes are very popular, and the lift index of the pancakes is relatively high.Botanical oil or lard with high saturated fatty acids is not conducive to maintaining the stability of diabetic patients.

3. Glutinous rice, rice

The glutinous rice food is soft and sweet, but its blood glucose index can also reach 87.This is because the hot glutinous rice is easy to digest and be absorbed by the body after eating. Therefore, eating glutinous rice can easily lead to increased blood sugar and be unfavorable to controlling diabetic patients.

In addition, the sugar lift index of rice is 83.Although the taste is soft and waxy, it can be matched with many foods, but for patients with diabetes, it is best not to eat it alone. This is likely to stimulate excessive secretion of insulin and cause the disease to be unable to be controlled.

4. Bread

Frequent use of bread in charging will not only increase the risk of obesity, but also lead to nutritional deficiency and cause major health problems, especially for patients with diabetes.This is because in the process of making bread, a small amount of salt, sugar, fat, butter and other condiments will be added.Highness is not conducive to controlling blood sugar with diabetic patients, and harm to the body a lot.

5. Steamed buns, flower rolls

The steamed buns and flowers are made of flour, rich in carbohydrates, and too much carbohydrates can cause blood sugar to rise.For normal people, the islet function is normal. At this time, the blood glucose index will also be in the normal range, and the increase will not be very large.But for patients with diabetes, this may lead to a significant increase in blood sugar.

In summary, although the above five foods are not high in sugar, the sugar lift index is relatively fast. Once diabetic patients are consumed, it will easily affect the stability of blood sugar value, and even induce some vascular complications, which is harmful to health.great.Therefore, if you want to stabilize the blood glucose level in the body, you must adjust your eating habits and take medicine on time to help prevent complications and protect health.

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