Folk story: A peasant woman is pregnant, and dreams of a young Taoist who says that she has 11 years with her

On the Dongting Mountain in Suzhou, there was a Taoist priest’s surname Xu.His parents are all farmers. It is said that on the eve of Xu Zhenren’s birth, his mother dreamed of a handsome Taoist, riding a blue dragon to his door, worshiped under her knees and said:

"I still have something to do with my previous life, I would like to live with my mother for 11 years."

His mother didn’t know what was going on, so he resigned: "We are just small families, and the family is poor. How can we support the monks?"

The Taoist said, "If you come, you will be safe."

After a while, I only heard a dragon chant from the nine days, and the four seas were shocked. His mother was shocked. From the dream, at this time, only a crying sound, a strong baby boyFalling the ground.

This is Xu Zhenren. It is said that when he was born, he was fragrant and strange.

Xu Zhenren has been a handsome lady since he was a child. He has a face like a powder, his eyes, and the lips are red and white.It was just that he had been reckless since he was a child, and he was very naughty. He didn’t like reading.

When he was three years old, his father left the world because of a disease. In order to support his family, his mother asked his elder brother to go to Sichuan to do business with an uncle. This was not back for several years.Mother Xu was very concerned, and she washed her face with tears every day.

One summer of Xu Zhenren’s six years old, he was cooling under the big trees and saw the farmers who walked into the dried fields. The sweat was very hard like rain, so he was playing with a straw to put an adult in a waterwheel.Unexpectedly, although the waterwheel rotated, after a while, the water was filled with water.

Since then, Xu Zhenren has become a prodigy in his village. The neighbors asked him to help him to pour grass to his family.There is a spiritual test.

Although Xu Zhenren was naughty, he was a filial son. He knew that his mother was worried about the elder brother who went out and was in a bad mood. Every night, he sang some small songs in the countryside to listen to his mother and make his mother happy.Occasionally, he would put some grass people on the ground. He called a few sounds in his mouth, and these grassmen would stand up, sing and dance, do various performances, and even turn around to perform some acrobatics.

Seeing all this, his mother was teased.Gradually, the people in the villagers knew that he was unique, but he had been together for a long time, and he didn’t feel that there was anything strange.

Two years later, my brother who had no news for a long time sent a letter from Shuzhong, and some silver also sent some silver to subsidize the family.At the end of the year, according to the local customs, make some steamed cakes, that is, steamed buns, so that they can eat in the New Year, let Xu Zhenren burn fire under the stove, and the mother is on the case.

Xu Zhenren burned the fire while he was dexterous with a grass dragon. This grass dragon was more than one foot long. The dragon head, dragon horns, dragon claws and dragon tails were very complete, and it looked wonderful.

When he saw it, his mother laughed and scolded: "Guawa is playing again. Be careful not to burn the fire. If the cake is not cooked, see how I can clean up you."

When the steamed cake is cooked, looking at a full -fledged steamer, his mother thought of his eldest son far away in Shu.Sighing: "You are by my side, you can eat the steamer I made at any time. Your elder brother has been running outside from an early age. Have you ever eaten a meal at home?"

When he heard his mother’s words, Xu Zhenren smiled and said, "What’s difficult, I immediately send the steamer to my brother, and let him taste the taste of his hometown."

Mother doesn’t believe him: "Guawa is talking nonsense, your brother is away from the house a thousand miles away, how do you send it, can the cake fly?"

Xu Zhenren said, "This is easy."

During the rest that night, Xu Mu suddenly found out that Xu Zhenren was gone. She found the house, the doors and windows did not open, where did the son go?Surprisingly, the grass dragon just made at noon was gone.

What’s going on?She cried and looked for Xu Zhenren. The neighbors were alarmed by her crying. They came to help her find. After the night passed, she couldn’t find the shadow of Xu Zhenren.

Just when everyone was anxious, when preparing to report to the official, Xu Zhenren walked in from outside the door with a smile.Looking at the amazing people, he came to his mother and took out two close -up underwear and gave it to his mother.Said: "The mother is on the go, and the son found the elder brother in Shu. The elder brother said that he was doing well there, so that the mother -in -law should not worry. When I was going home, he took out these two underwear and let me bring me to bring me to bring me to bring me.Go home and make a watch. "

The mother couldn’t believe that after taking over the clothes in her hand, she found that it was sewn by herself when the eldest son left home.Holding his clothes, thinking that his son did not rest overnight before he was walking, he sewed these two clothes for his son. When he thought of his son, he was reluctant and frequently turned back. Tears flowed again.

It turned out that last night, Xu Zhenren really went to send steamed rice to his brother. He wrapped the five steamed cakes and secretly rode the grass dragon in the sky.At this time, the four wild chickens were crying. His brother was ride on a horse and rode from a horse to check home from the store outside the city. The two met on the road.

When the elder brother left home, Xu Zhenren was still in the middle, and he did not know who it was when he saw the boy who came.When he called his brother, he knew that this was his brother.But how did my brother come thousands of miles away?

Xu Zhenren knew his brother’s question, and told him: "I depended on my mother, I missed my brother very much, I came to meet each other, and brought the steamed cake that my mother had just made for my brother."

The statement was opened, and the two steamed cakes were taken out. The elder brother took the steamer and found that the steamer was still hot, fragrant and soft, fragrant and delicious.

The elder brother took a bite, and it turned out to be the taste of his hometown, so he asked, "How did you come here for thousands of miles away from your hometown?"

He brought his brother to his own residence and wanted to stay for a few days, but Xu Zhenren said, "I came here by borrowing spells. Once the sun rises, I can’t go back.What about to make a token for my mother? "

The elder brother turned around and couldn’t think of anything to prove his identity, so he took off the close -fitting Xiao Jiao to his brother Xu Zhenren.Xu Zhenren took the small jacket and rode on the grass dragon. With a crispy child’s voice, the grass dragon flew up and circled a few laps in the air, and disappeared.

After experiencing this matter, everyone suspected that Xu Zhenren was a fairy, but some people thought that this child would just play some tricks, not enough to believe.

In the second year of the Lantern Festival, Xu Zhenren played with the children of his neighbor’s house. They sat beside the stove and joked while they were on the stove.Xu Zhenren suddenly fell asleep, and soon woke up quickly.

He said with a smile to his friends: "The lights in Licheng, Shandong are so beautiful."

The little friends didn’t believe it, they laughed and said, "You have passed in your dreams."

Xu Zhenren said, "What is it difficult to go to Licheng?"

Several children thought that he would spell in the usual way, and he might be true, so he was about to go to the city with him, and Xu Zhenren was annoyed.He said: "What you want to go is not difficult, but you must listen to me."

After everyone agreed, Xu Zhenren took out his grass dragon and pulled it for one per square, let everyone close his eyes and sit on the grass dragon together.One of the children was Meng Ke, who was 19 years old, and was very naughty. Others said that he was west.Xu Zhenren knew his character, so he told him, and he told: Do not open his eyes.

He took out another big money and gave it to Meng Ke, saying, "You breathe him with a breath, throw it on the ground, you will get a few big money."

This person was doubtful and put a lot of money in his waist bag. Five children sat on the grass dragon and just closed their eyes. They heard the sound of wind in their ears. After a while, the wind stopped.When it comes to a large city, the lights are brilliant, the fire trees and silver flowers, and the dragon -shaped shelf is covered with various lanterns, as well as the bridge made of lights.

The people on the street came and went, and the young girls dressed in flowers and danced with a strange beat.Tourists are like porridge, and they are all Shandong accents when they listen to them.Only everyone believes that this is really the city.

After playing all night, they saw that the sky was bright, and even more drums, Xu Zhenren said, "It’s not early, let’s go back quickly."

So everyone sat on the grass dragon again and closed her eyes. Unexpectedly, Meng Ke wanted to know where he was, and he quietly opened his eyes and saw himself in a high altitude of 10,000 meters.Fortunately, fortunately, he fell into a small river and was rescued by a fisherman. When he asked, he knew he was in Yangzhou City.Thinking of Xu Zhenren’s words, I regret it.

After dawn, he thought that Xu Zhenren gave him a lot of money, and he threw it on the ground with a sigh of relief. He really got a lot of copper coins. He was used to buy food to fill his hunger. He walked back to his hometown all the way.Looking for the big money that Xu Zhenren gave him, he found that he couldn’t find it.

Later, some fellow villagers went to Licheng for buying and selling. After returning, they said that the scene of the Lantern Festival Lantern Festival in Licheng was exactly the same as the seeing a few children. After this was spread, everyone felt that Xu Zhenren was a strange person.

In winter, his mother couldn’t sleep because she missed the eldest son.Xu Zhenren comforted her: "Do you pick up my brother back?"

Although Mother Xu knew that her son had spells, she was still doubtful. When he was talking crazy, he couldn’t know that in a blink of an eye, Xu Zhenren disappeared again.The next morning, when she got up and opened the house, she found out that her eldest son stood at the door.

Mother Xu happily pulled him in her arms and asked him how he came back?

The elder brother said, "Last night, my brother suddenly came to Shuzhong to visit me. I asked him why he came again? My brother said that I took me home to visit my mother this time., It’s not easy to go home, otherwise I will go back long ago. My brother laughed and said: Brother, don’t worry, we can go home right away. "

As a result, Xu Zhenren asked his brother to ride on his back, and told him to close his eyes tightly, only feeling that his body was light, and the wind sounded in his ears, like a flying bird, and returned here in a blink of an eye. Xu Zhenren asked his brother to openEye, to him, "Brother go home first, my brother, I go to visit a old man, and go back immediately."

Having said that, he took the grass dragon to the west. His brother was slightly dissatisfied, so he went back to the house by himself. Now he sees his mother and is in his dream.

One night a few days later, the elder brother just washed her mother and spoke with her.After hearing a rapid knock on the door, it turned out that Xu Zhenren came back. He said, "The big brother’s luggage and other things are outside the door, and we move in quickly."

They moved the items into the house, and the elder brother took a look one by one, and there was no one.The elder brother was unknown, and asked, "Brother, I just live at home for a month, and I am going to rent a boat to return to Shu to do business. Now you bring my things back and let me sit at home to eat the mountains?"

Xu Zhenren said, "What’s difficult to make money?"

The next day, he quietly taught his elder brother some spells that changed money, and told his elder brother: "Using this spell, you can get up to 200,000 silver, so that our family food and clothing is enough. Too greedy will attract disasters.","

So with these spells, the Xu family was quickly developed. A large house was built in the family and purchased the fields. The family lived a happy life. The elder brother did not need to go out to the merchants and accompany his mother every day.However, Xu Zhenren went to the usual time. He closed the door every day. He sat in the room alone and meditated quietly.Someone asked him to ask him, and he just smiled slightly, and he didn’t say a word.

In the fall of this year, a group of water thieves came from the Taihu area. They gathered a large wave of homeless farmers. For the sake of nonsense, the people along the lake were plundered.Several nearby villages intend to organize townships to protect themselves.

On this day, Xu Zhenren just opened the door, and the village came to ask him to help training the township group.

Xu Zhenren laughed: "I am just a child, how can I understand the training?"

The coming person knows that he has different techniques, so he sought hard, and even begged him to begging him. Xu Zhenren helplessly said, "I also know that training township groups are the old ways of anti -theft and mountain bandits, but you guysIt’s just that ordinary farmers, do not understand the military law, and insufficient courage. They often panic when they do n’t see the robber and escape. Such a township group is a thief attacking.What is the use of such a township group? "

Everyone asked Xu Zhenren to give a way, Xu Zhenren said that it was not difficult.There are five hundred grass people, each grass is about three feet long, holding a bamboo pole in his hand.He placed these grass people in all the key points of the village.Then let everyone go home to rest.

On this night, someone suddenly shouted that the thief came.Because the villagers were not prepared in advance and couldn’t escape, they could only hide at home. They only heard the sound of swords outside, shouted, and screaming endlessly.

When it was dawn, the villagers opened the door boldly and opened the door. The thieves disappeared, but the grass tips of the grass people were covered with blood, and the corpse on the lake was shocked.After experiencing this, no thieves dared to plunder in their village.

On this morning, Xu Zhenren got up early. After bathing and dressing, he first met his mother and invited his elder brother to take a few gifts to the two of them.When I finally reunited, it was when I enjoyed the joy of Tianlun. I did n’t think of the immortal master to call me back. I did n’t stay for a moment. How can this be good? "

As soon as his words fell, he fell straight to the ground. His brother wanted to help him, but found that his body had become stiff and died.

Mother and brother were distraught. Take a closer look. This year, Xu Zhenren was just eleven years old. It was exactly the same as the young immortal in the dream when he gave birth to him.

As soon as the Xu family gave Xu Zhenren’s funeral, he met someone from the neighbor’s house from returning from Yangzhou and brought a grasshopper to the Xu family. Hearing that Xu Zhenren had died. "Xian, I met him in Leitang, Yangzhou. He was weaving a grassy sacrifice on the side of the road. When he saw me, he called me loudly and let me go home to bring the grasshopper to the Xu family. "

Mother Xu took the Caotong and took a closer look. It was Xu Zhenren’s craftsmanship. She opened the coffin that was buried shortly after finding there and found that the coats inside were intact, but Xu Zhenren’s corpse flew.

After a few years, Suzhou was drought, and Xu Zhenren thought of the grass dragon left by his brother, and took it out. He thought: We bless this grass dragon, and may have a spiritual experience.

So he brought the grass dragon to the altar and worshiped it, and saw that a lot of clouds were sprayed from the mouth of the grass dragon.There is a foot deep.Everyone jumped happily, and even called: enough.Just a thunderbolt, the grass dragon rose into the air, and disappeared.

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