Folk story: Daughter -in -law is bizarre and pregnant, saying that it is the father -in -law, the mother -in -law hiding the bottom of the bed leads the truth

In the ten years of Hongzhi, Lou Jiang had a bitter woman named Xue Qinglin. She had killed her husband shortly after marriage. What is even more weird is that she has been pregnant for three years but she is strangely pregnant and claims to be her father -in -law.what happened?

Xue Qinglin’s husband is Lu Fan, a member of the local school, and his grades have always been among the best.His father, Lu Laohan, is the main book of the local county. He is honest and frank, and he is well -known in the local area. His mother Yang is also born in Shuxiangmen. He is a talented woman.

It can be said that Xue Qinglin’s marriage into Lu’s house was considered high.However, the Lu family was pretty good to her, and never deliberately crowded and bullied her.In the second year after the marriage, Lu Fan was on the eve of the scientific examination, and he didn’t know if he was too nervous, and he suddenly fell ill.

The family wanted to persuade him to give up this exam, but he said he was unwilling, and he had to go with illness. As a result, he had half of the test. He was worsened and returned to his home. He died shortly afterwards.This matter has a lot of blow to the family, especially Xue Qinglin.

You know, there is a local custom, that is, the person who is a mourning husband cannot be remarried, and can only be widow for a lifetime.At that time, Xue Qinglin was only in his early twenties. This result was tantamount to the "death penalty" of her life.At the funeral, she was crying with heartbroken. Fortunately, Lu Laohan and Yang’s are very reasonable. She regarded Xue Qinglin as her biological daughter and said that even if she could not remarry, she was willing to support her for a lifetime. This made Xue Qinglin very moved.

Three years have passed in the blink of an eye. During this period, the family was happy, and it had passed the pain of bereavement and my husband.It was just not long, strange things happened again.

On this night, the family sat around the table for dinner, but Xue Qinglin suddenly vomited.Yang’s was very worried, and immediately found Lang Zhong for inspection. As a result, the investigation knew that his daughter -in -law had two months of pregnancy.

For three years, he was pregnant and pregnant. I don’t have to think about it. Xue Qinglin has someone outside.Although Yang’s and Lu Laohan were a little angry, he quickly calmed down. After all, his daughter -in -law was young. If there are people who like it, they can’t stop them.For this reason, Yang came to the daughter -in -law’s room and decided to inquire about who the child’s father was.

Unexpectedly, as soon as he asked, Xue Qinglin cried.

"Mother, it’s really not the same, this child, is dad!"

Hearing this, Yang’s stunned directly, and Lu Laohan, who was overheated outside the door, was also anxious and rushed in directly.

"Qinglin, meals can be eaten randomly, and you ca n’t talk about it. When are we coming? Laos, you have to believe me, I’ m a heroic name, how can I do that gray! ”

"Okay, you go out first!"

Lu Laohan was afraid, and now he glanced at Yang’s, suddenly softened, and left the room silently.Yang’s not believed in his daughter -in -law, but Xue Qinglin made a bite, that was, the father of the father, and said that it happened half a year ago. He said that he slipped into his room in the middle of the night and defiled himself.Xue Qinglin was weak and cowardly, and he had never dared to tell the matter, which caused this situation.

Xue Qinglin said that he had a nose and eyes, and Yang could not help but have some doubts, but he had been with his husband for many years, and his product was clear.But soon, Yang found one of the Chinese points, that is, Xue Qinglin said that Lu Laohan will only go to his room in the past two days and 15th day.

Why should you choose such a specific time?Yang’s found that it was wrong. It happened to be fifteen tomorrow, and Yang decided to explore it himself.

The next day, Yang deliberately locked her husband Lu Laohan in the room, and hid under the bed of his daughter -in -law.In the middle of the night, with a crunch, a figure walked into the room and slowly climbed into the bed.Seeing Yang, he immediately climbed out and opened the bedding.

As a result, the scene in front of her was shocked, and the bed was really her husband Lu Laohan.Yang’s fire rose three feet, and he picked up the broom and chased him.But at this time, the husband’s voice came from outside the house.

"Lady, what’s wrong, why are you locking the door, what happened, what happened!"

Both Yang and his daughter -in -law Xue Qinglin heard it, and then looked at the "Lu Laohan" in front of him in horror.This Lu Laohan couldn’t hide it, and he fell in front of the two when he kneeling, accompanied by a sound of "噗", and Lu Laohan in front of him was like the leaky ball. In the end, there was only one coat left.Essence

Xue Qinglin recognized that it was a dress that he had been washed by the river and lost, and it was Lu Laohan’s coat.In the next second, a huge yellow skin was drilled from the jacket. It stared at the big eyes of dripping, looked at the two for a long time, and then spit out.

"Mrs. Qinglin, I am not intentionally deceived, I hope forgive!"

From this yellow peel mouth, the two talents finally knew the truth.It turned out that more than a year ago, Xue Qinglin entered the mountains to pick up firewood and met a yellow peel caught by the arrested beast. Xue Qinglin was kind and saved him.The yellow peel was grateful for this and liked her.

The yellow peel opened its spiritual wisdom. For many years, he could turn people immediately.But it really couldn’t restrain the love of Xue Qinglin, and simply stole a piece of clothes of Lu Laohan. With the popularity of the above, it was temporarily turned into shape. However, due to the clothes of Lu Laohan, it could only turn into Lu Laohan.Only such a big oolong.

The Huangpi was just kneeling on the ground, while begging Xue Qinglin’s forgiveness, while saying that when he was forming it, he would treat her well, not to mention that they still have children now.After seeing Huangpizi in front of her eyes, there was no harmful heart. After talking with Xue Qinglin, she let go of it, but Yang requested that before it turned into shape, he could not come to Xue Qinglin again.

As soon as Huangpi gritted his teeth, he agreed to this request.After this incident, Xue Qinglin successfully gave birth to a baby boy. It is magical that the baby boy has no strange place, which is no different from ordinary people.Until the child was three years old, a handsome young man came to the door, and this person was a mana -shaped yellow skin.

Yang’s seeing it, regardless of the eyes of others. For the future happiness of his daughter -in -law, he immediately agreed with the marriage.After that, Huang Pizi stayed here and took care of the Yang family with Xue Qinglin.

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