Folk story: Girls dream of tiger, and after waking up!The son born is different from ordinary people!

A long time ago.There is a beautiful and hard -working girl in Xiangyun Hudada.She was spinning during the day, weaving at night, and she was not idle a year.The lines she woven, the two big men also continued; the cloth that she woven, ten, eight horses were the same thick.

One day at noon, she was embroidered in the house, because she was too labor -intensive and she fell asleep unconsciously.In the dream, she saw a big tiger standing in front of her, her tail was standing high, and she looked at her with her head shook her head.The girl was about to hide, and the tiger had rushed to her … After the girl woke up, she had a pregnancy, and soon she had a fat son.

Because there is no dad, this doll is called Luo Shancai (the translating of the Bai ethnic language "Luo" is "tiger").

Luo Shan will walk in three months, talk about six months, and can go up the mountain with his mother when he is one year old.By three years old.Actually, the tiger’s bear waist, growing into a handsome seven -foot man.

One day, he carried his mother’s cloth to Binju Street to sell.When I walked to Poor Daokou, I heard the call for a woman in the woods in front of the woods.He was shocked, hurried over, and saw a rough man with five shorts and three thickness, and he was holding a fifteen or six -year -old girl to let go.The girl knelt on the ground and asked for mercy: "Master, let me, let me! … No matter how miserable the girl called, the reckless man was still pressed on her.A burst of madly … Luo Shan was so anxious that he stomped three feet one after another, yelled three times, and shook the mountains.

The reckless man was scared and ran away.The little girl still kneeling on the ground dumbly, and Luo Shan walked over and bent over to help her stand up.He said, "Girl, don’t have to be scared, the wicked has already escaped!"

The girl shrank back her hand and said shocked, "Well, why not be afraid? The wicked is gone. Isn’t the tiger come again?"

Luo Shancai smiled and said, "I’m the same person as you, where is what tiger?"

The girl said, "Just now, didn’t you hear the tiger yell three?"

Luo Shan laughed, and I don’t know how to explain to the girl.

Luo Shan saw that the weak people were not deceiving, and the wicked was not afraid.In North Village in Nancun, he often became a big white tiger with black stripes all over his body.Because Luo Shan was here, in those years, Tusi dared to go out.Even the county officials did not dare to send people to the area of the area easily.

After a day, my mother asked him, "Child, people say that you will become a tiger, is this true?"

Luo Shan nodded embarrassedly.

"I don’t believe it," his mother stood up and said, "You change it back and give me a look!"

"No …" My son said, "My mother has never seen the tiger, I have changed. It will scare you."

Mom said, "What are you afraid of? Tiger, my mother, I have seen it once! I don’t have you."

The son was forced to have no way, so he had to say, "You can change it … but your mother has to listen to my arrangement."

Mom nodded and agreed happily.

Luo Shancai rolled his sleeves and caught a big red rooster from the chicken cage and gave it to his mother, and then said, "Wait for me to become a tiger, you quickly throw this big red rooster into my mouth. OtherwiseCan’t get back anymore! "

His mother hugged the chicken and nodded again and again.Then, the high ground stood on the steps, rubbed his eyes, and looked at it fixedly.

Luo Shan stomped three times with his feet, yelled three times, he rolled in the heart of the courtyard, stood up and stretched his waist, a few white light flashed, and turned into a big white tiger with black stripes.The big white tiger supported the front foot, stared at a pair of big pair of copper bells, and shook his head and opened his head with a blood basin … Tiger, in fact, fucking only saw it once in the dream, and now seeing his son suddenly becomeThis looks so scared that the soul is not on myself.She screamed, her hand was loose, and the big red rooster broke freely "fluttering" and flew to the tall roof … And she was scared to retreat for three steps, vomiting white foamFlying on the ground.

The big white tiger couldn’t wait for the big red rooster to throw it, and could no longer change it.Seeing that my mother was scared like this, it was so sad that both eyes were crying and blood, dyed a courtyard’s heart.What will happen to Luo Shancai?Limited space, you can enter below, learn more, read all the stories.The original title is "Renhua Tiger"

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