Folk story: Three years of her husband died, but his wife was pregnant and had children, and her mother -in -law was ecstatic

During the Qinzong period of the Song Dynasty, there was a widow and a young man in Qiantang County. There was only one only one son Fulang. When Fulang was 15 years old, the widow of the grandson married Fu Lang.

Fulang likes Aunt Rong. The couple’s relationship is particularly good, and her life is like honey.The widow of the widow was rejoicing, just thinking about hugging the grandson in his early years.But for less than half a year of marriage with Rong and Rong, the Jin Bing invaded.Fulang enlisted the army and resisted the Jin Bing.

It stands to reason that Fulang is the only child of a widow and should not go to the battlefield to fight, but at that time, the battle was urgent, and Fulang was arrested.Widow Sun and Rong Aunt cried very sadly and could not stop Fulang from leaving them.

After a long time, bad news came, and Fulang was killed.Widow Sun was sad, and Rong Auntie cried.One year later, Widow Sun felt that her daughter -in -law was young and widowed, and she was very pitiful, so she asked Gong Rong back to the mother’s house to remarry.

However, Rong Jun resolutely did not leave, and vowed to stay for Fulang.The widow of Sun also left Rong Aunt as his companion, and the mother -in -law lived like a mother and daughter.

Three years after the death of Fulang, Rong Au was pregnant and gave birth to a son.And his aunt was calm, saying that the child was dreaming and dreamed of being born of Fulang.Others felt strange and suspected that Aunt Rong secretly stole affection.

But if Rong Auntie secretly had an illegitimate child, her mother -in -law should be angry. Why is her mother -in -law and widow not angry?

Under normal circumstances, the young widow is a child of a father -in -law or an uncle or uncle, but the widow has no husband and other sons.And the widow of Sun is upright, even if there are husbands and other sons, they will not allow such shameless things to happen at home.

There must be monsters in abnormalities, but at the time of the war, everyone was busy escaping, and no one cared about others’ leisure.Later, Jin Guo wiped out the Northern Song Dynasty. Rong Aunt took her mother -in -law and son to fled to his hometown in Hebei, and suddenly a male helper followed her to protect their family of three.

After arriving in Hebei, the male helper and his aunt lived in the name of the husband and wife, and the son called him father.The people around did not know their details, and they thought that this male helper was Rong’s husband.Later, the relatives of Widow Sun came to visit him, and found that the male helper was really the husband of Rong’s husband, Fulang.

Isn’t Fulang dead?In fact, Fulang was still alive. After he was captured, his companions thought he was killed, and after he escaped, he did not return to the Song Bing camp, but stolen it home.Dare to come out, and then fled to the country.

The widow’s family reunited again, and lived with music, and Aunt Rong gave birth to a few children.It was just that their family did not dare to return to Qiantang County, and claimed that Rong Auntie recruited the son -in -law again.

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