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Today is the Dragon Boat Festival of the traditional festival in my country.The custom of eating dumplings in the Dragon Boat Festival has continued for thousands of years, and countless literati and Khitera have written the verses of the dumplings.The Tang Dynasty poet Bai Juyi wrote in the poem: "The fragrant incense is bamboo tender, and the crispy goose is fresh." Su Shi, a writer of the Northern Song Dynasty, also wrote: "The leaves of the leaves are ten miles, and the wine is carried by the wine."

Modern people eat rice dumplings, in addition to increasing the festive atmosphere, they also emphasize nutrition and health.Although the rice dumplings are delicious and delicious, the calories and sugar of ingredients such as egg yolk, bacon, and jujube in the filling are not low.So, how do you eat rice dumplings healthy?

How to eat rice dumplings for special people

Common traditional sweet rice dumplings include bean paste, jujube, and fruit bean, sweet and glutinous taste, which makes people feel happy; salty rice dumplings have meat rice dumplings, egg yolks, seafood dumplings, meat pieces or egg yolk soaked in glutinous rice.The entrance lips are fragrant.I want to eat simple, and the light white dumplings are also a good choice.

The rice dumplings are delicious, but many people have concerns: those who want to lose weight are worried about high calories, people who control blood sugar are afraid of raising blood sugar fast, and those who have poor digestion are not difficult to digest …

How to eat rice dumplings to be healthy

When you make rice dumplings, you can mix some whole grains and miscellaneous beans in glutinous rice to increase the content of dietary fiber, such as oats, millet, red beans, mung beans, etc.;Dumplings.

The glutinous rice is soft and delicious, and the texture is sticky. Adding grains and beans can make the rice dumplings richer and improve the nutritional value.Since the main health cards, we try not to refuel, salt, and sugar. You can add some jujube, wolfberry, and raisins to increase the sweet flavor of the rice dumplings.

When buying rice dumplings, you must buy it in regular shopping malls and supermarkets, choose products produced by regular manufacturers, and pay attention to check the packaging and form of rice dumplings.

When eating rice dumplings, everyone should pay attention to the amount of control, avoid eating only rice dumplings in a meal, and match a certain amount of vegetables and fruits. You can also add an egg, or a cup of milk, soy milk, etc. to make the nutrition more balanced.There are usually more oil and salt. When you eat meat dumplings, you can match the cold dishes or fried vegetables with low oil.

The weather is hot, and the rice dumplings are easy to be sour. It is best to cook.Open the dumplings of the packaging bag and store it at room temperature for more than 2 hours.The rice dumplings need to be refrigerated or frozen after cooling and water. It must be completely heated before eating.

As long as you pay attention to reasonable matching and controlling intake, rice dumplings can also become part of a healthy diet.

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