For cats, these foods are just delicious on earth

Many people think that cats are greedy and love everything, but there are several kinds of foods, which are unreasonable for cats.

Especially for these foods, for cats, it is just delicious on earth!Intersection

① yogurt

Yogurt, sweet and sour, with liquidity, very delicious.No cat will refuse the sweet and sour milk ~

Many cats love to drink, but they must not bring lactose!

The nutritional value of yogurt can increase the appetite of cats, and to promote gastrointestinal motility ~

② Shrimp

The cooked shrimp is delicious and tender, and it has the taste of seafood. It is very q bomb and tender, which is delicious for cats ~

Fresh shrimp contains a variety of protein, selenium, phosphorus and other elements, which can supplement nutrition for cats.

③ Fresh meat

Cats are pure meat animals. They particularly like fresh and fishy meat, and they have no resistance to all meat.

Some owners will also give the cats that have not cooked meat, so that cats will love it ~ If you want to feed raw meat, you must choose fresh, otherwise the meat of long parasites will harm the cat’s health ~

④ corn

The cat can’t taste the sweet taste, but the cat likes to eat sweet corn, and the taste is very refreshing.

And the nutritional value of corn is high, many cats love to eat ~

⑤ sweet potato

Sweet potatoes are also very sweet and soft. Many cats fall in love with after the first time after eating ~

Sweet potatoes are not only delicious, but also very high nutritional value. It contains trace elements and dietary fiber. Eating it is helpful to the cat’s body!

⑥ Frozen and dry snacks

People like snacks, and cats are no exception. Many cats like to eat frozen and dried snacks. Smart cats will also ask the owner to ask for snacks ~

⑦ Cat food with high meat content

Cats are meat animals and like to eat rich meat. Even cat food is the same. I like to eat cat food with high meat content and rich meat, preferably fresh meat ~

Therefore, when choosing cat food, it is best to feed cats to eat cat food with fresh meat and recommend these cat food:

Conclusion: What food do you like to eat in your cat?

Welcome to leave a message and drawing picture in the comment area ~

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