For sisters preparing for pregnancy, social security must be bought in advance.

Sisters who prepare for pregnancy must be bought!Give a child with money.

The sisters who prepare for pregnancy, and the sisters who are pregnant, remind them, and social security must buy!It is really cost -effective for these costs for having children.Today I went to reimburse the cost of production. The confinement of confinement was produced in the maiden family. The social security bought in Dongguan, so I can only reimburse the cost of the surgery.Like some children’s birth costs, and some of their postpartum costs.

But if it is produced locally, it should be reported.What are the benefits of buying social security in advance?

· The first is the cost of inspection, which can be saved a lot.I have done it for 37 weeks of my entire pregnancy, I have done it anyway, no matter large and small inspections.And also did NT inspection, there was social security.It seems that as long as you get 400 yourself.Some of the others cannot be reimbursed, and the total of more than 2,000 costs during pregnancy.

I heard my friends who did not buy social security and said that the more than 10,000 in their pregnancy was actually enough.Buying a year of social expenses, buying social security can save the inspection.From pregnancy to production, those who have been bought for a year in a row can have a fertility allowance.Anyway, I forget how to calculate the good proportion. Anyway, how can I calculate more than 10,000 to receive it according to the lowest base.Is it free of charge for inspection?

Is the rich collar equivalent to the rest?And social security is so good for buying for 15 years in the future, and I think this is good.

· Sisters who are pregnant to buy social security. For example, she bought the month to take effect this month.Especially for some high costs.

Like I was 36 weeks and 37 weeks, I went to the local hospital for production inspection. At that time, there was an abnormal examination that had one urine in the routine of blood, which cost more than 400.However, if the South City Hospital was checked at the time, as long as a 5 -dollar consultation cost.

· Sisters who are pregnant may not be able to lead maternity allowances.Because buying social security, at least the next month can save a lot of costs.I bought social security at the same time.If you are hospitalized during this period, you can save money, and it seems that you have done an uterine polyps during pregnancy. If you do not reimburse, it will cost more than 2,000.After reimbursement, I only spent more than 400 yuan.There are really many benefits to buying social security, because you buy it for 15 years, so everyone’s social security must be arranged.

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