For two years of pregnancy, I have not been pregnant, and the cysts are 4.8cm. Using this eternal recipe, clear liver dispersion, eliminate cysts

Today I will share with you a good news. Yesterday, Ms. Song called me to say that her 4.8 cm cysts were cured.

Let me share with you the basic prescriptions: Danshen, Tao Ren, Chi Zhi, Three Emperor, Orange Core, Xiangfu, Litchi Nuclear, Guizhi, Yami Mushroom, Shan Bean Gen.This is the custody soup that I often use clinically used to treat tumor diseases.

Ms. Song came to me half a year ago. At that time, she was still pregnant for two years. She was still not pregnant. The examination found that there were 4.8 cm cysts. The doctor suggested to remove it.

At that time, she said, "Doctor, I am now 33 years old. If you don’t want children, it will be even more difficult to go old. Help me."

I carefully asked her symptoms, and learned that she had a menstrual period a half months ago. The menstrual period lasted for 20 days.

Look at her tongue coating thin white and thin pulse strings.

Give her: Danshen, Chi Zhi, Xiangfu, Curcuma, Sanbao, Orange Nuclear, Litchi Nuclear, Yamusi Mushroom, Yamanou Gen, Chicken Blood Teng, Black Medicine, and Seaweed.When she resumed one month later, she told me that after taking the medicine for half an hour, she felt that the airflow was stringing, her stomach pain and backache were slowed down, and the amount of brought was reduced, which was sometimes thirsty.

I adjusted the prescription for her, went to Sichuan to continue, cooked land, night -handed vine, add chicken blood vine and seaweed.

After taking a month, menstruation is coming, and the menstrual flow is normal. The menstrual period is 5 days. I said to me: "Now the waist is not sour, and the back is not painful."

I called me yesterday and said: She resumed the clinic two days ago, showing that the cyst had disappeared.A total of three months.

Why did she disappear so fast?In addition to I give her the right medicine, she can listen to my words and insist on taking the medicine, and her mood is gentle, not anxious, and regular life.

The parts of the growth of ovarian cysts and uterine fibroids are under the jurisdiction of the liver meridian. Therefore, the formation of this disease has a great relationship with long -term liver stagnation.I often love to lose my temper, and quarrel between three differences, or they love to feel sullen, and the sullenness is more severe than that, and the mood will be depressed.

The resentment in my heart is venting nowhere. Over time, the liver meridians are unobstructed, and the meridians will stagnate.The meridians are like rivers. With the obstruction of the debris such as stones, the accumulation will be formed.This silt, light cyst, fibroids heavy.

Therefore, we must pay attention to personal emotions and living habits in the medication. Don’t take a little bit less, it feels okay, strictly follow the doctor’s advice!

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