Frequent hair dye can cause cancer?Doctor’s advice: Pay attention to 5 o’clock to reduce risk

"I have to dye my hair once in about 3 months, but I heard that often hair dyeing will increase the risk of carcinogens. Can you still dye your hair?"

When I went out today, I met Aunt Zhang, so I chatted a few words.Aunt Zhang told me that when she was 53 years old, her hair was almost all white.In order to make herself look so old, she dyed her hair regularly.However, when I browsed the web in the past two days, I saw some views that some of the views were often dyed and carcinogenic, so I was particularly worried, so I asked the question at the beginning of the article.

Does hair dye really cause cancer?Today, the doctor’s good words will talk to you about the things of dyeing hair with you!

white collar

Ms. Li is a typical urban white -collar worker. She pays special attention to her appearance every day, especially likes to change hair color.In her opinion, changing hair color is as important as eating, and different clothes need to be matched with different hair colors.

Now Ms. Li is 38 years old. According to her description, she has loved hair dyeing from the age of 30, and she thinks that hair dyeing is a fashion.About one month, her hair is slightly longer, and she will dye her hair.


However, in the past three years, Ms. Li had symptoms of dizziness and headache from time to time. At first she thought she had a cold, so she took some medicines for colds, but the effect was not very good.


In October this year, Ms. Li found that her hair loss was more severe, and her scalp was a little black. When she touched the scalp, she felt a block and exudate.Ms. Li went to the local city hospital for diagnosis and treatment. After the clinic doctor asked the medical history carefully, she opened some examinations.After the test results came out, the doctor told Ms. Li to be diagnosed with skin cancer, and the culprit was considered to be dye.

Ms. Li is impossible, because every time she dye hair, the hairdresser uses the best hair dye for herself. This kind of hair dye is non -toxic and tasteless, and is a pure natural extract.What about skin cancer?

In fact, some media reported some of the situations of hair dye.In the wholesale market, there are many brands of hair dye and hair dye cream, and the price difference is not small. The price ranges from a few dollars to hundreds of yuan.Some hair dyes are marked with ingredients of hair dye, while some hair dye not only has no component table, but also does not even have manufacturers.Many people do not know what brand of hair dye they use at all when they dye their hair, but they think that the expensive hair dye is good.

Before answering whether hair dye is carcinogenic, let’s first understand what substances do the hair dye contains!

At present, hair dye is mainly divided into two types: oxidation and non -oxidized types.

Oxidized hair dye is the main product in the hair dye market. Its active ingredients are amine or phenolic compounds. Such hair dye stability is good. After hair dyeing, it is basically not faded, and the effect is the best.

Oxidation hair dye is mainly composed of oxidized dye precursor, coupling agent, oxidant, and matrix. Most of them are small molecular compounds.There are many types of dyes, including phenyline, amino phenol, methalphenylene, and its isomers and derivatives.The coupling agent mainly includes phenyl phenol, chlorine phenylphenol, phenyl phenol, and derivatives and derivatives.The oxidant includes hydrogen peroxide, sodium borate, and hydrogen peroxide, and the matrix includes surfactants and solvents.

Non -oxidized hair dye is mainly some pigment and heavy metal salt.Relatively speaking, the dyeing of non -oxidized hair dye is not long.

Having said so much, it is mainly to let everyone know that the ingredients contained in hair dye are relatively complicated, and the so -called pure natural hair dye products claimed in the market are basically synthetic oxidized hair dyes.

According to different situations, international organizations divide hair dye: ① For those who dye their hair every day, hair dye is listed as 2A carcinogens; ② In the case of low frequency of hair dyeingBest.

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Class 2A carcinogens mainly refer to sufficient evidence of animal experiment, but human experimental evidence is insufficient, mainly include acrylamide, lead, 4-methylimidazole, etc.Class 3 carcinogens mainly refer to substances that cannot be graded according to the existing evidence. The carcinogenic evidence of animals and people is not sufficient or animal experimental evidence is sufficient but has no clear carcinogenic effect on people.Silicon, sugar essence, etc.Grade 2A carcinogens should try to avoid contact, and level 3 carcinogens generally do not have to worry.

In other words, hair dye has a certain carcinogenicity, but it is not reliable if it is left aside from dosage.The hierarchy of carcinogens is more emphasis on a possibility, not the degree of harm.

Through the introduction of the ingredients of the hair dye, everyone should be able to see that the hair dye contains benzene ingredients. Theoretically, chemicals containing benzene components are likely to cause cancer.When hair dye, hair dye will be exposed to the skin, and the hair dyeing process should be heated. In this way, the benzene substance will enter the capillaries through the scalp, and then enter the human body with the blood circulation.The number of hair dye is not large, and the problem is not large. If the hair dye is frequent, it will repeatedly stimulate the human body, thereby increasing the risk of cancer.

In summary, frequent hair dyeing does have potential carcinogenic risks, but it should be noted that the occurrence of cancer is more complicated. It is not the result of a single factor, but the result of the common effect of multiple factors.Profile number.

[1] Choose a regular hair dye:

When you are dyeing, you should try to choose a regular and big brand hair dye.Before hair dye, you can look at the product batch, manufacturer, production date, quality shelf life, etc. of hair dyeing agents to ensure that there is no problem before hair dyeing.

The ingredients contained in regular hair dyes are legal, and the amount of additives is within a reasonable range, so this hair dye is guaranteed.

[2] Do not dye your hair roots as much as possible:

We all know that the hair root and hair follicles are next to each other. If the hair is dyed when the hair is dyed, it may cause some ingredients in the hair dye to enter the human body along the hair follicles.

Therefore, try not to dye your hair when you dye your hair.

[3] Control the number of hair dyeing:

Internationally, according to the different frequency of hair dye, hair dye is divided into different types of carcinogens. Generally speaking, the more frequent hair dyeing, the greater the risk of cancer.

Therefore, hair dye should be controlled times and cannot be dyed too frequently.Generally speaking, the number of hair dyeing within one year should be controlled within 3 times.

[4] Special people are not suitable for hair dye:

For those who are preparing for pregnancy, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and people with allergic constitution and skin diseases on the head, they are not suitable for hair dyeing, otherwise it will endanger their health.

[5] Try to shorten the hair dyeing time:

During the hair dye, the hair dyeing time should be shortened under the pre -body of the hair dyeing effect.

This is mainly because the longer the hair dye stays on the skin, the greater the damage to the body, and it will also be damaged to the hair quality.

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