From pregnancy to giving birth, have you done all the 12 officials?

Text 丨 Fulin Mummy

When pregnant mothers accurately know that they are pregnant, during the entire pregnancy, they will inevitably go to the hospital for examination, so as to determine the fetus and her health.Generally speaking, it is 12 times in the checkup. I wonder if you have done all the expectant mothers?

For novice pregnant mothers, when so many production inspections, when do you do, what is every time, whether you can eat before checking, etc., there are many things.What are the specific content and precautions!

1. The first official checkup (comprehensive inspection of the file)

At 8-12 weeks of pregnancy, pregnant mothers need hospitals to establish files and start the first birth checkup.The first formal check -up items are more, mainly to fully understand the physical condition of pregnant mothers.From the weight, blood pressure, blood pressure, blood routine, urine routine, liver and kidney skills, TORCH, we must also understand the health of direct relatives.

After the file is established, Baoma will take her own file bag in the future. The doctor will record the results of each examination to understand the development of the fetus and the physical condition of the pregnant woman.

2. Second official production inspection (screening of Tang’s syndrome)

15-12 weeks of pregnancy, in addition to the conventional inspection of this checkup, the most important thing is to conduct Tang’s screening, the empty stomach is required for 8-12 hours before the inspection, and then the blood test is performed to evaluate the fetus suffering from the Tang family.Risk of syndrome.

If the risk is high, pregnant women still need to do further examination, amniotic fluid puncture or DNA non -invasive prenatal examination, but the chance of fetal disease is not very high, and pregnant mothers need to worry too much.

3. The third formal check -up (first deformed examination)

At 18-24 weeks of pregnancy, the first time the deformed examination was the first time, mainly to observe the development of important organs of the fetus through ultrasonic waves.

4. Fourth formal production test (screening of gestational diabetes)

24-28 weeks of pregnancy, pregnant women are best to go to the hospital for a gestational diabetes screening, because the disease is relatively high now, and the pregnant mother should check it more secure.

This inspection also requires an empty stomach in the morning, because the inspection items take sugar water on an empty stomach, and then check the blood sugar content of pregnant women for an hour.If, the pregnant mother needs to pay attention to her ordinary diet, and then go to the hospital for a review after a while.

5. Fifth official birth checkup (screening of hypertension during pregnancy)

In the 30th week of pregnancy, pregnant mothers should go to the hospital for a pregnancy of pregnancy hypertension.Especially the high -necked maternal mothers, pregnant mothers with high blood pressure, pregnant mothers with similar medical history, pregnant mothers who are relatively fat in their own body, and pregnant mothers who are pregnant.

6. Sixth formal production inspection (second deformed examination)

By 32 weeks of pregnancy, pregnant mothers need to do a row test.This time the abnormalities are mainly observing the development of the fetus, evaluating the size of the fetus, the location, and the umbilical cord around the neck.The color Doppler ultrasound at this time can clearly see the fetus. Don’t be too excited!

7. The seventh formal checkup (fetal heart monitoring)

At 34 weeks of pregnancy, pregnant mothers should do fetal heart monitoring, and judge whether the fetus is hypoxic through the baby’s heartbeat.Starting from 32 weeks, the next examination will become more, mainly because in the third trimester, the number of fetus may increase. Pregnant mothers should not be troublesome and can do the birth check -up on time!

8. Eighth official checkup (B -ultrasound before giving birth)

At 36 weeks of pregnancy, from this week, pregnant mothers need to go to the hospital once a week for a birth checkup.The B -ultrasound examination is mainly to see the fetal position and placenta maturity, and the growth of the fetus, including the amount of amniotic fluid, and prepare for delivery.

9. The ninth official checkup (tight detection of fetal movement)

At 37 weeks of pregnancy, I went to the hospital to detect the baby’s fetal movement. In addition, there were basic examinations such as measuring palace high, abdominal circumference, and blood pressure. Pregnant mothers should not ignore this examination.

10. The 10th to the 12th production inspection (for production inspection)

At 38 to 40 weeks of pregnancy, this stage is about to face childbirth. Doctors need to test the fetal condition frequently, and give birth to pregnant mothers according to the condition of the fetus and pregnant women, and whether they need to be hospitalized in advance.

At this time, the pregnant mother should not be too nervous. By the way, if there is no sign of childbirth such as contraction, wait patiently. Go to the hospital for fetal heart monitoring every week. I believe that the baby will be born safely!

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