From the color of the lochia, you can see the postpartum recovery situation. If you don’t want to fall in confinement, your mother should pay attention

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It is not easy to have children. Not only should you pay attention before you are pregnant, you must be careful after pregnancy, even give birth to a child, but also make a confinement, so that you will not cause physical damage.Women will be exposed from the vagina after production.Lulu is the tissue that is discharged from the vagina with the maternal downtime and the placenta attachment of the decapyles after the maternal delivery and the placenta attachment.Under normal circumstances, 4 to 6 weeks after birth, the lochia will be completely discharged from the body. If the duration is extended or there is odor, the lochia is endless and will leave confinement disease.

Under normal circumstances, dew is divided into three types according to color.Within 3 to 4 days after giving birth, most of them are bright red, and there will be small blood clots. After that, the color will slowly fade and become light red.With less, the number of white blood cells increases, the lochia begins to show white, and then depending on the daily exposure of each person, it is finished until the last.

Under normal circumstances, the maternal will be exhausted within 4 weeks, that is, the dew, and only a few maternals will last for 2 months.If this time is exceeded, it is best to go to the hospital for examination.

If you are unfortunately recruited, or if you want to prevent this possible in advance, you can use these 3 methods below, which is very useful.

1. Ensure the hygiene of private parts

In fact, regardless of men or women, at any time, we must ensure the hygiene of private parts, and in special cases, we should pay more attention to private hygiene.After childbirth, women will be linked, resulting in a humid environment in private parts, and it is easy to breed bacteria.We need to rinse the private parts frequently, and then dry it to ensure that the private environment is clean and dry.Then don’t be lazy, often change panties, wash underwear, and change the sanitary napkins frequently.

Second, postpartum breastfeeding

When the baby sucks Bao Ma’s nipples, it can stimulate the club of Baoma’s uterus and help the lochia discharge faster.Therefore, as long as it is not special circumstances, it is recommended that major women insist on breastfeeding.In addition, the nutrition of breast milk is the highest, and no matter how good the milk powder is.In ancient times, the wealthy families even used their rights to specialize in maternal milk.In addition, the baby’s resistance is weak. Breast milk can also allow them to get immunity from the mother’s body and reduce the chance of sickness.

Third, keep proper exercise

Postpartum exercise can help the mother recover their body as soon as possible, but it must be moderate exercise. Neither exercise time is too long, and the range of exercise should not be too large.It can be a simple walk, etc., promote blood circulation in the body, and help discharge lochia as soon as possible.Do n’t think that the woman who has a child is physically weak, just spread it all day to the bed and reach out, and open his mouth to open his mouth. For your health, the mothers should not be lazy anymore.

In addition to walking, mothers can also do some campaigns for mothers to help the body recover. For example, they consciously shrink the vagina when lying on the bed, which is aimed at the maternal maternal.

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