Gentle lambs change the mother tiger in seconds, the prospective dad is miserable, how bad the temper can the temper in the early pregnancy?

“2023 Parenting Season”

The marriage that Mr. Xiao Chen only ended a year ago. The newlywed wife is also a primary school teacher. When people look at Sesanwen, they look very gentle.According to Mr. Xiao Chen, he was attracted by his wife’s gentle look. Like a stuffy little sheep, he only looked at the other person who had waited for many years (too happy).

Who knows, just a few months after a few months, Mr. Xiao Chen vomited bitter water every day: Since the pregnancy, the little sheep has become a mother tiger and foraged under the tiger’s mouth every day.After returning, he was abandoned; it was a second time before the second, he said with a smile, but the next second was angry. Such things are constantly being staged every day, and the days are quite difficult.

If it hadn’t been someone who had come here, he thought that his newlywed wife would be pretended before marriage, or he would be taken away.

Of course, what this kind of thing is said must be a gloating laughter. It can only be said that Mr. Xiao Chen is now in pain and happiness.

As those who come here, we all know that it is normal for temper to deteriorate after pregnancy.

First, this is caused by changes in hormone levels

After pregnancy, it should be said that after the fertilized egg returns to the uterus, in order to continue pregnancy, the hormone level of expectant mothers begins to rise, and the speed is very fast.

The rise in hormone levels will also enter the peak period in about two months of pregnancy, and gradually stabilize at about 3 months of pregnancy. Some expectant mothers will continue to be really stable until about 20 weeks of pregnancy.

Due to the rapid rise in progesterone and estrogen, the level of hormone levels is relatively large, pregnant women will have a series of early pregnancy reactions such as fatigue, vomiting, dizziness, and drowsiness, which will of course cause the mothers’ emotional instability.

Some pregnant women become sad, and some pregnant women will become irritable. They will become furious when they are not in line. Even small things can rise to the highest level.

When a relative at home is pregnant, it looks like this. It looks like eating fried/medicine all day, and his temper becomes quite bad. Especially for the prospective dad, how to look at it, how to look angry, and the comparison of peace is 180.Change of degree.

It is magical that this situation is particularly obvious in the early stages of pregnancy, and gradually disappeared after five months of pregnancy, and even relatives themselves felt a little incredible.

Second, the pressure brought by pregnancy

Although I am pregnant, it is a happy event for expectant mothers, but when receiving the good news, the expectant mothers are actually undergoing the pressure brought by pregnancy.

For example, expectant mothers will worry about the timing of pregnancy, right; whether the fetus is healthy enough; whether the nutrition is enough; the arrangement of the check -up time; the choice of a cesarean section or so on.

What’s more, there are many discomforts in the early stages of pregnancy, acne, pregnancy, stretch marks, etc.

As a result, the physical and mental changes of prospective mothers are relatively large, unstable, and easy to produce anxiety, and people will become irritable and bad temper.

Third, the influence of external factors

After all, pregnancy is just a matter of their own small family. Expectant mothers also need to live, work and social, although not necessarily benign.

It is possible that you will encounter tricky merchants outside, resistance or suppression at work, and mother -in -law relationships, etc., will affect the mood and cause changes in the temper.

In fact, even if there is no pregnancy, it is normal to encounter such things that have deteriorated, let alone pregnant women.

Some expectant mothers do n’t like to say anything unhappy, and silently sullen. If you just encounter an opportunity, this kind of scene is also quite scary.

Therefore, it is really normal for the bad temper to change after pregnancy. As for how bad it is, it is completely inestimable.

If the mood is unstable after pregnancy, the temper is bad, it is not conducive to the physical and mental health of pregnant women, and it will also affect the growth and development of the fetus.

① The love of pregnant women can easily bring bad temper to the fetus.The fetus is connected to the blood of the mother, and the mother’s words and deeds have the most primitive impact on the fetus. If pregnant mothers always love to be angry, they will bring this bad emotion to the fetus, which is not conducive to establishing a good habit and a good personality after the baby is born.form.

② The love of pregnant women will affect the secretion of hormone levels, which may induce thyroid dysfunction, which will cause the fetal nervous system to be developed and affect the baby’s intelligence and hearing.

③ The love of pregnant women can also affect the normal circulation of the blood, which may cause flow/production, fetal hypoxia, etc. Severe hypoxia can also affect the development of fetal brain cells.

In short, if the mood of pregnant women is often unstable during pregnancy, there will be some irreversible damage to the fetus, so it is best to maintain emotional stability and happy mood during pregnancy, which is more conducive to the growth and development of the fetus.

Although it is normal to degenerate the degeneration during pregnancy, pregnant mothers cannot let it go.First of all, self -regulation.

It is not a good thing to get angry and love. It is not a good thing. Pregnant mothers need to accept and know the impact of this matter on the fetus, and then try to change the existing state.

Self -regulation is not necessarily digestion by themselves. Pregnant mothers can communicate with family or friends, especially cheerful family members and friends, and timely guide bad emotions.

Of course, as a family, it is best to help pregnant women help and tolerate pregnant women when needed.

Secondly, transfer bad emotions.

Usually, if you find that you have bad emotions or have no bad emotions yet, pregnant women can do something that can release emotions, or transfer bad emotions.

Such as appropriate exercise, walking, yoga and so on.

Such as delicious afternoon tea.

Such as soaking your feet with hot water.

Such as learning some new skills.

Make yourself busy, and make your attention while relaxing yourself.Finally, please seek medical treatment if necessary.

If pregnant mothers really can’t control their emotions, they will seek medical treatment in time.

Of course, the "bad habits" after pregnancy can not only change their temper. As the most closest to expectant mothers, the prospective father must also do a follow -up work ~ encourages and supports pregnant mothers to spend pregnancy in a timely manner.

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